How does your business really thrive?

It’s simple… nurture your relationships, Genius.

My web design business took off in 2003 based on the relationships I’d built working a regular 9-5 job in an SEO company. Those clients wanted ME to continue doing the work for them, not somebody else.

In 2012, I reached out to my network to announce that I was writing my first book – something I’d always wanted to do, procrastinated on very well, and finally gave myself permission to make it happen.

One of the people in my network, Wendy Taylor (of Taylor & Scott), immediately jumped up to help me out. Her copywriting and PR skills were evolving into her own passion to help authors with their book manuscripts. We had a conversation about it and decided we were a fit.

You never know who is going to reach back when you reach out. (tweet this)

Which really goes to show how powerful our networks are, and how strong relationships can become simply by asking and sharing what we’re up to. Wendy and I have become great friends by working together.

Wendy recently interviewed me about our experience together, since she’s writing her own book now as well. We also share tips on the author’s journey.

Read the interview here.

Nurture Your Network Checklist:
– How do you nurture your business relationships?
– How many times have you relied on your network to support your new ventures, projects and desires?
– How do you support one another in times of “need”?
– How often has someone in your network surprised you and become one of your best cheerleaders?

Gratitude Tip: Pick someone in your network and thank them today for what they’ve done for you. Hey, it might just make their day.

I’m happy you’re here,