Great, Full, and Grateful

We didn’t really celebrate Thanksgiving growing up in Spain, even though my mother is American.

And it wasn’t until I spent my first fall in Canada that I realised they celebrate it a month earlier there. Which is great, because I now get to celebrate it twice in a year.

But of course, being grateful is a regular, conscious act…

As some of us prepare to celebrate our gratitude with heightened awareness this week, I want to remind you to be grateful for yourself as well. Indulge in the gratitude you receive from others and share with them, but remember it starts with You. Remember all the wonderful things you’ve achieved for yourself, your qualities, the things you truly love about yourself (narcissists be mindful). Give yourself a pat on the back. These are the things others Love about you too.

And if you’d like to be cute about your gratitude, I made something special you can download here.

May your Thanksgiving celebrations be great, full, and grateful.

Have a great and grateful Thanksgiving,




How do you like to share your gratitude with others? Comment below…