Turning Intimidation into Inspiration & Going for Gold

I was talking to a friend recently who confessed that she felt I was somewhat imposing to her. I was a bit confused at first, then after she offered more detail on her perceptions of me, I came to this conclusion:

I don’t think she realises that for some time before that, I had felt she was imposing to me, and I was in awe of the fact that she even wanted to spend time with me.

Isn’t that ironic?!

I’ve experienced this several times in the past, and as I actively delve into what makes me tick, it really just came down to trusting and believing in myself more. And once I mastered that, the added confidence provided me with the muscle and the motivation to find inspiration in those people or circumstances that once had seemed imposing to me.

I found that by valuing myself more, those inhibitions disappeared. And that’s when the word suddenly transformed from ‘intimidating’ to ‘inspiring’.

I encourage you to do the same.

When you choose to see someone as ‘imposing’ to you, make a list of what that brings up in you, and then ask yourself where you were selling yourself short and how you can improve on all those levels now. Because it’s really not about them, it’s about you… isn’t it?

It’s the small things that make the difference that make the big difference.

So take the time to dedicate yourself to yourself every day, starting with a few minutes in the morning to set your focus. Sift, explore, observe, ask for what you want (and a little more for good measure to stretch your own visions of reality). Enjoy the process as you shift out of the seed and into a tall, strong, respected tree in the forest.

You’ll probably grow faster than you even bargained for. Because you’re not bargaining with yourself anymore – now you’re going for gold with a passion and motivation that are backed by a strong belief in yourself.

These moments are golden opportunities for growth as you actively shed any layers of doubt that were holding you back from meeting the most amazing person you will ever know – You.

The others are really just there to say, “Look, it’s okay. I’ve been through similar experiences, and the view from this tree is amazing.”

The keyword here is ‘through.’

That so-called ‘intimidating’ person or situation is really just offering another opportunity for you to walk through and develop a fresh new perspective of yourself .

So in that moment you can ask yourself:

What inspiring things can I remember about myself through my experiences with you?”

And once you’re through, you may find that what once seemed intimidating to you, is now a source of inspiration. And you yourself have become an infinite source of inspiration for others to do the same for themselves.

Ain’t that a treat?

Golden, I tell you… Golden.