In the Company of Strangers

Sometimes, I get tied up in emotional knots, and my best release is the feline instinct of seeking solitude and distance. So I took one of those typical long walks to nowhere in particular (which in retrospect I haven’t done for quite a while), and ended up keeping mostly my own company amid strangers in a bar. The random conversations and joviality of this company somehow untangled me from the unforgiving dilemma that overshadowed my generally mellow mood – not to mention the wine, which enabled the ensuing peaceful slumber to which I now succumb.

Sometimes it seems that becoming fixated on one thing is too draining, and allowing ourselves to be flooded by a multitude of random events and images is just the right thing to dissipate this overwhelming feeling. Specially when uncertainty prevails. So raise your glasses, enjoy diversity, and a little bit of Pinot Noir…


My name is Passion, and you have forgotten me.

I fill your dreams with ambition. Charge your waking hours to fight mind-numbing routine. Colour your confidence to overcome the obstacles in your path.

My spark, my fire, my volcanic eruption in your essence – I am here for you always.

And yet you turn away from me…

You fall apathetic into lethargy, unaware that nobody is going to refund your yesterdays. You only remember me when faced with injustice, deafened by the roar of your conscience.

Placed under emotional arrest, I watch as you walk sullen and bewildered through life.

Then one day, you even started commiting crimes in my name.

I never meant to be destructive, but you have turned me into a scapegoat for the rage that fuels your negativity. The one that causes so many deaths, destruction, confusion. You misinterpret my nature, my raison d’etre. You charge against each other in religious delirium, lash out at one another during jealous fits that often lead to murder to defend your honour…

What is the honour in a crime of Passion, and how dare you use my name so insolently?

Members of the jury, this not a crime of Passion, it is a crime of Intolerance. Clear my name of this horror so that the world may know who the true criminal is.

And when you wake in the morning, think of me as I welcome you back from slumber.