Little Earthquakes

It often begins with a feeling that something is out of place.

Out of place, inside of you.

Perhaps you feel upset, disconcerted, or unhappy with the way your life is going. Wanting to cry over some as-yet unspecified reason. The answer may appear later in your dreams, in conversation, or in silent contemplation.

If you’ve ever chosen to delve; seriously, unabashedly, delve into the intricacies of who you are, no doubt you will have experienced these little earthquakes.

You know that sifting for gold takes great care and dedication; sifting for a deeper understanding of who you are requires all of this, and more.

Most (or first) of all, it requires letting go of any judgements you may hold over yourself. Learning to love who you are. Listening to truths that have been locked inside of you longer than you may consciously remember. Knowing that it’s okay to let go of old behaviours that no longer serve you and were pulling you into fragmented parts.

Each of these parts plays an integral part of your complete self, and it’s through careful sifting that you realign them like little musketeers fending for your greater intentions.

All for one.

And with dedication you can pull yourself back together on a mental, spiritual and emotional level.

Overwhelming as some emotions may seem at times, their intentions are not to isolate us; they’re simply passing through us much as a river overflows to purge the debris. Onto our next level of clarity and awareness.

Now you’ll see that those little earthquakes you once feared are merely the shivers of your soul, eagerly shaking off what was holding you back from your own potential.

And it’s alright… You’re strong enough to navigate the emotions and changes you’re experiencing, otherwise they wouldn’t be surfacing for you to come to these new realisations now, right?

One, for all of us to delight in your newfound strengths.

Don’t you just love yourself?

Own it…

“Own your power and become your own masterpiece.” – Karin Pinter