All Rise

There’s a line in Robbie Williams’ “Let Me Entertain You” that I have resonated quite strongly with this past year. It goes like this:

I’m a burning effigy of everything I used to be…”

And so I am. And so it is. And here we are.

At any given moment, Life offers us the opportunity to majestically (and at times, somewhat painfully) wipe the slate clean in order to re-create everything from the ground up.

The other day I was telling myself, “I’m going all out, because I’m all in.” Some people found it very sexy (thanks, I guess it is). Now I understand better what I was telling myself.

So we’ll lovingly slam the old book closed together now, shall we?

Take old habits,
Unlearn them,
And burn them.

Tear it all down,
Bring doubt to a stop,
And build Yourself up.

Take a look around,
Start afresh, start anew,
There’s no one here… but You.

Teetering on the edge,
In between all the noises,
You welcome new choices.

“Maybe” becomes “Definitely.”
Definitely, enough of the old stories
But please do remember past glories

New souls show up,
Surprise You with decision,
Imbue Yours with new vision.

As You free Yourself,
The fire in Your heart roars,
Willing and ready for more.

And after the rain has fallen,
You take a new pen,
To map Your Desires again.

The closer you get to the fire, the stronger the heat and the higher the phoenix rises. It is known, it is given. It is Law. Notice that how you feel now is already different.

As the embers settle to an enjoyable warmth within, let me be the first to welcome You to your new Life, as I welcome myself to mine.

All rise,