A Few Small Repairs

I saw this on a website and couldn’t help but think of a few people I’ve known that “fit the profile”…

I find it concerning to see people with great minds and talent simply bury their greatness in some form of self-denial. And in turn, see those who allow their actions to be influenced by people who put their dreams down. And of course, I wonder about those people…

It’s not that weakness is a “bad” thing and that “weak” people should be chased off the planet (as some would believe and act on accordingly). Perceived weakness in ourselves and in others can enlighten us in ways that boldness may not, and show us what our lives may become if we stop daring to dream and act upon those dreams. I have some experience around being taunted for my sensitivity, and how this affected taking action on my own dreams.

Since I’m all about strength – and more importantly, turning perceived negatives into positives – that’s what I’ll focus on.

For some people, it’s not always easy to make choices, especially in this day and age where there are infinite options to choose from. The selection process may not always be as easy as it looks, and jumping into the fire with the faith that everything will fall into place may not always be the best way to handle a situation either (though I seem to have become very good at that). I am a firm believer that things will fall into place, although a little care and attention never hurt anyone or any plan, as long as you give yourself the benefit of the doubt while others may brush your ideas under the carpet (because some people can’t fathom letting go of their own fears).

We can be reckless and let others govern our decisions (and ultimately, our lives), if that’s what our fears dictate over our most deeply-rooted instincts and desires. But consider the following before your life freezes over and takes its toll on others, if it hasn’t already:

– If somebody is overly sensitive, do you bully them because you’re afraid of being ridiculed for showing your own sensitivity?
– If somebody offers a helping hand, do you brush it off because you thought life had taught you early on that you had to stand on your own two feet without asking anything of anyone?
– If somebody is full of life and motivation, do you push them down to keep them in your unhappiness?

Make it your mission to soften your heart and strengthen your courage. The rest takes care of itself.



Sunny Came Home

Sunny came home to her favorite room
Sunny sat down in the kitchen
She opened a book and a box of tools
Sunny came home with a mission

She says days go by I’m hypnotized
I’m walking on a wire
I close my eyes and fly out of my mind
Into the fire

Sunny came home with a list of names
She didn’t believe in transcendence
It’s time for a few small repairs she said
Sunny came home with a vengeance

She says days go by I don’t know why
I’m walking on a wire
I close my eyes and fly out of my mind
Into the fire

Get the kids and bring a sweater
Dry is good and wind is better
Count the years, you always knew it
Strike a match, go on and do it

Days go by I’m hypnotized
I’m walking on a wire
I close my eyes and fly out of my mind
Into the fire

Light the sky and hold on tight
The world is burning down
She’s out there on her own and she’s alright
Sunny came home
Sunny came home…

Written by Shawn Colvin & John Leventhal

Little Moments

We can spend our lives looking back and thinking, “Coulda, woulda, shoulda…”

We may not have allowed ourselves to make the most of a given moment, because of fear, inexperience, or because we’re too damn shy. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter, because most of the time we can still turn things around (if we choose to). They may take longer, may require overcoming more obstacles than usual, but if you don’t live with hope then what do you live with?

Slugging through life jaded, without a glimmer of what or who could be around the next corner eats away at some people until they become automated zombies. Life is not given to us for that purpose.

So kick the ball and let it roll, bounce, fall into an ocean and drift with the tide until you lose sight of it, with the certainty that eventually it will land at the feet of the right person to kick it back to you.

And in the meantime be grateful that those other little moments ever happened.