How to Write a Book in 3 Days

I’m excited to tell you about my next book.

In a recent session with my coach, she asked how I was getting on with the Genius book I’m writing, which is an exploration of what Genius really is and how we apply our personal blend of Genius to improve the world we live in.

The more I write and interview people about Genius, the more I explore the evolution of my Genius and how I share this with the world.

A constant for me is Niki Owl, who “came to life” in 1995, which means this year is a VERY SPECIAL ANNIVERSARY for us.

What better way to celebrate than to write a book about it?! 

I told my coach I was feeling inspired to write about the birth and real story of Niki Owl, as a celebration of how his presence impacts me and the world. The fact that my coach is called Nicky is no surprise, and this is in the book too.

Nicky asked how long it would take me to write the book. This was on a Friday morning.

“I think I can do it in three days,” I replied intuitively.

“Okay, then we’ll have our next session on Tuesday morning, and you’ll have finished the book by then, right?”


And I did.

Here is the manuscript for Genesis:

Niki Owl Genesis © 2015 Karin Pinter
I’m excited to share the published version with you soon!

The best part? It flowed so EASILY. Even with a 3 hour visit to the Audi dealership that Saturday morning, and watching Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday. I diligently wrote, typed, remembered, looked through my archives of illustrations and creations, and shared my page-by-page progress with the awesome team at my favourite coffee shop… I’d say it took 20 hours in total to write. Committed, focused, inspired.

Most people are in autopilot telling themselves adopted stories that writing a book is hard (seriously, who told you that?). When you really think about it, nothing is hard when you’re fully inspired, focused and committed. Writing Genesis is a powerful reminder of this.

This is The World We Live In

owl around the world pictures

I’d like to share a really cool story about how personal alignment creates effortless and powerful collaborations amongst people. And how the power of technology aids us in bringing us closer in this amazing world we live in…

My friend Cecilia Bogaard lives in Ecuador. We met (via my brother) whilst both living in Spain, and we collaborate on web projects, the latest one being the Ecuador-based tour company TerraDiversa.

My friend Brennan Smith (whom I met 15 years ago via Yahoo Chat) is an ace in the personal development field. He recently asked me to help build the new Members page for ATL SoCal, of which he is a member.

Whilst working on that site, I engaged with another ATL member, Spryte Loriano, who was relocating to Ecuador. In a flash of inspiration I connected her with Cecilia as someone to know there.

Earlier this week, Cecilia shared a video with me about LifeListLiving, a travel experience geared towards coaches and transformational leaders wanting to make a difference in the world whilst checking off personal bucket list experiences.

In this video with snippets of their previous trip to Africa, I noticed coach Rich Litvin, also a member of ATL SoCal. I became acquainted with Rich via my biggest champion and magnificent coach Nicky Tanase, who became acquainted with him via the ultimate coach, Steve Hardison.

The next LifeList trip takes place in Ecuador in June…

Their travel plans looked familiar, so I asked Cecilia… And it turns out Spryte had asked to organise the trip in collaboration with TerraDiversa.

How cool is all of that???

I love how a “simple email” (and Facebook) can act as a conduit to connect people who are in tune with themselves, living their dreams and impacting the world in their unique ways.

What I love most about everyone I mention in this post is the passion, dedication and authenticity they bring to what they do and how they live.

This is the power of personal alignment, powerful relationships and technology working together.

I believe we are all on an amazing journey, bringing our unique expression of Genius to the Table of Life.

This is optimisation at its best.

This is the world I love to live in.

What kind of world do YOU love to live in? (tweet this)