The Gift of You

KP's 4th Birthday

Today is my birthday.

I love my birthday. In fact, every day is worth loving because every day I get to wake up and do what I do because of the joy it brings me, and joy is infectious. It makes the world go round.

The photo you see here is from my 4th birthday. That was my favourite plush dog at the time. I was shy about people singing to me so I would cover my ears (I still get shy, but I’ll still appreciate the gesture). I developed an early love for brownies (baked by my mother of course), and I just baked myself some this morning (one set for me, and one set for my friends).

I’ve come to realize that the more we celebrate ourselves (and others), the more life showers us with love and goodness.

Four years ago today I gave myself one of the best birthday gifts ever. I went to my favorite band’s concert in Wembley Stadium, on my actual birthday. I celebrated along with Take That and 85,291 other people who were experiencing a magical night filled with amazing music. Any time I have a wobble, I go back to that memory because it lights me up so powerfully. It reminds me that we can truly have, be and do whatever we desire in life, as long as we keep focused on our dreams.

@TakeThat Progress Live Wembley Stadium 2011

This was a massive celebration for me for several reasons…

– It was the fulfillment of a dream I thought would never come true. I’d wanted to see Take That  as a teenager but they split up before I could make that happen, and by the time they got back together years later, I was about to make my way to another continent in pursuit of some of my other dreams. When the 5 got back together for their Progress Live tour in 2011, I knew I had to be there. It was truly the concert of a lifetime, and to boot, I got to see the Pet Shop Boys as well. BAM.

– It was also when the idea for my first book came to me, walking through Hyde Park in London. The following summer I was sitting in my beloved Vancouver and wrote that book in a zippy three weeks. Another huge dream fulfilled. BOOM.

Here’s the thing. Much as I love my birthday, every day is a birth day. Every day we get to wake up and discover something new about ourselves, about life, about our loved ones. And every day we get to share that with others.

It’s fun to receive material gifts, but I know when I look at the best gifts I’ve received, they come from experiences like that concert. Or a surprise birthday get-together my friends arranged for me. A heartfelt and totally unexpected compliment.

It’s not so much the material things we receive but the experiences we have. More than that, it’s the feelings... Joy. Love. Appreciation.

We are the gift that keeps on giving. Share more of You with the world(tweet this)

Every moment matters, and I want you to remember that your presence in this world really is making an impact in someone’s life right now.

You are a Gift.


Here’s sending some Love your way on our birthday,


Please, Do Not Take Me For Granted

This week I did something I’ve never done before… I bowed out of a coaching session with a client. But not without rhyme or reason.

It’s not typical of me, because I am fully committed to my clients and our time together.

This situation came down to the principle of self respect, and I think you’ll relate.

Here’s what happened, and I’m sharing it with you to help you stand more in alignment…

This particular client sent me a text message at our agreed coaching time, telling me matter-of-factly that he had another call and we would do our session remotely afterward. We typically meet in person. Not all my clients get to spend this kind of time with me, since a lot of them are in other parts of the world, and they would love to spend time in person with me.

He offered no specific time to talk later.

I replied for him to take his other call. That was it.

I made a powerful decision right then and there.

I switched off my phone and took myself out for a long walk. If he called, he would get my voice mail.

When I checked my phone an hour and a half later, I saw another text message from him asking what my availability would be later in the week as he would be out the rest of the evening till late. No apology. No reason given.

My response, later, was that we needed to talk in person.

You see, I’ve been taken for granted a fair amount. Mostly because “I’m always there” for others. No matter what. I’ll hear them out through thick and thin. I care deeply about my fellow human beings, but I need to care about me too. And respect myself, starting with what I stand for. Put simply:

I like to be clear on where I stand – it shows focus.
Which means it’s important that my clients are on point so we’re clear on what we’re creating together.

I like to be on point with my timelines – it shows integrity.
Which means the decisions you make now will  impact in your life and business today, bringing the completion of your goals closer to you. Not put them off for next week or next month (which explains why most things NEVER happen).

I like to be on point with investing in myself – it shows commitment.
Which means if someone is serious about working with me, I expect them to be on point with their investment because this is the defining marker point on the timeline of what we create together.

Follow-through is key for anything we set out to create. Are you following through on YOU?

I ask because YOU ARE important to me.

I really really truly mean it.

I’m cool with clients calling ahead of time, with fair warning that they may be late because their cat threw up and they need to clean up the mess or whatever… but there’s a level of respect that HAS to be present for any kind of relationship to work exceptionally well. Especially when we sit in this kind of powerful co-creation mode. Especially when you’re making such a powerful investment in yourself, which is what coaching really is.

I decided I won’t be taken for granted anymore.

Because that’s exactly what happened in this case.

It’s not okay to leave someone hanging like that and assume they’ll be fine with it. Doesn’t matter who you are.

You can count on me to show up fully, and you can also count on me telling you when I’m not showing up fully. It takes courage to communicate like that.


When someone pulls something like this last minute, I know they have missed the mark. They’ve given their power away to something or someone other than THEMSELVES and the precious time we agreed on TOGETHER. And I know they had all the time in the world to call AHEAD.

I work with people who really own who they are. People who communicate effectively. People who lead their vision by how they lead their communications and relationships.

Trust me, communication is something I work on personally. It’s a constant process because every person has a different style of communication. And we are constantly evolving, each one of us.

It took me a process of opening up to ask more so I could create more of what I envision for my own life.

Why am I being so open with you?

BECAUSE I CARE about my time here on this planet and what I do with it. This means opening up and sharing more of who I Am, because it helps me get where I’m going, which helps you get where you’re going.

When I ask you bold questions, it’s because I know the impact that these bold questions make in my own life to drive my dreams and goals to fruition.

When I make bold statements, it’s to help you stay awake to what’s important to you, so you can show up to life and business and realize that.

Do not be mistaken. This client is an amazing, generous man and CEO of a global company with an inspiring vision that I am honoured to help him realise. The reason we’re working together is precisely to develop his profound people skills AND communication skills in order to achieve the greatness he already has within him, which has been obscured by cob-webbed fears and false beliefs.

As much as I was pissed off with that client in that moment (there, I said it), I also know I’ve personally launched a HUGE rocket of desire to elevate the clients I work with, because it’s called me to a higher Me already.

We did talk about it after, and it was clear his ducks were out of line. So there’s obviously more work to be done there to help him get where he’s going.

You get where you’re going by showing up fully to life; to your personal commitment to self and to the people who are ALL IN to helping you fulfill your vision. (tweet this)

That’s part of what unveiling the Genius within each and every one of us is all about.

Otherwise, what are you here for?

You can count on me to help you get where you’re going, but please… do not take me for granted (and neither should you be taken for granted).