When Progress Becomes Completion

So it arrived yesterday afternoon… the first soft cover copy of my book, freshly hatched from the publishers a couple days ago. Here it is…

I was told it would arrive in 2-3 weeks, and it actually took 2-3 days. Godspeed, I tell you (influenced by UPS, no doubt, which I’m loving right now).

This book concept was born over 10 years ago, and after some major personal shifts reviewing my life and marketing career that spawned during that time, I re-visited the idea during my trip to London last summer for my birthday. I treated myself to see my favourite band (Take That) perform at Wembley Stadium. That tour was called Progress, and I couldn’t help but feel a strong synergy with that word…

When you’re in a stadium surrounded by 85,291 people and a 30m robot representing the stages of human progress, you gain a whole new perspective on possibility. And conscious ‘progress’ has been the story of my life since then, as I sifted, wrote, thought, created, travelled, and decided.

Yes, decided.

You see, I had spent most of my life with two separate ideas that I hadn’t dared to integrate (mostly distracted by a marketing career in which I felt the need to provide results for others more than for myself)… my cartoon owl called Niki, and a collection of short stories that integrate life lessons with light spirituality and intelligent humour.

After arriving in LA a few years ago, I decided to make time to invest in me, through coaching and other kinds of personal development. After a series of integrations and what I call ‘deep sea diving’ consciousness explorations, I realised the higher purposes of both my ideas, brought them together, and here it is… my first book featuring Niki Owl, who tells his story of self discovery as he explores the west coast of Canada, which added ‘travel journal’ and ‘social commentary’ to the scope of the book for a more encompassing human connection.

The magic starts to happen when you decide to take action on the things that matter most to you and implement them in your daily life. You learn to build conscious traction, and watch with amazement as your manifestations come to fruition.

This is how my progress became completion…

And this is only the beginning of a whole new chapter in my life.

My request to all of you: stop waiting for Life to happen. Recognise who & what are already within reach for what they really are, and start making Life happen for yourselves… really, truly, amazingly… step by step, chapter by chapter, so the book of your life can take Real Shape now too.

I’m excited about what happens next… are you?


Get Ready, Your Yes Is Waiting For You

When you’re actively committed to your highest well being and working on your Self, things change and Life moves at the speed of Astounding, allowing you to trust that the spaces in between serve to nurture and foster stronger connections.

Limiting decisions are blown away, infused with renewed faith and confident forward motion.

Old blockages removed clear space for fresh beginnings and clear visions.

The crutches and shackles of the past disappear for you to run, skip and fly… freely.

You wake up to a whole new brew of Life, because you know you’re worth this… or better.

You experience quantum leaps of happiness in all forms, with ease and grace.

Ask… and you shall receive.

Believe… and you will see.

Invite… and you will reap.

Feel… and you will complete.


Your Yes is waiting for you.

Walk This Way

We all ask for something, and sometimes get turned down. We might ask again from a few other angles, just like a kid asking to go to the candy store. He won’t ask just once. He will do his best with varying degrees of diplomacy, determination or tantrum, to get what he’s looking for.

When someone is asking you to do something, how do you choose to react?

Another person’s motivation may rattle your mind.

You might choose to get defensive and declare, “That person is pushy.” Then you might switch off and look the other way, spinning around in the same old circles of self doubt or stubborn polar opposite responses. You might dig your heels in a little more and stay put, “Just because”.

Cop out.

Dare to look yourself in the mirror and ask what’s really happening here for you to choose to react that way. What’s motivating you to hide behind the walls, instead of taking them apart to see what lies beyond? How fresh is the air behind those walls?

Quite often, people or situations that seem pushy are merely shedding light on what we can change about ourselves to let go of limitations, and move toward what we want with trust, confidence and clarity.

Is someone simply reflecting to you the things you stopped believing you could have? Can you see this as an opportunity to be, do and have something different?

To Cross, Push Button…

We see it all the time when we’re at a traffic light. We press the button automatically, knowing that we will be able to make our way to the other side with ease when the light changes.

So how come we stop ourselves from doing this more consciously at times when it serves our overall well being and happiness?

To cross a threshold within, we may need external motivation from someone or something to ‘push’ those buttons for us to see what else we can shift for a full break through and lift off.

When the light of your mind changes…

Embrace motivation.

You may have been feeling jaded, lost, felt ‘pushed down’ by others, tripped yourself up, given up on something or someone. Do you use this as another excuse to tunnel deeper into the rabbit holes?

We’re just showing you how to be motivated, with extra doses of joy and excitement.

Can you find gratitude and inspiration in what others are showing you now?

Someone may be offering you a new way of achieving things that’s a little outside of your comfort zone (the one you didn’t dare to step out of before because somewhere along your time line you stopped believing you can stretch into amazing possibilities).

Choose to open up the flood gates of your dreams and receive them.

Turn these situations into liberating moments in which you gladly step through the next layer of limitation or indecision, and reach the next step along your path. Heel, toe, repeat.

Keep your eyes open, and keep looking at the bright lights. Keep your ears open, and keep listening to the sounds of faith.

Go on, push that button and start walking…