What Happens Now?

“It’s hard to watch.”

A complete stranger said these words to me at the gym after we both watched Hillary’s concession speech. He has two young kids and he knows they don’t understand what’s going on, but I reminded him they’ll still feel whatever energy he’s feeling around this outcome, and to be mindful of his energy.

Whether you like the outcome the 2016 US elections or not, there’s something deeper going on that is giving all of us around the world an opportunity to look at for each one of us.

You probably won’t like what I’m about to say, but it has to be said.

The man had a vision…
He had a strong belief about his vision…
He kept going, against all odds…
And he succeeded.

Does the outcome of this election seem fair? Does it feel good? Probably not, for a lot of people reading this. I’ve read and heard your anger, upset, fear, concerns, shock and dismay. Trust me, I’ve had to hold myself together too…

But I have to look for the gift because that’s who I am. So here it is:

WHAT HE DID, YOU CAN DO TOO. It’s nothing “new” because we all have the ability to set an intention, go for it, and succeed.

Athletes do it all the time. Founders of multi-billion dollar companies did it from their garages. World-renowned artists appear out of nowhere like this.

But too many people have let go of their dreams, falling into mediocrity or letting other people “have power” over them. I can say this because I’ve spoken to so many people who keep themselves small, and deny their own dreams from coming true… It’s shocking, and it needs to change.


This is your opportunity to step it up in your life, focus on what it is you really want and STOP blaming anyone or anything else for what’s not working in your life. Stop making excuses, no matter how legitimate they might seem. You really are the master of your destiny, if you choose to be.

Those people saying they’d leave the country if he got elected? How many are forgetting to finish their sentence with “because I always dreamed of living in (My Dream Country) anyway.”

Seriously? That’s the justification to finally go do something they always wanted to do? Okay, well go do it then. But do it because you really want to, not out of knee-jerk reaction.

Yes, he stirred the pot for all us, around the world. But any time you shake things up, you actually get to see what’s been hidden from view.

The hidden gift of contrast is the powerful desire it stirs up to act on what we want.

And maybe, just maybe… that was his Master Plan all along. Maybe that’s his idea of making the country “great again” because too many people have forgotten their own personal greatness. Again, I say this from hearing other people play to their smallness. And we are ALL mighty beings if we let ourselves believe it.

Again, you may not want to hear this, but be really honest with yourself for a moment:

Are you really living up to your dream life? Or did you get complacent, fall into mediocrity, let someone else “have power” over your reality? Do you tell yourself “I can’t” more than “I can”?

I’m on the side of making dreams come true. It’s my life’s mission to encourage and uplift, even at the darkest moments. For some of you it feels really dark right now, and I get it. I want you to know I’m here for you.

If you feel like tunneling into fear, call me. Or call anyone you see as a mentor, guide, coach, someone who will help you focus on your personal power. I really care about everyone living their best life, and I can’t say it enough.

So, what happens now?

What happens now is this: You decide if you want to pick up that vision of your life that you’ve been slacking on or disbelieving, and actually LIVE IT. It might take some heavy lifting, but it can be done. Again, I’m here for you.

The sooner you get through the pain and ache of this outcome, the sooner you’ll pick yourself up and get to what really matters to you and DO IT, because that’s the true impact you have on your own life. Create your future, because that’s the power YOU have.

But please, whatever you do, act from inspiration, not desperation. Act with grace, not with a grudge.

I really hope you’ll make that call for yourself. Whoever you call upon, I also hope you’ll say these words with passion and inspired determination:


This is your life. Get living it.

With Love and Determination,