This Change In Gears May Cause Miracles

This morning was exceptional. It was raining in LA, which means most people won’t drive and if they do it’s with greater levels of insecurity. I walked into my bank and the girl behind the counter, with whom I’ve had some great conversations lately, told me that on rainy days she either expects it to be really quiet, or it’s only the very important clients who make the effort to come in. I felt kinda special about that.

On my way home, I bumped into the homeless gentleman (because he is a gentleman) who hangs out by the CVS on Santa Monica Blvd & La Cienega and with whom I have fascinating conversations about life. We didn’t talk much as I was on my way back home for some conference calls, but he wouldn’t let me go without saying, “You are a very important person.”

I pondered the spectrum here – the banker with all the bills and the guy with a few cents in his plastic cup, both reflecting on my importance. Me? Hm. Okay… and thank you…

I’m clearly putting something out there… and I think I know what it comes down to… self worth.

I write this on Day 11 of Gabrielle Bernstein’s May Cause Miracles. I had the pleasure of meeting her at her LA book launch in the coolest yoga center I’ve been to so far. She clearly exudes her own worth – a loving, generous, tuned-in and very switched on human being whose presence imbues kick-ass goodness. And her book is a pure reflection of who she is and what she lives by.

(note to self: I think that’s my longest compliment to anyone, ever)

May Cause Miracles

Day 11 is about Self Gratitude. And boy am I grateful to be here, being me. And without a doubt that has inspired  a higher degree of worthiness in me as well.

After a few years of “deep sea diving” personal development and a slightly tumultuous (yet necessary) end to 2012, I finally realised it was time for another big life change. I have been asking for a new lifestyle, new friends, new clients and new readers, and they are all magically rolling in with a smile and lots of gratitude as well.

May Cause Miracles is providing me with a platform to take actionable steps on a daily basis that support this new life, which includes reading mornings and evenings (a wonderful habit I had let go of ‘because of work’ and now wholeheartedly diving into again).

I’m toning down some aspects of my life to turn up my abilities at a whole new level. Letting go of what does not serve me, so I can serve others better.

I look at this as if I were driving a car, and since I love Formula 1 racing, we can jazz up the visual. Think of the artfulness of changing gears and adeptly turning corners that their drivers display, slowing down and speeding up just at the right times.

Sometimes, we need to downshift for the next big turn in life, so we can step on the gas and go full speed ahead. With confidence. Knowing that every effort, moment, breath, heartbeat and hours of discipline we put into what we do are worth it. Because we are worth it, and we can all expect miracles.

How has changing gears affected your life? Post a comment below or on Facebook and share your insights for others to find inspiration.

Be grateful you’re on track, my friend.



{includes a free story for you}

Just as I believe that we all can resolve to give our lives new meaning anywhere and anytime, I also believe in the collective energy that we all can benefit from on specific dates, like New Year. We gather to give ourselves the opportunity to effect obvious change in our lives, and to somehow hold one another accountable for these resolutions. They could be calls for help, simple affirmations or just seeking another check-in buddy for the sake of new perspectives.

I find it sad when certain people already give themselves a way out of New Year’s resolutions by stating, in the same sentence as the resolution itself, how they probably won’t make it and give up after 2 weeks.

Wow. Attitude check.

Last night, over dinner with friends, we didn’t talk about New Year’s Resolutions. Instead, we highlighted our best or favourite achievements of 2012. And before I could even say mine, someone I had already spoken to about it said, “Karin published her book!”

Oh ya, I did. And it feels so good!

The things is, I let go of making New Year’s resolutions a long time ago, mostly because I didn’t quite resonate with them. I seem to have a built-in mechanism that puts things into motion already in December, so that by the time January comes around things are already manifesting and working out in new and better ways. Sometimes it takes a little longer, sometimes it happens practically overnight. Either way, I’ve learned to trust the process.

Letting go of making New Year’s Resolutions did not, however, stop me from writing a story about it some time ago, which I have now refreshed a little and offer to you as a freebie to download. It is the story of Resolution’s New Year, written as a Greek tragedy of sorts, with a twist and a play on words, which is what I love to do.

Download your free copy of Resolution’s New Year

In fact, thinking of the word “resolution” this morning, I looked at one of its other definitions that some people seem to have forgotten…

When you separate the word, you get “re-solution.” A means of finding new solutions to an old issue or nagging feeling. Re-solve it, from a new angle. Maybe take a smaller step than the one so many others are taking because certain group consciousness has guided them towards making massive change that may be too steep for them to manage. Re-group your thoughts around this concept to make the most effective change for you.

I spent my weekend honing in on my core desired feelings via Danielle LaPorte’s The Desire Map. I highly recommend it if you’re not on board already. This will completely overhaul your sense of goal-setting, and bring you right back to the source of your desires, which is what allows us to make real impacting change going forward.

Resolutions, much like goals, can seem daunting at times. So this will help get you out of overwhelm and into heartfelt decision-making.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on what it means to you to make promises to yourself in the comments below. How do you keep your faith and see things through?

Wishing you the best days of your lives from here on,