Here’s How You’ll Know It’s Her (or Him) – aka Knowing When You Know

You’ve met the person who sends waves of warmth and love through your soul.


And before you go shout it from the rooftop, you may choose to check in with yourself – briefly – while you bask in this wonderful connection you’ve been dreaming of.

The truth is, there will be no questioning, “Is this really The One?” There will be no second guessing, no wondering what others will think, no proving or justifying to anyone… This is Your Life. Your Blessed Union. And she (or he) showed up, because You showed up, my dear.

You will court one another in the way that people with pure hearted intentions and a solid sense of Self do.

You will pinch yourself. Often. And yes, it’s still real.

You will wake up with a feeling of ease, and renewed appreciation for life.

You will understand the meaning of “miracles”.

You will exchange mutual praise, appreciation, spark, support, interest and passion with the most natural flow you’d ever imagined.

You are solid, grounded, committed. You champion one another.

You will move through situations and conversations with a different kind of aptitude. Even those previously assigned “awkward” topics you may have never felt comfortable addressing with anyone. But you learned to address them within yourself and are now willing to share with the one person you know will not judge you.

You will surprise yourself with every new stretch of your soul. The growth stretch.

You will lean in to hear one another’s hearts speak, and lean back to receive the love they express freely.

You will not change anything about yourself for the other person. You both naturally evolve, individually and as a couple.

You do not complete one another. You compliment one another for being whole and complete as you are.

And these words will make perfect sense:

“I don’t need you in my life – I just really want you in it.” – Tara Bliss

You will feel excitement, ecstasy, sheer joy… AND peace, trust, comfort, confidence.

That’s how you’ll know it’s her (or him).

Can I get a “Hell Yes!”??