Are You ACTIVELY Creating Your Future?

Bestselling author Elizabeth Gilbert posed this brilliant question on Facebook:

“How old were you when you stopped drawing?”

She then told the story of cartoonist, author and art teacher Lynda Barry and her book SYLLABUS, which is about teaching art to “non-artists.”

You may think you’re not an artist – being the lawyer, the personal trainer, the dentist, the doctor, the insurance wizard, the money genius, the architect, the real estate wonder, etc. You may think drawing and colouring is “just for little kids” but the truth is, we’re all kids at heart.

We all have dreams and aspirations that we get to materialize through the work we’re doing, no matter our chosen profession. Are you ACTIVELY creating your future?
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There is something very powerful, unique and energizing about drawing, which gives us new energy to put towards how we show up in our professional lives. It activates a part of our brain that opens up our ability to think creatively, which is crucial for any business to succeed and thrive.

That’s why I created the Niki Owl coloring book for people of all “ages” to ignite their inner creative, and apply that to whatever their line of business is.

Since NOW is as good a time as any to start, here’s a reminder that you still have the opportunity to win a free copy of the Niki Owl colouring book, because TODAY October 31 is the last day to enter the special giveaway I’ve organized in partnership with Goodreads.

Over 600 people all around the world have entered this giveaway so far! I’m thrilled, honoured and excited 🙂

If you haven’t done so yet, enter below for your chance to win one of 5 signed copies of “Niki Owl, Leap of Faith – The Colouring Book.”


Please share this post or this link with your friends and family so they can also colour their world with Niki Owl, because life is supposed to be FUN.

Oh and, Happy OWLoween,

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