High on the Happy Side

Marbella Old TownThe trials and tribulations of work and its stress don’t really mean much at the end of the day, when you’re graced with good company, food and wine. And why not, a view from the restaurant balcony over the town hall square from which to observe the left-over tourists during a cool September evening. Yes, it’s mid week, and yes, I only just got back from a mini holiday, but living in this tourist trap one cannot help but partake in the easygoing attitude of stepping out for an evening drink that turns into a hearty meal and which gets you home just before midnight.

In the process, you manage to surprise a couple friends who didn’t expect to see you, and add a little difference to the day thanks to the wide-ranging conversations you have while the sun goes down over the old town, mixed with visual snippets of the coloured saxophonist you’ve seen around since you were a child, while he serenades tourists at their dinner tables; the ‘bandolero’ with his black and silver-sequined hat who sings and plays his guitar then goes around the square, handkerchief over his face and toy gun in hand holding everyone up for ‘ransom’; the young artist who, after trying to sell her paintings at two tables is finally told by the German tourists seated at the third that her painting was the wrong way around, and then manages to sell three pieces to them…
Marbella Old Town by Night
When you arrive home after a pleasant stroll through quiet streets filled with the distinctive scent of Dama de Noche blossom, you do so content, relaxed, ready to fall asleep and confront the next day regardless of whatever challenges it may hold.

Sure, we all have our hopes and dreams, worries and doubts, and we have the tremendous ability of tying ourselves into very difficult knots… but remember that removing all these strains, in the end, it takes very simple things to make you very happy.