Thanksgiving – is it Gratitude or Appreciation?

The festivities this week in the US are all about gratitude, and of course you know I’m a huge proponent of this in our everyday lives. Why? Because I give hoot that we all feel good!

I’ve also come to understand the difference between gratitude and appreciation, and we’ve touched on this before but what better time than this to revisit?

Gratitude typically focuses on giving thanks for the things we have now that we didn’t have before.
Appreciation focuses on everything & everyone that surrounds us now, which is the basis of opening up to what is coming next. The most important thing to appreciate? You, now!!

So, let’s take a moment to appreciate where we are right now, and who we’re sharing this moment with, shall we?

Right now, I’m appreciating these delicious gingerbread lebkuchen treats I’m about to dive into, and this cup of Sweet Bloom Hometown brew. Check out my buddy niki owl, it looks like he’s about to beat me to it!!

@nikiowl enjoying lebkuchen for #Thanksgiving #Hootsgiving @KarinPinter

wise owl printI ALSO APPRECIATE YOU, your wisdom and the goodness you bring to this world. As a gift, niki and have prepared this downloadable print* for you to CELEBRATE the WISE OWL that you are and post wherever makes you happy.

This year has been full of wonders and I know what’s just around the corner will be amazing for all of us!!! I can feel our dreams coming true as I write this, and it’s an honour for me to share this journey with you. I give a hoot about all of us having fun in this world!

Which is why from now on, niki owl and I are choosing to call this festivity HOOTSgiving. Will you join us?
Tweet this! #HappyHootsgiving

Oh!! I also appreciate the sunshine and snow that fell this morning in Colorado, where I’m enjoying some time as I decide when to fly on to my next destination.

Here’s to many more Hootsgivings!

*If you’d love a high quality version of this print (with or without frame), you’ll find that over here. Makes a great holiday gift this season!!


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In the business world we’re often asked to deliver our elevator pitch on what we do, what service we provide. To the point it becomes automatic, and we even build networking meetings around this to inform our loyal sales force of colleagues.

But, WHY do you do what you do?

One of my coaching clients recently did a ten minute presentation for her business networking group. She is experiencing a powerful transformation in how she shows up in her personal life and in business, fuelled by a burning desire to complete her first book. During her presentation, she briefly spoke of her services (which her peers already know pretty well) and chose to open up her heart to tell the story of WHY she does what she does. She shared powerful stories about her personal life, and what is driving her to create what she is creating now.

It was not your typical business presentation. It was a powerful opportunity to engage her colleagues in the truth about why she writes and provides this as a business service for others. They knew her services, but they didn’t all know why she does what she does, or how this really affects their business presence.

I believe the whole point of building relationships is for people to know who we are and empower us to thrive together. This means showing up authentically, speaking from the heart, being guided by our inner wisdom. It also often means doing things outside of the norm.

Most people, and therefore most businesses, function from the outside in. This is the default most of us have been trained in since our early days – find what you’re good at and do it. This may serve you to a point, but if you’re not fully present to why you’re doing it, there will be moments when life feels hollow and meaningless. If your main motivator is money, then you’re in line for a rude awakening, honey. Money is a result of your passion and commitment to delivering a particular service to your world through your Genius.

The key to most successful businesses is functioning from the inside out. Knowing who you are as a person, why you do what you do, and delivering that value to your world through your particular product or service. You could be selling coffee, helping someone plan their estate, or guiding them in the fulfillment of their life’s vision. Your why makes all the difference in who chooses to engage with your services, and inevitably impacts your success.

This is what makes Apple, Apple. This is what makes Tesla Motors, Tesla Motors. This is what makes you, You.

When you know your why and marry this awareness with what you do, then you’re serving from the inside out.

Whether you have one or several talents that make you absolutely unique, take a moment to ask yourself why you do what you do…

Why are you an accountant, a lawyer, a business manager, a nutritionist, a personal trainer, a writer, an entrepreneur, a ___________?

As for me…
I coach because having powerful conversations that ignite people’s Genius and make an impact on the world by being themselves and doing what they love, is one of the greatest honours I experience.
I design and optimise websites because I’m excited about the leverage a powerful online presence provides.
I create niki owl because that is how I express my pure joy, and this creates a beautiful ripple effect all around the world.
I write because I love the power of transformation that the written word provides.

I appreciate the bold blend of skills and talents I’ve curated over the years, because they nourish each other beautifully and I get to impact my world in many ways.

Get to the heart of your business, starting with you; this draws people closer to you than any clever marketing strategy.

People really appreciate that. Those who roll their eyes at you for being so open are simply pre-qualifying themselves not to engage in your business. Let them be.

A powerful video to watch is this TEDx Talk by Simon Sinek, if you haven’t already experienced this Genius.

This week, tell your world why you do what you do. Leave out the what or the how. I’d love to know what this reveals to you for you.

Here’s to curating your Genius,