Your Reservation is Confirmed

I’m sure you get a lot of these notifications…

Your hotel reservation is confirmed.
Your flight reservation is confirmed.
Your dinner reservation is confirmed.
Your conference reservation is confirmed.

Reservations are a known and understood way of securing our place somewhere or with someone.

It’s standard. In fact, it is necessary. Otherwise, that lovely dinner date may go south if you don’t book his or her favourite place. Or not booking that next available meeting with your real estate agent may mean you miss out buying your dream home.

Reservations keep us focused and organized so we can keep moving forward in our lives.

Is this a habit you’re actively applying in business?

One of the reasons I expanded into coaching was because I encountered so many people in business with a highly UN-focused mindset that obstructed their ability to fully function as my web/SEO clients. They needed to optimise their thinking before we could optimise their websites. I could hear in our first meetings how they held themselves back from thriving, and it made me realize that no matter how much traffic I could send their way through SEO, if they weren’t able to close their deals, then what use was all that traffic serving them?

It made perfect sense for me to integrate these two elements, which makes my overall work a breeze now since people can actually grow their businesses better, because they’re growing themselves. Win Win.

So I’m asking…

Is your reservation for YOUR THRIVING LIFE confirmed?

Do you waver on making a decision to invest in something (namely, yourself), or… do you put your money where your mouth is (just like you do with your hotels, flights, date nights, etc.) and book yourself to work with someone?

I ask because I’m curious, and I’m always seeking clarity from the people I engage with. It creates a clear understanding of where we’re headed, especially if we’re having conversations about working together. It’s Business 101. It’s professional.

For me, there has to be a MATCHED INTENTION for us to work well together.

In Simon Sinek’s words:

“Avoid those who don’t and surround ourselves with those who do.”

One of my biggest curiosities lately has been around follow-through.

You see, people follow people.

If you keep your communications with clients and prospects loose and lazy, it’s no wonder they don’t sign up or don’t buy from you. This world is so full of distractions, it’s up to YOU to focus your clients so YOU can focus on the tasks at hand.

If you keep your communications focused and frequent, then you’re helping people find focus and stay on track with what’s really important. This benefits everyone involved, and accelerates progress on all fronts. Winn.

It also keeps your own personal momentum flowing.

A pond goes stale because the water isn’t moving.
A river (and everything around it) thrives because the water is constantly moving.

I know for a fact that if I am not on my A Game, things slow down for me. When I’m ON my A Game, life happens at the speed of light. So it’s up to me to do whatever is required to stay on my A Game so I can show up fully in life and business to keep the flow going in the direction of what I aspire to. Primarily, I make sure I’m taking care of me, and communicating effectively with those around me (whatever our relationship may be).

If you expect people to be clear with you when you’re not delivering this kind of clarity to others, then do not be surprised if all you hear are crickets…





Aren’t they lovely?

Or, by the sheer power of your personal engagement, do you hear the sound of excited clients and customers making their reservations to work with you?

If you want to make significant progress in life, there are 3 simple steps to take:

1. Line up your energy with what you want,
2. Make a decision to act on it, and then…
3. Confirm YOUR reservation.

Everything else falls into place once you do that.

Stop over-thinking and get moving (tweet this),


PS: if you have a hard time making decisions, then maybe you’d like to work with a coach to clarify your vision going forward. I know how much this kind of powerful relationship benefits me, and I can’t speak highly enough of it. I’m more than happy to have that conversation with you if it sparks your curiosity, but I need to be clear on one thing – I work with people whose word is more powerful than anything, and who understand that it takes a strong willingness for personal alignment to make powerful changes in our lives. Can you confirm that’s You?

Image credits by yours truly. Photograph of reduced size plaster cast of The Thinker, by August Rodin (1880), taken at The Maryhill Museum of Art, Washington.