Living on the Edge of Possibility

{This used to be the view from my window, pretty eh?}

We used to think the earth was flat. We’d fall off the edge when we reached the end. Like one linear and fixed view of the process of Life.

Then we figured out the earth was one big round, evolving world of possibilities. We learned to dance, juggle, start over in the middle (whatever that was), mix it up, shift time and create parallel realities to support our main path.

As we talk to one another about releasing ourselves from limitation, read more books, expand our horizons, watch those who take their bodies to a whole new level of performance, my awe and wonder increase.

When we say we’re living on the edge now, is it really just a perception of where we draw the line on our own possibilities?

Or are you able to see your Life as a constant ability to extend yourself beyond limitations, moving ‘the edge’ further along as you surpass yourself and what you believed you could do yesterday?

I feel it is.

Revitalised. Inspired. Tickled. Enlightened.

What is it for you?



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Can you see your Life as a constant ability to extend yourself beyond limitations? @KarinPinter

What You Believe In {The Golden Threads}

It’s my birthday.

We threw a party yesterday (it was a hoot).

There was great home cooked food, baked treats, wonderful surprises, Buddha watched over the vodka, SPF 70 (does it really work?), and heaps of fun.

I had a simple request for my guests:

Take a moment and write down what You Believe in & Value about Friendship, Love & Yourself.

And most of them did. There was room for anonymity as well. I had a few emailed to me. Some more are still on the way.

Then we read them out loud and cheered one another on.

Some people kept it simple, others elaborated, others quoted their mentors. It was eye opening, inspiring, beautiful, and everyone walked away from it with an extra glimmer in their eyes, with some saying, “What a great idea for a party!”

Some of the Beliefs & Values that we shared:

“I believe in the power of change: the rewards for risk takers and the stability of friendship and love.”

“The ones you can let your walls down with, the ones you can trust to say it how it is, the ones that you will always have your heart and home open to. No matter the distance…”

“Friends consider you family.”

“Love has many faces & varying degrees of intensity.”

“Friendship is true loyalty, mutual respect, quality fun.”

“Love is openness, communication, generosity, self-truth and an open heart.”

“Friendship is priceless, invaluable.”

Truth, Beauty, Love.”

“Love is not a fairytale, but it can be beautiful and real.”

Threads that are golden do not break easily.”

“When the true one (Love) is found it is a miracle that you should never let go.”

I’m Confessing

At times we hold back from being open and honest about what we Believe in. At some point we were put down or judged by another person or situation, and it scared us off from even taking a few minutes to look at these things for ourselves, let alone share them with others who genuinely care and will actively encourage our dreams.

“‎The greatest fear in the world is of the opinions of others. And the moment you are unafraid of the crowd you are no longer a sheep, you become a lion. A great roar arises in your heart, the roar of freedom.”
– Osho

Life can shock and shake us up to a point in which this level of honesty seems almost pointless.

If you’re at that place where you’ve been feeling flat, or just generally feeling like something needs to change, then one of the first and easiest steps is for you to review your own Beliefs & Values. It’s time to plant new seeds.

Life is a huge canvas in which you can be whoever you want to be (and change it up when you choose). The key to achieving any of this is Belief – in yourself, your abilities, your dreams, the things you know are in your heart simply waiting to wake up and be given free rein.

Take a few minutes to write out (without really thinking about it) what’s important to you about your Health, Wealth, Relationships, Career & Spirituality. Allow yourself to see a whole new life in the simplicity of this exercise. You don’t really need to do anything with it at this point. Simply embrace what’s in front of you and this awareness will begin to guide you, artfully crafting the life you’ve been seeking.

Shed the Beliefs that caused you the greatest strife, because the odds are they were somebody else’s Beliefs that you no longer resonate with (you know, the shoes that no longer fit you). Fine tune those you want to keep, because they may have a slightly different priority now. Allow the newer, greener ones to unfold and surprise you.

And it’s okay no matter what happens… it’s what You Believe in. And the right people will show up for you – just keep your eyes, ears, mind and heart open.

We’re all rooting for You,

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Life is a huge canvas in which you can be whoever you want to be (and change it up when you choose) @KarinPinter