Through Thick & Thin, or What You Believe In

Although admittedly naïve, Dostoevsky’s famed ‘Idiot’ Prince Myshkin no doubt represents all of those who try to live honest and honourable lives. It is difficult to find people like this nowadays, who have not been battered and bruised or left jaded and bitter ‘forever’. Likewise, it is hard to watch people ridicule these so-called ‘idiots’, thinking they are worthless, foolish individuals holding onto supposedly outdated beliefs. But when did essential morals and ethics that provide us with the solid foundation by which to be good people die?

The world is stupid, some might say. On a bad day, I add ‘fucking’ to that sad little sentence. But deep down I still believe that we all have the ability to overcome our own self-ambushing tendencies.

On a scale of karmic economy and evolution, we are admittedly at different levels, and it is this tug of war that keeps us on our knees sometimes. You might say that in a less populated world we had more ‘space’ to deal with our issues and resolve them, but now that we have escalated to such a push and shove, sometimes we don’t really know if we are juggling our own emotions or somebody else’s. And we can’t all physically retreat to a mountaintop to figure it out, but we have to learn to filter regardless.

When we become closely involved with someone, inevitably there is a sharing of energy and emotions, and we become vulnerable to both the positive and the negative. So unless you choose to live a completely sheltered, abstinent life, you’re going to be in for a ride whether you like it or not. Look at the whole journey though, not just the road-trips.

I don’t believe we can choose all our battles, because that is not what life is about, and the majority of us would learn nothing. I do, however, believe we can choose our own warriors, but sometimes we will have to confront one another in order to better understand who we are as individuals and be able to fight back to back with confidence.

I know couples who have struggled for years to stay together, eventually emerging from an unknown silence that kept them alienated from their respective partners. Or those who thought they had fallen into a bad situation out of eagerness to claim a certain social status or sense of belonging.

Some have stuck it through, feeling they had no other choice, resigning themselves to an uncomfortable situation through financial dependence on the other person, or just plain fear of stepping back into the unknown. Others held firm to their belief that things would get better.

Many people have been more than pleasantly surprised when this kind of situation turns right around and graces them with the happiest time of their lives, either disproving their despondent views or confirming what they believed in at long last. This ultimately applies to any kind of relationship, personal or professional.

It’s never easy to know when to go on fighting, and when to raise your hands in dignified defeat. We must go boldly forth, but a river can stream through many meanders no matter how deep and wide the main channel may be. Who’s to know which rivulet we may have to navigate temporarily until we are led back to our main stream?

And while we do this, is it entirely fair to another person to cut them out so we can deal with our own issues, when it is only human nature to share and help each other? Our shoulders may be large enough to carry many burdens, but it doesn’t mean we have to.

The urban jungle is selfish. The tools we use to survive now are more likely to be cunning and deception than communal spirit and dedication to self-awareness, quite often having to second-guess each others’ actions so that one can be a step ahead of the other in this infamous rat-race. Go figure, we compare ourselves to rats… doesn’t that explain a lot about the way people feel about themselves these days? When did belittling ourselves become a habit?

Humility is a virtue, but don’t confuse it with denying yourself a wonderful life just because you’re afraid to have more than others. Remember everybody has a different history and their own rivers to navigate.

So, while we may strain to figure out exactly what we want, sometimes this is the easier challenge. Afterwards, we are faced with finding out how to achieve what we want. And this is where life throws us both safety nets and dead weights. It is up to you to decide what to do with each one.

It is also up to you to choose who fights with you, because no great warrior ever fought completely alone.

What You Believe InTake That

What am I to you and what are you to me?
Are we getting better or did we used to be?
What of the songs we used to sing?
Where are the souls we used to carry in?
What is a sail without a hurricane?
What is a hurt without someone to blame?
Show me the sky and I climb the stairs
Give me something ’cause I’m losing it

Give me what it is you believe in
’cause I give to you my truth
I got all my faith in you
I don’t know which way we are going
Doesn’t matter anyway
Just as long as you will stay

Tell me the word and I’ll shout it out
For what is a voice when in doubt?
The world has changed
The world will change
Oh give me something ’cause I need to feel

It’s all good you know
I still love you so
And you don’t have to do this on your own