What’s In Your Emotional Archive? {Plus 5 Steps to Clear It}

We all collect stuff – books, clothing, friends, careers, knowledge, thoughts, emotions…

They start with the values and beliefs we formed during childhood, which got categorized by matching experiences, like a well-organized library.

So, when things seem bent out of shape – you got fired or “let go”, your health took a turn for the “worse”, and things just don’t seem to be working out… it’s time to review what’s really going on within.

Look through your emotional archives, and the stories you can let go of to clear the soul clutter.

Fun Fact: some people think this kind of work will bring up tons of emotions they can’t handle. Truth is, you’ve been carrying them all your life, you just didn’t know how to let go of them. Seeing the truth behind their creation provides laser awareness for faster release and adaptation. Power to you, my friend. Time to shed the weight of the world and feel light again.

In the words of Iyanla Vanzant: “Feel. Deal. Heal.”

{Cue: Pen & Paper – keep these handy when we’re hanging out together}

1. Explore the Emotional Archives
Do you lean more into thoughts that are negative, blame-filled, guilt-ridden, or overwhelming?
Write them out and let your soul breathe. You’re being honest with yourself here, and you’re acing it.

Once you see this list on paper, ask yourself, “What are the intentions behind these thoughts?”
See them for what they really are. Are they misdirected intentions that were keeping you from showing up fully as your best self? “Best” being the ego-free, loving joyous best You.

2. Check The References in Each Volume
You may encounter the typical biggies: fear, anger, sadness, hurt, guilt… it’s safe to let them surface, even better to ask them where they really came from. They may throw excuses up to distract you, so just keep asking, gently. You’re looking for cues in your early childhood here.

Were they formed by someone else’s energy or thoughts that “became” yours, and never really felt good to you?

You may discover these weighted emotions were ‘etched in’ a long time ago. For example, that afternoon while you were minding your own peacefulness playing with your teddy bear, your parents may have been arguing about something that had nothing to do with you. Yet, the energy of that moment made such a deep, distorted impact on your soul and wrote itself into your future behaviours that served the pain experience, instead of the joy experience.

For me it was communication – for a long time I couldn’t express myself open-heartedly because my references growing up were either tense silence, or outbursts of anger. I had to learn the healthy in-between of compassionate communication. And it started by having compassionate conversations with myself. When things get challenging, I start there.

If you feel you’d like additional guidance in this phase, we can work it out together.

Now that you’ve discovered what was going on behind the scenes, you can clear the slate of those emotions.

3. Write a New Book
Write down the wonderful qualities you remember about yourself now. Include words, pictures, sounds, places that make your heart smile and your soul sing. Expand on each one as you feel guided. And remember, this is a judgement-free zone. For extended guidance on accessing what feels good, start desire mapping).

4. Read Yourself New Bedtime Stories
Put these cues somewhere you can see, hear or repeat them to yourself regularly. We all know that daily practices make for faster transformation, right?

5. Congratulate Yourself
You’re turning pages and starting a whole new chapter. Life is good, isn’t it?

Let’s all stand and deliver clarity,


Check back in here and let me know how your discovery phase is helping you…

What Is Your Body Telling You? Health Restoration Practices

I’m passionate about self healing, and with my own experiences of it. I often wonder how some forms of dis-ease manifested, and how people deal with them from the inside out.

Any time I have experienced a health challenge, it has served as a strong reminder for conscious self care, starting from within.

Here are some things I learned for myself, and in working with others through their healing process:

1. Ask Where This Came From
Your body is talking to you. And if you’re at a point of extreme challenge, then your body is screaming with the urgency to be heard. I gain clarity by asking to uncover the real motivators of the experience, and then act on my new awareness. You may have to ask several times, until your awareness opens up to the root cause.

Sometimes I find my thoughts were out of alignment with feeling good, or something comes up from the past that offers new insights for me to grow from…

Re-store your self love, it’s what your body is really asking for.

2. Create a Habit of Healthy Thoughts
This type of experience is a reminder that what we think, so we create, and we would do better to think more loving thoughts, because you never know how things will show up. Personally, I like good things to show up.

Unfavourable thoughts and their related “negative” emotions, or the tiny residual thoughts that may have built up slowly over time are what create challenges that appear in physical form (or external circumstances). Remember; just as the constant rubbing of sand can irritate your foot… so can it create a magnificent pearl.

This is not a cue for guilt trips, and certainly not to say you brought anything upon yourself. It’s simply a benchmark to start fresh. The beauty is, we can change our thoughts at any moment. Even now. And now. And… you get it.

3. Let Go of the Attachment to the Dis-ease
Whilst there may be a shock factor to some news you receive, this is an opportunity to shake off what’s not working. Remember this is not a sentence but an awakening.

People will say they “have cancer”. They will even add “my” to the condition. STOP. I’m not saying to live in denial of what’s going on, but you can choose a new association with health. You might take a big leap of faith or build small steps towards this – scale up as you feel best for you. Just take your next step with love.

What people “have” is the experience of mental/emotional misalignment showing up in their bodies. The body is bringing this to our attention, in extreme ways for some, so we can clear the slate and focus on health.

4. Hold the Vision of Health – Your life is Your Domain
See yourself as healthy now. Hold that vision for yourself. Own and manifest the internal healing, while others – like a surgeon, if you’re at a stage that requires one – support you with the “technical” aspects.

For me, it also helps that I give myself Reiki. Tapping is pretty awesome too.  Learn how to speed up your healing. Lean into holistic restoration and internal guidance.

5. Words Carry Super Powers – Use them Wisely
Of course you want your health restored ASAP. We all want that for you too.

But do you use words like: “fight, attack, aggressive treatment,” when you talk about how you’re going to approach your healing process? Are they words you use on a daily basis for other things? How do those words sit in your body? Notice where the energy goes…

How about healing through: “loving release, laser precision, almighty speed, gratitude and… yes, forgiveness.”

Yes, there may be challenging moments. And it’s okay to air out anger, fear, resentment, or whatever you may feel. They are part of the awareness of making new choices out of love (not fear), and help us build resilience whilst we lean into the health we manifest.

Consider these words attributed to Mother Teresa, “I will never attend an anti-war rally; if you have a peace rally, invite me. I am learning that if you focus on what you want, (peace) instead of what you don’t want, (war) you will receive it in abundance!”

For the love of your health, soften up your words, please.

6. What Other Feelings Can You Invite Along This Journey?
How would you like to feel throughout the restoration of your health? Find words that feel good, healthy, revitalising, nourishing. Give yourself permission to move through this process with as much ease, grace, and soul awareness as possible.

In his book, “A New Earth”, Eckhart Tolle refers to healing the pain-body, “…not through fighting it but through bringing the light of consciousness to it.”

7. Surround Yourself With Loving People
Be mindful of who you invite on this journey. It may not be for the faint of heart, so be sure your champions are coming from a place of confidence, purity, love, abundance and are committed to participating in the collective healing.

If you, brave soul, are experiencing a deeply challenging health concern, know that whilst we may never meet, I hold you in the highest loving light of your well being. And I hope these words encourage you to hold yourself there too.

Let’s stand and deliver health,


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How have you or someone you know overcome health challenges?

Know What You’re Feeling & Where It’s Coming From

Being an empath means I often sense strong energies that others are unconsciously “throwing” around. If you’re sensitive like this, you may share similar experiences.

Now, it’s great when you sense love and excitement – but what about anger or upset?

Ever feel that wave of urgent, anxious energy before the phone rings or an email comes in?

Some people are unaware of the energy they’re sending out.

You can choose to manage your state as best you feel, especially if you know there is something going on behind the scenes, and perhaps even between the two of you. Truth is, you never really know where they’re coming from unless they tell you. And if they’re not aware, or willing to look, chances are they won’t.

If someone sends this type of energy your way, it’s okay to ask them to check in with themselves. They may choose to deny their own energetic vibrations and respond by saying that your energy is out of alignment.

{Cue: Strong Hint}

If the feeling arrives before there is conscious interaction between you, trust that you’re sensing someone else’s energy bumping up against your state of feeling good.

If a person continues to deposit this energy at your feet, then you have some choices to make, like stepping out of their energetic field as best you can, and tending to yours. Time and your intuition will guide the outcome of the relationship.

At the end of the day, it’s about stepping out of old patterns. Put the ego or any hurt aside, and come back to the love. That’s what we’re all really asking for anyway.

Know your feelings, and if someone senses they’re off, take a moment to check in with yourself and get back on course.

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Let’s stand and deliver focus,


When someone’s energy feels challenging, how do you navigate your state and involvement in the relationship?