A Letter to My Deceased iMac & Thoughts on Our Real Relationship with Technology

Whilst some people idolize technology for the technology itself (and go berserk if it breaks), the truth is there is actually a different kind of relationship here that yearns for conscious attention (though I’m not referring to “her“).

In keeping with my usual positive thinking/spiritual approach to life, this post is an ode to a piece of technology that has journeyed with me through various life experiences that I’ve been able to document with it, and create anew from. It is also an invitation for you to check in with how you relate to the technology you use, and to be grateful for what it offers. I’ve summed mine up with a short letter:

Dear Early 2008 24” iMac,

In six months you would have been considered “vintage” in the Mac world, but alas your logic board began to faint, taking with it your magic as you stretched for more time to make one final backup… Whilst I teetered between trying to fix you (paying more in the long run) and letting you go to Mac Heaven (which I decided to do), I fondly remember you now as my shiny, faithful sidekick:

As a newly arrived Spaniard in Vancouver, you helped me settle into a fabulous life there while I figured out my bigger design and purpose in life. You doubled up as my creative tool and my TV when I didn’t have cable.

You travelled via FedEx to meet me in LA when I arrived there, not knowing what to do because I couldn’t figure out how to stay in Canada and Life had (somewhat painfully) said I needed to be somewhere else.

You hopped around West Hollywood with me as I started a new life from the ground up, shed some of my past, and proudly helped me design my first niki owl book.

You recently hopped on a moving truck to meet me in Forth Worth (Texas y’all??) and helped me design another book about Love that’s coming out in February, while I continue to write the adventures of niki owl.

And now, I must let you go my friend, one month shy of 5 years since I left my homeland and precisely the day Mac celebrates 30 years. I’d say you’ve come full circle with me finding and co-creating the purpose I’d been seeking.

Thank you for the fun times, the vastness of your screen that made looking at things so much more delightful, and for being so damn sexy (because good design & good technology are sexy).

Thank you for your service, dear iMac. And thank you for the memories.

See the Gift in every situation…

When you’re in a similar situation with a device, do you blindly go into a panic or stress over the perceived loss of having put “all your life on it”… or do you choose to honour the experiences you’ve had that it supported you in documenting and sharing with others? How easy is it for you to let things go?

Tweet this: “We don’t hold onto things for the things themselves, but for the memories & experiences we create with them.”

(and thankfully, we make backups of our intellectual property that we can share for others to make their own memories with)

As for me, yes I’ll miss the big screen… but I have my trusty laptop, and on the flip side I now have more space on my desk to write on paper, which I love (ya, I still do that).

Keep creating, no matter what,


How do you choose to see technological challenges in your life? Share your comments below or on Facebook.

The Transformative Power of a Good Story

A client recently came to me with his concerns about letting go of stress in negative situations. For the sake of privacy, we’ll call him Arthur.

Arthur’s default was to go into anger and flip out when things aren’t going his way, which of course never really helped resolve anything in the moment. He was looking to feel more at ease even when things are going ape shape around him.

Can you relate to Arthur?

Here’s the situation he came to me with:
Arthur had taken his car to the mechanic with some problems, but he also wanted to fix miscellaneous things as well. The mechanic fixed those bits but did nothing about the main problem. This caused setbacks for Arthur at work (he’s in the tech industry and he was working on time sensitive projects). The mechanic ended up charging him for the small things and still needed to address the big problem.

Arthur felt angry. Frustrated. Out of control. Upset. He reprimanded the mechanic. Arthur just wanted to get his car and leave at whatever cost, and didn’t know how to deal with it.

How would you prefer to feel instead?

Arthur’s desired outcome was to be more professional, and step away without stressing after the fact. He wanted to let it go. Feel more calm, fulfilled, and as though it was not a big deal.

We ran a simple exercise to help him shift from a state of anger into his desired state of being. I wrote this into a short story, which further deepened the long-term impact of this change for Arthur to strengthen his new way of being in such situations.

You can read it here.

How differently you would like to feel about something? Tell me in your comments below or via email and we can write a new story for you together.

There’s real power behind a good story,



My Wishes For You & The Story of 12 Grapes

I’m going to cut to the chase and sum up 2013 before welcoming 2014 (and wonder how that phrase was coined later).

To everyone who entrusted their website or web presence with me, and felt revitalised through the process – thank you.

To everyone who bought one of my books, and discovered something new – thank you.

To everyone who coached with me, and found renewed faith in their abilities – thank you.

To everyone who downloaded the PDFs I created, and found inspiration from them – thank you.

That’s my gratitude  for 2013.

And now, my wishes for 2014 PLUS a fun fact…

I was born and raised in Spain. The tradition there is to ring in the New Year by eating a grape for every toll of the bell at midnight. Each grape represents luck for each month, and we are encouraged to successfully eat all 12 grapes so that we can enjoy good luck throughout the entire year.

I challenge you to try this (and hereby include a disclaimer to accept no responsibility for the outcomes – please chew consciously, seedless grapes or raisins will do). Let me know how that goes for you!

My wish for you is to take a stand for your deepest desires this coming year. Act on them so you and your loved ones can fully enjoy every moment, and grow from the moments that may not feel so good. Let’s keep the focus on “good feeling moments” though, since they build on one another.

My wish for myself is to strengthen the muscles I’ve been exercising this year to serve and inspire more people than I could possibly imagine. To help my body keep up with that, I get my protein shakes here.

If you’re wondering how else to start rocking this next year, here is my recommended reading list (these books helped me get 2013 into full swing):

The Desire Map, by Danielle LaPorte
Out of this I discovered my core desired feelings, which helped me consciously match my lifestyle to them: Radiant, Elegant, Authentic, Lavish, Vital.
(I’ll see how these evolve for 2014)

Money: A Love Story, by Kate Northrup
Out of the course that came before the book, I gained a lot of insight about the stories I had grown up with around money and how they had been affecting me. I also met my partner. Unexpected bonus?? You betcha!

May Cause Miracles, by Gabrielle Bernstein
Out of this I learned to forgive myself, and ask for help when I needed it instead of trying to do everything by myself. Gave me a whole new meaning for the word “surrender.” Powerful.

The Big Leap, by Gay Hendricks
Out of this I was able to identify how I had been “upper limiting” myself from moving forward. The answers are so simple.

It just goes to show how important books are to act as catalysts for change.

However you choose to close out 2013 and invite 2014 into your life, remember it starts with a renewed perspective of You.

How would you like to see yourself evolve this next year? Share your answer in the comments…