There is No Substitute for Excellence

niki owl driving porsche 911

I test drove an Audi Q5 this past weekend. Again. I wanted to test the sport package version with all the drive control options. I’m pretty set on which model I want now, all I need to decide is the colour. However…

On my way home yesterday, I passed the Porsche dealership…

“Why don’t I test drive the 911?” I thought.

I mean, that was the car I wanted growing up, yet I had never considered driving it until now. Bizarre, right?

Stay with me, this will make sense in a moment…

You might be driving an old Chevrolet, whilst dreaming of a BMW. But, for some reason, you might think you need to get a Honda before you get a BMW.

Why do that if what you really want is a BMW?

Now let’s say you want a Brilliant Mobile Website. 

Our Genius web team at nvision recently connected with someone who’s site has some major hiccups:

– It is not up to Google mobile-responsive “code.” Not good for his SEO.

– His current SEO provider is doing him a great disservice, so he’s not even ranking well to generate the kind of business and revenue he’d like. Double whammy on the SEO.

– I asked some people who are looking for similar services to review his site and the overall sentiment was that none of them would engage with the business because the purchase process is outdated and clunky. Ouch.

– He’s in a seasonal industry, so he thinks he needs a stepping-stone website to tide him over before he invests in the re-development we’ve outlined. Sounds like double the time and energy to get what he really wants.

FACT: Your business may be seasonal, but your life is not.

What you do today impacts your life (and business) today, and tomorrow and the next day ad infinitum(tweet this) because everything is connected and builds on itself.

Your thoughts guide the feelings that guide your decisions and actions that create your results. In anything you focus on.

We know what needs to be done for this Genius’s business to thrive online, and we know it will take a while, because it requires overhauling his entire system to bring his website and operations up to speed on many levels.
That’s why we have payment options for certain web projects, to help get the project moving along while clients continue to grow their business.

We’re looking at optimizing his payment processes and improving customer service experience to maximize his revenue through a mobile responsive website, so that customers around the world can engage with him no matter what device they’re on.
This will drive his revenue through speed, ease, elegance and accessibility.

And of course, add a much better SEO framework.
Optimise to maximise.

Here’s when I know someone is really committed:

They have such a powerful desire for what they want, that they go straight for it by creating the resources and circumstances to realise their vision. This often includes thinking differently, behaving differently and creating different results to fulfill their vision.

I value the work we do and the work you do, because I believe in excellence.

I value our time and yours, because time is our most precious commodity.

That’s why we work with our clients to achieve their desired outcomes.

FACT: What you’re willing to put in is exactly what you’ll get.

And there is no substitute for excellence. (tweet this)

You choose,

Who’s Your Number One?

niki owl goals dreams

I was in conversation with a dear friend and colleague, who suggested I write about being “your number one client.” This topic has been on my mind for a while, so I took this as a sign to finally write about it, because it goes beyond business.

I really appreciate this friend because he is so curious about life. Those are the kinds of conversations I love to have, “What would make your life extraordinary? What makes you YOU? How do you see yourself in this world?”

For a time in my life, I thought I had to do put everyone and everything else first, before I could fulfill my big dreams. It was linear and slow, and I often wondered when I would get to me.

A lot of people “see” themselves “last.”

They place more value on their clients’ priorities than they do on their own, and then they wonder why their dreams gather dust on a shelf… JK Rowling toted her Harry Potter stories around Europe in a box – it wasn’t until she hit the lowest of lows that her sister read it and said, “If this is what you really want to do, then do it.” I know another writer who travelled the world with her own manuscript for years until she felt the pang of not creating and asked herself, “Is it time to honour MY dreams?” The answer was “Yes,” and that writer is me.

I’m sure you know this great quote from Zig Ziglar:

You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.

It makes perfect sense, yet, we all know the prompts on the plane to put our oxygen mask on first before helping others.

Which one feels better for you?

Some people think they have to sacrifice and wait for their dreams to happen, whilst they put more energy into helping others achieve theirs first. They often feel guilty when they start to move in the direction of their dreams, wondering, “What will people think?”

Answer: Who cares?? They’re your dreams!

When you actively breathe life into your personal aspirations, you breathe life into what you do for others. This way, everybody gains. 

Start with what feels good to you, and keep moving in that direction. (click to tweet)

I am able to serve my coaching and web clients, because I actively participate in my own future, which includes writing more books and growing Niki Owl’s enterprise. I do something for each of my personal interests every day. Then I bring my insights back to my clients in ways that they can relate to in their own aspirations. It’s a beautiful cycle of constant growth.

This is generosity at its best – generosity of self for fulfillment of self and others.

This is why we grow companies and co-create with one another, to leverage ourselves and fulfill our dreams whilst serving others in the fulfillment of their dreams.

This is abundant thinking.

Before you pull the “I don’t have time for it all” card, let me tell you this:

Time is what YOU make of it.

Time management is purely state management. So if you’re on point managing your emotional state, you’re well on your way to take care of how and when you show up for the world on a daily basis. It’s all about the priorities you set in your life, starting with YOU. This is where your biggest results come from.

When we place value on ourselves, our whole life transforms. We are crystal clear on who and where to invest our time and energy. We lovingly give space to the rest. This absolutely translates into higher income because we engage with people who value themselves too; people who understand energy exchange of equal value.

I know for me, valuing myself means working with a coach to help me stay focused on being my best me and the fulfillment of my dreams.

This level of commitment breathes life into the lifestyle you wish to experience, including the material aspects. It starts by you valuing you above all of that, and investing in you.

If you place more value on things and status quo than you place on your Self, you completely disrespect your dreams.

Working from the outside in is temporary and limiting.

Working from the inside out is sustainable and exponential.

Which do you prefer?

I know the best job is an inside job, starting with my personal commitment to me, to show up fully in my life, business, relationships and what I create.

I will go the distance, literally, even if it means walking home in the rain that started to pour after taking care of sending a payment to my coach yesterday. And you know what? I loved it. The fresh smell of the earth when it rains is so unique. The skies were dark on one side and light on the other as the storm moved along its path. And water means abundance. So let it rain.

I’m not saying you need a coach, but I know what investing in me does for me and the life I am creating. As my coach likes to remind me, “What good is a team without a coach?”

If you’ve been procrastinating on follow-through, telling yourself stories on why something hasn’t happened yet, then my question is, “What good is a dream without a coach?”

Start with your commitment to You,


Is Today Your Day?

I started playing classical guitar in 1994, about a year before Niki Owl was “born”. I played diligently every afternoon, gaining new appreciation for music and my abilities to transform those little “fly shits on paper” (as my Dad calls them) into beautiful sounds. My guitar teacher would give me concert pieces one sheet at a time, to fuel my desire to master each page before moving onto the next. Genius.

It taught me a lot about focus and consistent action.

I was recently in conversation with a CEO who used to related to his life as “seasonal.” I asked how that was working out for him in business and finances…

“Not very well,” he confessed.

Seasons “take time” to reap benefits and rewards, just like the food we harvest. And if you’re looking to make money, well…

[do you hear crickets?]

We went deeper in our conversation. In recent months, he’s experienced some powerful results he can actually touch. Yet, he was not showing up consistently in business on a daily basis, especially in his thinking. There were days he tuned in, and days he tuned out. Not surprising then his sporadic results, or the anxiety he felt at certain times.

When you show up as less than your best, you get “less than the best” results. When you show up as your best, you get the best results. It is Law.

I asked if he would consider “closing the gap” on his thoughts in order to transform seasonal routines into revitalized daily routines. He said, “Yes.”

Even though we naturally flow with the seasons (or quarters) we also flow with every day.

This means that every day, we get to choose how we think, how we feel, who or what we engage with, and how we go about our day.

Progress and results come from consistent belief and inspired action. (click to tweet)

A musician plays her guitar every day to master each piece of music. Note by note. Bar by bar. Page by page… Complete. Next. Repeat.

The musician does not think, “Oh, yesterday I couldn’t master that melody…” No, she says, “Today is a new day. And yesterday I set myself up for a new level of success for today.” Then she plays, and masters that piece of music. Every day she experiences tangible results she can appreciate, because every day she “shows up” for herself. Every day. Standing in possibility.

This is the power of Personal Commitment.

This is what sets The Masters apart from the rest.

Is today the day you choose to Master your success?


The House that Genius Built

I was about 4 feet tall. My Dad had built us a red and white chipboard house that would sit on the patio for us to play in. It was basically a small-scale prefab house with clips and magnets that held the walls and roof together, so he could easily store it away. Pure genius.

Of course I had “tea parties” in there. We even hooked up Hot Wheels tracks to zip cars through the window. The cat would hang out too, when it didn’t get chased by Hot Wheels cars. It was all fun and games. Then we outgrew the house and grew up, or so it seemed…

Some people forget they can have fun and get work done at the same time. They carry on with their lives with this default setting, whilst others wake up and realize both are possible. Such people deliberately choose to “reinvent” themselves, both personally and professionally. You might relate to this as “re-branding”.

Branding is not just a logo or the car we drive, it’s the story we tell the world about what we do, how we do it, and WHY we do it. Branding is the outside story that others see, hear, feel and engage with about us.

Then there’s the story we tell ourselves, which is based on our beliefs and affects anything we create (relationships, business, finances, well being).

There can be a difference between the story you tell yourself, and the story you tell the world.

Imagine a house…

Your life is the house itself… the pretty decor, the gorgeous landscaping, the tasteful furniture. The marketing collaterals, the website, the team, the office space. The friends, the toys, the relationships.
This is the story the world sees.

You are the one living inside the house… with thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about your dreams and abilities. These create the foundation that the house sits on.
This is the story you tell yourself.

What goes on inside your house?

Do you hide away in a corner and stifle yourself? Or do you breathe fun into your life while your Genius shows up for the world?

A company (or relationship) is only as strong and sustainable as its emotional foundations, which drive everything.

What is your story behind the story? (tweet this)

I hope you’re taking care of your foundations, because life is supposed to be fun.


PS: the niki owl house you see above was made about 15 years ago for my dear friend and fellow Genius, Brennan Smith.