Sometimes, we’re faced with situations that may seem to come out of the blue. Ones that throw us off kilter, are unpleasant, and ‘undesired’. The thing is, we actually created those situations for ourselves by the way we were thinking about stuff.

Earl Nightingale put this very simply, “You become* the thing you think about most of the time.”
(*or get)

For example, if you’ve been stressing about work, relationships, finances, studies… well guess what? Where you direct your energy is how it will come back in the same fashion. So stressing about work means work becomes stressful. Worrying about finances means stumping your own cash flow. Studying becomes harder. And so on…

So, instead of beating ourselves up and wondering, “Why did this happen to me?” when an uncomfortable situation has arisen, how about taking a freshly squeezed perspective on things instead to shift the focus of your energy?

When life throws you lemons, take the lemon and…

Juggle it, make lemon meringue pie, then dance the merengue with it, paint faces on it, serenade it, draw it, add some lemon zing to your smoothie, plant a tree with its seeds so you can make more lemon meringue pies and sell them, tickle the lemon in case it laughs, make a little lemon film, play golf with it and see how far it will go, ask your neighbour what he or she would do with it, tweet about it (#PowerOverTheLemon), take it to a ball game,  write a story, go to the museum, take a walk around the park, go to the beach…

And you may notice now that the lemon has disappeared. My guess is it’s still at the museum staring at some of its relatives in the Renaissance section.

Sheesh, look at how much power you just reclaimed over that situation.

And what a lovely renaissance moment for you, right!

Now that you’ve put that initial upset behind you, and you’ve released whatever negative emotions were attached to it, it’s time to get back on track with here and now, and more importantly what you are doing about it with a positive and constructive attitude, because your reality is really up to you, isn’t it?

Great. Rock on.

PS: Thank the lemon for showing up to help you find creative ways to get out of unpleasant situations.



During the last few days, the subject of ‘flaws’ and being ‘flawless’ has come up a few times. I’ve heard a few friends express similar thoughts about how another person’s acceptance of their ‘flaws’ are what determines whether that person really loves them and is therefore worthy of their love in return. Or something like that…

Say whaaaat?

I believe in the power of thought, and therefore the power of manifestation. What we think, so we become, as well as what comes to us.

If you’re only thinking about your ‘flaws’, and how other people perceive those so-called ‘flaws’ in you, then guess what? You’re probably not going fully enjoy yourself or any of your relationships because internally your focus will be on those ‘flaws’, not the full acceptance of another person’s love. Those thoughts will jump up from time to time and sabotage your self-confidence, which will sabotage how you relate to others.

More importantly, by giving those ‘flaws’ so much importance, are you seriously going to lock yourself into the belief that they’ll never go away, thus keeping yourself tied down in self-doubt and disappointment? In fact, what you perceive to be a ‘flaw’ in yourself, may go completely unnoticed by another person who really cares about you; but you won’t even notice them because you’ll be too busy looking for someone else to tell you it’s okay to have that ‘flaw’ and stay in that uncomfortable comfort zone.

It would be a good idea to stop enabling the limiting beliefs you have about yourself now, because life has so much more to offer if you only allow it to happen. Shake them off and get moving!

So, if you do not think of such traits as ‘flaws’, but rather opportunities for continued self-improvement, then by George, those ‘flaws’ and the idea of them will disappear, right?

{Cue: happy dance}

We’re here to love and learn and have a fabulous life, so what’s the point of beating ourselves up over things that are within our power to change at any given moment?

{Answer: there is none!}

Change the way you look at those ‘flaws’, and the way you look at yourself will improve significantly.

Ergo, love yourself, and those who are meant to will love you back for all that you are, and all that you desire. And you may find it will be easier for you to accept them into your life, because you’ve accepted yourself first.

{Sing: “Change the voices in your head, make them like you instead…”}

Think of an athlete. An athlete does not stop at the first limitation of his/her abilities. Athletes are constantly refining attitude and physical exertion in order to go beyond their existing limits of that moment, so that each successive goal they set for themselves can be achieved and surpassed yet again. They run faster, kick the ball farther, get the puck in the goal with absolute precision; you name it, they do it. Again and again, overcoming any limiting beliefs they may have had about themselves.

Now, think of a musician. A musician practises his/her instrument every day, stretching those fingers to hit the keys above an octave, pressing the strings tighter for a cleaner sound, gently turning the bow for that ever-so-subtle change in nuance, reading new music… Constantly, diligently, testing out new ways of refining their skill for improved performance and satisfaction.

So, what’s stopping you from applying the same strategy to the inevitable adjustments of your mind, and extending them into your life? Exercise your mind, and soon you’ll see some of that undesired weight fall off and your muscles tone up. When you come across another ‘flaw’ simply stretch it out, figure out what you haven’t been looking at in a positive light, the flip side of that coin, the truth that’s been hiding there waiting for you to realise how wonderful you really are.

Suddenly, your mind just got stronger, didn’t it?

And you’re feeling better about yourself.

Great. Now that you’ve got your mind actively shaking off those limiting beliefs, if you come across others’ resistance to this and they’re saying, “It cannot be done,” then just smile and tell them this wonderful Chinese proverb:

“The person who says it cannot be done, should not interrupt the person doing it.”

Because the odds are, what they’re really saying is THEY do not believe it can be done, because they’re not believing in themselves enough to make that change… yet. I always hope, you see.

Now, go and be flawless.

Absolutely flawless.