That Ol’ Groundhog Day Feeling

You get up in the morning, watch the news while you eat breakfast, switch on the computer, work till it’s dark, perhaps go see some friends for dinner or drinks, come home, fall sleep, get up the following day and do it all over again. Sometimes you don’t see anyone you know for a day or two because they’re all busy with other commitments or tired from their own jobs (which may range from working in a fashion store, a restaurant, or a school…). Sometimes you nip out for a quick coffee between projects and meetings, but by the sheer nature of its briefness, maybe the encounter doesn’t always fulfil that need for friendly human interaction, “Hi, how are you really? What’s ticking away in that little mind that keeps so quiet from the rest of the world but works overtime even in your sleep?”

Sometimes these motions become automatic, and it’s only when you stop (or fall over) to take it all in that you realise how tired you yourself have become of that work routine. How drained you are when confronted with a challenge or situation that you would love to dive into and give it “your best” but somehow the car’s run out of fuel and putters to a halt… Such a routine can be all-absorbing, dumbing even. The last thing you might want to do in the evening is exert your mind with the simplest act of reading a book, which you generally enjoy and know is good for you but you just can’t be bothered…

I guess I would be considered a workaholic – I rarely seem to give myself a break (read, ‘proper holiday‘). But alas! I won’t paint too dire a picture because I do let myself out of the cage more frequently than before. I don’t own a PDA or Blackberry, so when I’m out of the office and away from the computer, I am safe from email hell and its terrible addictions and afflictions. I have broken the habit of using the computer on weekends. And sometimes, frankly my dear… I don’t give a damn if the phone rings, that’s what answerphones were made for… Granted, I may not be all-present in some conversations as pending tasks spin around my head, but my mind has a habit of wandering anyway (thank goodness there’s no mental passport control…).

So today I turned it all upside down. The computers buzzed away while emails piled in and urgent calls were diverted to my mobile – in the meantime I was out having random meetings and coffees and a browse in the local shopping center. Considering the late nights I’ve had this week working to offload projects that were near completion and holding up new ones… I think I deserved the time out. And now it’s time to switch this thing off and prepare for a good meal… lamb & vegetable samosas anyone?

PS: Happy Friday everyone, and enjoy the weekend for what it is!