The Gift of Conversation

My friends in Spain used to joke that I was always on the phone talking to people. One of them even made me a t-shirt about it. In hindsight now, after utilizing tech to the max, I remember WHY I love talking so much…

We have this saying in Spanish, “Hablando se entiende la gente.”

Loosely translated it means, “By talking you understand people.”

Powerful things happen when two people talk about what’s important to them and co-create new outcomes through intentional conversation. And I don’t mean by email; I mean over the phone, sitting side by side, or Mini Me on screen. The energy and clarity that are created in such moments are truly MAGNIFICENT.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes I get wrapped up in a written dialogue when a verbal one will take less time and provide more clarity than a series of emails. That’s what happens if I let “writer Karin” take over at certain times… But knowing this about myself gives me further clarity on WHY we pick up the phone or hop on Skype to TALK to one another. It pings me to lead with and SPEAK my truth, and hear yours.

Too many people have become used to sending decision-making communications via email or text only. Some people even use silence as a mode of communication, expecting others to magically “get” their answer. Do you think that’s a healthy strategy for sustainable success? Whether it’s through emails, texts or silence, remember there is still another human being on the other side of that relationship, and too much can get lost in translation because we’re not HEARING what’s being said. Whilst pixels on a screen in the form of text can give us an idea of what’s being expressed, they cannot communicate as effectively as one-to-one verbal dialogue. And we can give silence sooooo many meanings.

Here’s a quick example of what powerful conversations really do for us:

I was recently establishing the long term contract terms for an SEO/web client. I was concerned about how this was being dealt with by email only, and made a request for a conversation to talk this through. I like open communication and direct contact with decision makers; it helps me understand them better to serve them and their vision better.

What transpired with this client was completely not expected but highly welcomed. We had a very open hearted conversation about what’s been going on in this client’s life and what’s been “conditioning” some decisions, especially around the plan I’ve presented to empower the business’s success through SEO. There is no BS here and the client is 100% committed to making this happen, even though there is a bit of a strategic juggle required at this time to do so. I so appreciate that transparency and level of commitment.

You see, I know what needs to be done, and I’m clear on my terms, but I’m also flexible. White-knuckling something doesn’t get anyone anywhere healthy and happy for the long run. So what do you do? You let go of how you think it’s supposed to be, and let something even better flow in. Simply put, you get out of your own way. It opens the channels to provide what it is you’re really looking for to reach you.

This client was so appreciative of our conversation, “Thank you for setting a standard… There are moments when we have impactful conversations that transform our lives, and this was one of those conversations.”


I can’t count how many times we thanked each other at the end of the conversation for our mutual transparency, authenticity, listening skills, BEing there, holding the vision of greatness, and clarifying next steps. This client also extended the invitation to help me with what I’m building personally. Again, totally unexpected but so very welcome and refreshing. I’m all about powerful co-creation through personal alignment and inspired action. No wonder I resonate so strongly with this client. This is synergy at its best.

This is called living authentically. When we engage in conversations that activate our empowerment and inspiration to meet our dreams and goals, WE MEET THEM FULL FORCE.

So really, I should have expected this client’s transparency and openness, because I’m leading with this in my personal communications.

…and this is what an empowered intentional conversation really does. It allows us to courageously look things in the eyes and engage with our desired outcome, instead of hide behind the smallness of “what is”. We move forward with more clarity, more personal engagement and understanding of who we really are. We open up to powerful collaborations, and we soar.

THIS is why I’m so thankful to this client and anyone else I engage with at this level – when we consciously make the time to listen to one another. To reach out, to reach back. To share what we’re really aiming for and live up to it, fully empowered.

It creates a special kind of momentum that transforms everything at lightning speed. It wipes out stories that limit our thinking on what we can achieve, and allows us to actually RECEIVE it.

This comes from what I gained 1000% personal clarity on this year, which I am carrying forward with me as of now:

Conviction. Commitment. Collaboration.

It’s important to me to have mutual respect with the people on my team, my clients, my partners and anyone I engage with who also leads with conviction, commitment and the spirit of collaboration. This is effective relationship development, and how we create greatness, together.

Are you giving the gift of conversation to the people in your life?

PS: Give the gift of conversation to the people in your life. A little bit goes a long way for clarity. (tweet this)