Write It… Now

The writer often sits in awe of a blank page, not so much for lack of words to place on it, but in overwhelm of how much he or she may have to say that is jamming all the words from coming out. Words that eagerly wish to pile onto paper, yet sit at the very edge trying to decide whose turn it is to jump out.

Will it be a story of redemption?

One of long lost love that fleetingly returned, only to pull itself back into the shadows?

Or one of inspiration and magic?

You first.”

No, you, please.”

No, really, I can wait a little longer…”

The writer, as a creator, as a conduit, as a curious observer, cannot wait.

If you’re finding yourself stuck, as I sometimes do, simply write it ALL down. Whether it’s all on one piece of paper or several for each idea… get it all out as it comes. Then you can figure out which one to focus on, and let the words flow to a greater extent.

Holding back from a mind dump does the mind no justice in terms of honouring what it brings forth to contemplate, and the stories will form as they decide to channel through you once you’ve opened the doors for them.

Are you writing those words down already?