Before You Go

By George, what a year.

It’s been quite the battle of the Forces, wouldn’t you agree?

And it’s easy to think the world has been turned on its head.

But I have to be really honest with you – I hugely disagree with the people who have written off 2016 as one of the worst years. I lost count of all the hashtags scorning 2016. To them I say, “YOU’RE ALIVE, DAMN IT. Have some appreciation for the fact that you got to wake up this morning and give life another go. There’s a reason why you got that golden opportunity, so make the best of it. For all our sakes.”

For me, it’s been one of my best years so far. Namely, because this time last year I had just come to the amazing realization that I’d met the woman I get to spend the rest of my life with. On the evening of December 31, 2015 I asked Heather if she’d go on a lifelong adventure with me. She said “Yes.” We’d only just met 13 days before. And that was the beginning of a dream come true for both of us…

Before we met, I had gone through many ordeals I never expected, all of which helped me grow into the person I am today. The person who could meet her match and embark on a lifelong adventure with. Someone who can love powerfully and speak from that place of KNOWING. Someone who cares to know herself deeply for the active realisation of her life’s purpose, and be a relentless dream catcher for others on their journey. So, for all the twists and turns that finally led me to this place, I am eternally grateful.

And yes, this year my co-pilot and I have experienced some challenges that allowed BOTH of us to grow stronger, together. It’s the powerful relationship I always wanted, and what I hope for anyone who is looking for their co-pilot with whom to navigate this adventure called Life.

What I know for sure is that now more than ever, I aim to make every day matter as much as possible. Not just for me, not just for her, but for the people we engage with. We’re all in this together, so let’s make the best of it.

To 2016 I say, “Thank you, you’ve been exceptional. You’ve given me more clarity on who I Am than any other year, and more energy to Be that powerful Creator.”

To you reading this – no more complaining about what’s “wrong” in the world. It’s high time to get focused on creating.

Your task is simple, though it may not always be easy. Take those dreams that are in your heart; breathe life into them, create them, inspire others to do the same for themselves, and repeat… because every dream matters.

Especially because we never really know when we’re going to “go”.

This year we’ve witnessed some of our legendary Creators leave our planet, and it’s probably the most powerful group of them to “go” in one year. Which is why it’s been so shocking to many people. Yet, we all come together in appreciation for the gifts they left behind… and THAT is the torch they’re leaving for US to pick up and carry on with. It’s incredibly powerful, because their presence speaks to so many of us. THIS IS OUR CALL TO ACTION. We’re being reminded of OUR Genius, and our inherent power to create a life worth celebrating, not just for ourselves but for the whole of humanity.

Yes, they’re big shoes to step into, but we CAN do it. Together.

Are you up for it?

Good. Then to get started, please make sure you LIVE as fully and LOVE as massively as you can, before yougo. BE somebody to love, and you’ll FIND somebody to love if you haven’t already.

Instead of falling into the mindset of doubt or complaint, dive into the mindset of creation. And if you need some help with that, reach out to the next person you know who lives and breathes creation.

Thank you for waking people up, 2016. It wasn’t all pretty, but it was much needed for them to remember their power.

And now, to our best year yet as Humanity,