On Drama, and The Awkwardness of Doing Nothing

I’ve met several people lately who complain about the ‘drama’ in their lives. For a while, I sympathised with their woes, although as time goes by I am beginning to realise something strange about this thing called ‘drama.’

I’ve also been debating with several friends about the concepts of having more or less positive people in our lives, and what this really does for us. It seems we’ve all been sensitive to the positive and negative tendencies displayed in those who surround us. Friends have commented how stressed they feel at times because of this, and we’ve been wondering what is better; to surround yourself as much as possible by the positive, or allow for the negative to show us other perspectives we may not always consider from our positive attitudes. At the end of the day, each one plays their part, but we can make conscious choices that will attract more of one or the other.

So, just as we carry positivity inside, so do we have the potential to carry drama, although we don’t always look at ourselves as the source of that drama. We tend more to externalise it, blame adversity on others, and ignore deeper issues that lie within ourselves, and which we could often control if only we didn’t put ourselves in situations that have the potential to cause us stressful moments.

I also find it hard to understand how certain people, with seemingly headstrong characters, often tend to shy away from confrontations that would actually ease up tensions that keep them on edge about certain people or situations.

So the next time you find yourself stuck in the middle of a nightclub, absorbed by tensions of those around you, ask yourself how much of that stress you may have caused by simply not being able to let go of old emotions. Or perhaps we feel that somebody is interested in us beyond friendship, and we are scared of being alone with them for fear of being caught up in something awkward, but are we really scared of them or are we actually unsure of our own desires and reactions? Some people will choose to distance themselves in the hopes that the other person will ‘get the point’, but being evasive can send the wrong message, and the only way forward is to be verbally clear and honest all around.

It may not be easy at first, but until we take full ownership of our energy, we will risk being hypocrites far longer than we would ever wish to admit and get caught up in a vicious circle of our own short-sightedness.