How Structure Helps Your Dreams & Goals In Life

So you want to (or already have) put a new structure in place to meet your dreams and goals in life.


Now, you may be someone who can transform your daily life in one go, or you may need some time to move through these changes. It’s okay. Most people need an adjustment period to build confidence in something new.

The key is to stick with it and ensure that you’re hitting each of your primary points in your day to day, even if the schedule itself requires flexibility (especially if you travel, have meetings, have kids, in a career transition, in a new relationship, recovering from a health concern, etc.).

At first you’ll feel inspired and awkward as you transform your daily routine to meet this structure. “What is this new thing I’m doing?” You’ll feel the strong pull to go back to your old “comfortable” way of doing things, but as long as you remind yourself that this was the very thing that kept you from making progress in these areas of your life, you’ll start to appreciate the new muscle you’re exercising so you CAN complete on yourself.

And like most things, before this new framework kicks in and life gets better, you will feel like it’s getting worse (same as when you start a new workout routine). My first couple of weeks of setting my new structure in place felt more exhausting and less productive on my personal creativity – but that was also because there were still “leftovers” from how I’d set things up the prior week/s (throw in a bit of travel to boot). So it was important to move through it with compassion towards myself, reminding myself that this new framework would help me set up the next weeks with more precision and success (which it did) to meet my goals.

It also helps to remember that your lizard brain wants to play it safe and small… but if you’re really committed to living a life by design that suits your desires, then you’re going to have to learn to manage your little gecko friend.


The beauty of a vision or a dream is that it’s “ours” to achieve, although it requires setting benchmarks and frameworks for us to move towards the fulfillment of that dream or vision. Hence, putting in a structure that works for us, as well as understanding our personal flow. This may not be the same structure or flow for you as it is for me.

Personally, this means completing daily actions that support what’s important to me; writing (a blog post or content for a book), drawing up Niki Owl concepts and business development, developing relationships with my clients and network, and working with those who feel I’m the right fit to help achieve something that’s important to them, as well as enjoying life itself. I have certain goals in place for each one of these so I can measure progress <— this is muy importante!

After understanding my personal “flow” and what works best for me, I’ve learned to structure my day around my strengths, so a typical week day looks like this:
– early morning meditation, reading, and writing (add coffee and breakfast)
– mid morning I’ve cleared my creative plate, so I can run personal errands, tend to client projects and general business development (outreach, checking in with people I’m speaking to, building and maintaining relationships, and related research)
– I have my lunch break, after which I spend about 30 minutes reading a book and/or playing my guitar (another creative and learning “touch point” for me)
– I have coaching calls lined up with clients in Europe and the US – this is primarily designed to consider time zone differences with my primary client base.
– evening time I have flexibility to do whatever I want
– I have 2 afternoons per week that are blocked out for my personal development work with my coaching/business development team
– depending where I am, I like to take a 30-60 minute walk or workout as a way to get myself out of the house and be active.

Sounds like a lot, right? Well, it is, AND as long as I’m diligent about each of these “touch points” I know I’m making progress on all fronts. Plus, I know where I’m going with all of this. A lot of people are floundering because they lack the focus to pull it all together and they’re not tracking their progress (which is where I usually get called in to help on personal and business development).

Now, personal structure is not the only thing that will help you move forward on your goals and dreams, but I’ll talk about other key aspects in upcoming posts. Right now, we’re starting with your personal motivations and abilities to get moving in the right direction along your personal “flight path”.

It also requires knowing WHY these things are important to you to even build them into your structure so they can take shape.

Back to you. Write down the main things you want to be working on or achieving in the next year, even the next 3 months if that’s more digestible. Go with something that feels attainable to you <— this is also muy importante! This is what you’d call the “good stretch” in a workout. While you do this, look at:

  • What does life look like now and what will it look like after completing those goals and dreams?
  • What will those accomplishments do for you?
  • How will you feel after completing them?
  • What will your life look like if you DON’T make any changes?
  • What do you feel you need the most help with now to achieve them?

This will help form the flight path you set in place to achieve the goals that will lead to the fulfillment of your aspirations.

Next up, we’ll take these core aspects of what inspires you and why it’s important to you, and explore a fresh approach to goal setting and creating achievable outcomes in life.

Yours in Creation,


5 Keys To Living the Life of Your Dreams

If you read this post, you saw this one coming.

It’s no joke. Without going into nitty gritty details or productivity prompts, these are some core aspects of what it’s going to take to develop a life by design, versus a life by default where most people live automatically and linearly whilst putting personal dreams off into an unspecified time in the future (then wondering why they didn’t materialise at the end of their days)..

So, here are 5 keys to achieve this “dream” life (meaning, what truly suits your soul’s fancy), and this is the ultra-simplified version (which I’ll expand on in upcoming posts):


Dreams are not just for kids, they’re for all of us. I believe every dream matters and that’s why I’m so adamant about this topic. Dreams are not just for weekends or as a result of seeing what you don’t want in life or work either… breathe life into your dreams every day, whether it’s writing about them, talking to your family or close friends about them, or reading up on things that will help you develop the beliefs, skills and abilities to achieve them. If you’re a parent, your kids are watching and soaking up every action you take – and this will equip them to create their dream life. If you’re a leader, your team is watching and hoping for guidance they can apply in their lives.

A dream for you may be to have a month-long vacation every year ANYWHERE in the world of your choosing, or it may be that you want to have a happy healthy family, or be in a position to put your kids through any college of their choosing, or create the next best innovation that will transform our world for the better, or have your art displayed in a renowned gallery. Whatever it is, it’s your world. You get to live it. YOU GET TO LIVE IT, YOU REALLY DO. I really believe that, and let nobody else say anything against that.


One of my coaches likes to use this phrase. Simply put, it means getting out of your own way by asking yourself if the beliefs you currently operate your life by are really true, or if they’re actually keeping you from fulfilling your dreams. Put them under a magnifying glass and get clear on what they’re doing (or have done) for you. When you’re able to isolate the beliefs that have been holding you back, you can do something to change them and move forward.

To have the life you want, you have to become the person who can have it. This is the true change we all speak of. If you don’t know how to do this, read books or spend time with people who have worked through transformation in their lives to help you steer yours.


One that supports the creation and evolution of those dreams, and it will probably evolve over time as you complete certain goals and benchmarks, and adapt to your evolving life. It may require some sifting and adjusting, but as long as you’re proactive and focus on what works, you’ll see results and areas to improve upon. Get help if you can’t figure it out on your own – we’re all in this together.

This will inform your inner wisdom to help move your life and career in the direction of your dreams, from the actions you’ll take to the people you spend time with, and a blend of other things that are unique to your life journey.


Are the people in it supportive of you, or keeping you where THEY are at? Your survival-based lizard brain (aka “Little Gecko Brain”) is active in all of us, to whatever degree we let it. Our friends may have the best intentions for their comfort and safety, not the fulfillment of your desires. Be mindful of the true support you’re receiving, and if it’s not what you need, expand your horizons. Find people that help you strengthen your wings so you can fly.

When I first moved to Canada, two of my best friends in Spain literally told me to get the hell out of Marbella. They could see that I had outgrown my hometown and there was “nothing” for me there, that I needed to experience life in another country. They also knew I had “reasoned” myself out of moving to Barcelona previously. So I listened, took the leap to move. Miss them as I did when I moved, I realized it was the best kind of friendship one could have. “We love you but go live your dreams.”

Environment doesn’t just mean friends and relations though – it comes down to the space you’re living and working in. Do your home and work space feel inspiring? Drill down to the details of what works – in my first home office I changed my desk twice and then moved my desk around 5 times before I felt like I’d found my stride to work well. If you live in a rainy place and can’t afford to live in the sunshine, plaster your walls and desktop with photos of sunny places. Is your internet fast enough to get work done so you can have more time for YOU? If that’s what it takes, do it. These little things make a huge difference for creation and feel-good factor.


You have to start somewhere to move forward, so “get up” and get started. 

The biggest neutraliser of dreams coming to life is only focusing on writing the business plan but never acting on it, writing copy till it’s Nobel-worthy but never publishing it, talking about meeting the love of your life but hiding at home every weekend, sharing your ideas about the next best Oscar-worthy film and then reaching for another beer whilst never writing the script, and any other such thing that keeps you from LIVING what you say you want. There is a fine balance to the art of setting a desired outcome and working towards it, and not being so attached that it wipes you out if you don’t achieve it (been there done that, didn’t work at all).

When I published my first book in 2012, I was living in LA, and most of my actor friends up until that time disappeared from my life almost overnight. They were the ones who had talent, but were unfocused or disbelieving to be proactive. They wanted someone else to do the work for them. They complained about what wasn’t happening, instead of focusing on what they could create and make work. So when I snapped out of my dream slumber and did the work for one of my dreams, it shed a powerful light on what they weren’t doing in their lives. It took me a while to figure that out, and it became apparent when I met other people in the industry who often seemed happier that I published my book than I was. I asked them why.

“Karin, we’re in the mecca of creativity. So many people here talk about the script or book they’re working on but never complete it. You completed. Congratulations.”

THAT struck me like the apple that fell on Newton’s head. I had floated around life longer than felt good to me, procrastinating on my own dreams, so when I heard this, I wondered how many other people were “suffering” from this and I knew I had to do something. Not just keep living my own dreams, but really help others see that they can do it too, whatever “it” is for them. That’s what got me on this path of helping others and coined my “dream catcher” phrase.

So, in a nutshell, here’s how you can live your dream life. Obviously this goes deeper and farther – but the first step is up to you.

Everything in your life starts with being clear on what that dream life looks like. Then the answers, people, strategies and situations to support it show up and life begins to unfold before you.

Are you up for it?

Remember, there will be times you might feel lonely, but you are never alone in the pursuit of your dreams. We may have never spoken before, but reach out if you’re feeling lonely or out of sorts along your journey.

Now go forth and starting catching some dreams – you’ll make the world a better place by living this way, and we (humanity) thank you for it. The best way to start that is creating a map that will help you navigate towards what you want in your life.

Take a really wild guess at what my next post will be about…


Why Structure May Be Holding You Back

I was struggling to get my daily routine the way I like to flow. I wasn’t feeling settled in myself. Every morning I set out with the best intentions, but I seemed to slip into a time warp of “other people’s stuff” and I was tired at the end of the day. No energy left to read a good book to feed my mind, feel conversational with my co-pilot, or write at the level I enjoy. I just wanted to go to sleep and try again the next day.

I felt inadequate, like a fake, and annoyed at myself, “I can do better, I have done better.”

Do you ever feel that way?

I knew I wanted a healthy daily routine so I could be fully present to whomever I interacted with and be on my A Game, so I set out to create a new personal structure. One that integrates the things I love and feed my soul (writing, reading, drawing and playing my guitar consistently) and the things I “do” for others. And in a way that flows throughout the day as I do.

Some people will say these things should be saved for last when we’re done with work, but how many times do you tell yourself, “I’ll do [ __happy thing__ ] this evening after I’m done at the office,” or something along those lines? And did you actually do it? Or were you too tired and decided to put it off till tomorrow (and we’re counting years of “tomorrows” by now…)?

I’ll be brutally honest, creating a new schedule for myself was excruciating… I loved drawing it out by hand to “make” it my own, but filling in the actual blocks of time made me really uncomfortable. I stalled, I went around in circles. I writhed in my seat and in my mind. I didn’t want to fill this thing in. I felt like the cat that Pepe Le Pew falls in love with – she’s frantic to get away from his insistent grasp… and yet I knew that if I didn’t do this, I would be stalling on the fulfillment of my personal vision, which includes helping others like you. I would be letting you down if I didn’t lead by example. So I had a moral obligation to get this personal structure sorted out. By setting up a structure that works for me, I get to work better with and for YOU. By taking care of the things that fuel me, I get to infuse the rest of my day with that energy of creation, including my conversations and creations with others. And whilst we often have a good structure in place, sometimes it needs adapting or restarting based on changes we experience. I had lost my stride after a major move, so I needed a major reset in my structure.

Then I realised, this scheduling thing started when I was kid, and for most of us really…

You see, I loved getting my class schedule at school. Every time that new clean sheet showed up in front of me, I got to fill it in and color code my classes. I love love loved that part, especially at the beginning of the school year when I had brand new pens.

But the schedule itself?

I detested that f***er.

Except for the classes I love love loved like History, English and Art.

I detested that schedule because I didn’t want to be told when I could have lunch or take a snack break – what if I was hungry sooner because I have a high metabolism?

Deeper than that though… What if writing stories in English class flowed better for me first thing in the morning than after lunch? What if studying History in the afternoon helped me retain facts because I was relaxed and I could absorb information better? How did these elements impact my overall performance?

As a kid, you don’t usually feel you can speak up about these things (at least not without being told off), you’re just doing what some group of adults decided was “the way” for everyone to follow.

For a long time, I felt like a misfit in school, when it was really the other way around. Once I understood that the school system I had been in did not fit me, I felt massive relief. Perhaps you’ve spent years trying to fit into a system that feels like it’s constantly working against you. How about creating one that works for you?

So the schedule, the imposed structure, these things challenged my free flowing creative spirit. You stifle a kid’s creative spirit, and it explains why there are a lot of unhappy people in this world. Thankfully my parents gave me the ideal creative space at home.

Now, I love to learn, and even though I was a diligent A student (in classes I loved, the rest were comfortable B’s), there were subjects I intuitively felt I would never need growing up. Like Chemistry – had I been shown that baking soda and vinegar could be used to clean off pots and pans, THAT would have piqued my interest from a practical day-to-day use that I could apply later on in life, beyond seeing it as a cool volcano experiment in a lab. But memorizing the Table of Elements? No thank you, not for me. That was mis-used precious time in regards to my creativity, to be honest.

That said, structure is good for certain things; some people need a lot of it, and some people crumble at the thought of it because it feels so restrictive to them. But the structure we had during the Industrial Revolution and the school system that was built around it are long gone. Therefore, we need to adjust all our systems, starting with what works for each one of us.

Some people feel safe in the confines of their highly laid out plan for the day, and their life. And that’s great if it works for them. But for many people it doesn’t, even though they try because someone else told them “5 Things You Must Do To Live the Life of Your Dreams” and it keeps misfiring on them, building frustration and anchoring beliefs that the dream life is NOT for them. Yikes.

Some of the most successful businesses are built on high-detail structure, down to the very minute. Some people function well like this and their calendars reflect that. But does that really leave room for true creativity, innovation, freedom and presence with others?

Do you have a healthy daily routine that works for you?

Whether you lean more towards calendaring every minute of your life, or flowing freely throughout the day. The key is to find what works for you, and recognise when it’s time to adjust.

Me? I can deal with a certain amount of structure – and I learned this not through school but through music studies later on (ironically, Music was my least favorite subject in school).

Studying music gave me a healthy daily routine to develop my patience, persistence, measure progress, and achieve completion. Just half an hour to an hour playing my guitar every day when I was a teenager, I saw myself make significant progress with pieces of classical music that I love. It’s helped me in many ways.

But… one of the things most people I talk to about creating their future seem to struggle with is this thing called structure. What does that look like for them? How do they integrate it into a jam-packed calendar that was built to suit everyone else’s needs and demands but their own?

“But Karin, I need to put these things first so that I can take care of my kids/family/etc…”

I get it, and there’s nothing wrong with that, AND if you’re not taking care of you at the core, most of those people are probably missing out on the very best of you. Which means you’re cheating on them.

Sit with that for a moment…

It’s wonderful and honourable to live from a place of service. But if we keep procrastinating on our personal goals and dreams, then we’re not really mastering our lives. And we really don’t know how much time we have on this precious planet. So why keep putting things off into the future? What are we really telling our kids, protegés and team members by doing this?

Self mastery comes from finding and implementing a structure that includes a healthy daily routine, which supports our personal development whilst we develop our families, friendships, businesses, well being, etc. Not one or the other, not this then that. Like mastering one bar or chord at a time, we’re taking small steps towards our greatness. We’re past lizard brain status, much as it’s still there operating in the background of our minds. And the best of scientists have tangible evidence that we can transform our neurological patterns by thinking differently, which means we have to act differently and LIVE differently as well.

So, I’m inviting you right now to take a look at your personal structure. Look at your overall day-to-day:

  • What works?
  • What doesn’t work?
  • What would you like to see and experience differently?
  • What is something you’ve been saying you wanted to do for a long time but haven’t done yet?
  • How does this impact how you feel about yourself and what you feel you can accomplish in this precious life?

If you need someone to talk this through, reach out to me or someone else you trust to help you get clear and take steps towards improving your personal structure, and create a healthy daily routine that works for you. Hint: start with your happy place, your personal joy. And work outward from there.


PS: This post is the product of my new morning structure where I start my day focused on personal creativity and writing. I hope you enjoyed it! Please share it with anyone you feel could use this kind of inspiration to get a handle on their day-to-day.

Why Should I Help You?

It was 1945, and WWII had just ended. A 9 year old boy, tucked away amidst the rubble of war-torn Vienna, watched as the Russian soldiers rolled into his home town with their tanks. All of a sudden, from behind, one of those soldiers hauled him out of his hiding place.

“Go home, it’s safe now,” he was told. And off the boy went to be with his grandparents.

The soldier could have ignored my dad and carried on checking the area for enemy soldiers, but he didn’t. He stopped to help.

At its simplest, this was an act of one stranger helping another stranger. There was no other exchange or expectation of one.

It was one human being extending his commitment to help another be well.

Now, whilst the story I just shared was based on extreme circumstances (and some people are still experiencing such battles) most of us are blessed with living in a safe environment. However, there are subtle battles that we all face.

These “battles” are the internal conflicts of wanting to experience our ideal life, with the people and things that we value. And for that, we also need support, because if left untended, this can still kill people (of any age and background) and destroy relationships, business, visions, etc.

As I continue my mission to help as many people create fulfillment in their lives (whatever that looks like to them), I encounter some skepticism from those who don’t quite know what to do with this offer to help. And that’s okay.

I reach out to help because it’s my moral obligation as someone who cares deeply that people liberate themselves, and experience fulfilled lives.

The truth is, I never know what someone needs when I reach out to them, nor where the conversations we have will go. Sometimes they lead to a direct relationship where I support them in creating their ideal life, and sometimes it’s simply connecting them with another person, or another resource to help them along. Either way, I’m happy to help because of the powerful ripple effect this causes.

What matters to me is that we engage. Because without that, we do not help each other move forward in life. This is how we improve circumstances all across the world. These are the best battles to win, because over time they wipe out the extreme ones that serve nobody.

I’m here to help people create the life and respect they deserve. That includes YOU.

So, what can I help you with?

The Problem with “One Day I’ll Do That”

I wrote this inspired by my reply to someone’s comment that, “Writing a novel is a dream at the back of my head, but maybe one day.”

It got me thinking about how we postpone our dreams and outcomes in life, and how we can change that.

Here’s an extended version of what I offered, which I’m sharing with you:

“One day” is not a day of the week. And “maybe” is noncommittal. Nothing right or wrong about that. However..

Whilst a dream or idea can come to us in a moment, the dream doesn’t just “happen” out of the blue.

Our primary task is to bring the dream to the forefront of our mind, find out what’s really important about it for us, get committed and then get working on it. We need to create it.

Publishing books was one of my childhood dreams but I never had any “plan” to get it done (I was thinking about it in the context of “One day I’ll do that…”). Until I started asking myself later on in life what I wanted to do with the rest of my life – and that dream popped up and said, “Pick me! Pick me!” So I listened, got clear on what kind of message I wanted to put out there, and got working on it. Like anything, it requires clarity, focus and dedication.

I couldn’t “do” anything about that dream until I actually got committed to it.

And once that first book was published, I realised there was more “work” to be done – promotion, distribution, evolution, ideas for more books… It’s a constant exercise in clarity, focus and dedication. And I’ll be honest, some days I fall off track with that (and so will you, and that’s okay as long as we get back on it). But when I remind myself what my whole life commitment is, then I’m able to do something on a daily basis to keep the dream nourished, growing, and planting more seeds of joy around the world. Because that’s my mission.

People wither and settle for mediocrity because they stop believing in their dreams, because nobody encourages them to make those dreams come to life (or they discourage them based on their own perceptions of their world or “What REAL life is.”).

That’s how postponing or delaying our outcomes starts, with this surreptitious “one day” trickster in our minds. This is how a lot of people live with regrets on what could have been, without ever giving it a chance to become.

I believe that every dream matters, and it’s up to each one of us to “do” something about our dreams, which is how we inspire others to help us in our endeavours – whether that’s a global vision, a new enterprise, an invention, a book, the ideal relationship, or whatever your dream life looks and feels like to you…

Please “do” whatever you need to let your dreams come to life, starting with clarity and commitment.

Your Relentless Dream Catcher,

Before You Go

By George, what a year.

It’s been quite the battle of the Forces, wouldn’t you agree?

And it’s easy to think the world has been turned on its head.

But I have to be really honest with you – I hugely disagree with the people who have written off 2016 as one of the worst years. I lost count of all the hashtags scorning 2016. To them I say, “YOU’RE ALIVE, DAMN IT. Have some appreciation for the fact that you got to wake up this morning and give life another go. There’s a reason why you got that golden opportunity, so make the best of it. For all our sakes.”

For me, it’s been one of my best years so far. Namely, because this time last year I had just come to the amazing realization that I’d met the woman I get to spend the rest of my life with. On the evening of December 31, 2015 I asked Heather if she’d go on a lifelong adventure with me. She said “Yes.” We’d only just met 13 days before. And that was the beginning of a dream come true for both of us…

Before we met, I had gone through many ordeals I never expected, all of which helped me grow into the person I am today. The person who could meet her match and embark on a lifelong adventure with. Someone who can love powerfully and speak from that place of KNOWING. Someone who cares to know herself deeply for the active realisation of her life’s purpose, and be a relentless dream catcher for others on their journey. So, for all the twists and turns that finally led me to this place, I am eternally grateful.

And yes, this year my co-pilot and I have experienced some challenges that allowed BOTH of us to grow stronger, together. It’s the powerful relationship I always wanted, and what I hope for anyone who is looking for their co-pilot with whom to navigate this adventure called Life.

What I know for sure is that now more than ever, I aim to make every day matter as much as possible. Not just for me, not just for her, but for the people we engage with. We’re all in this together, so let’s make the best of it.

To 2016 I say, “Thank you, you’ve been exceptional. You’ve given me more clarity on who I Am than any other year, and more energy to Be that powerful Creator.”

To you reading this – no more complaining about what’s “wrong” in the world. It’s high time to get focused on creating.

Your task is simple, though it may not always be easy. Take those dreams that are in your heart; breathe life into them, create them, inspire others to do the same for themselves, and repeat… because every dream matters.

Especially because we never really know when we’re going to “go”.

This year we’ve witnessed some of our legendary Creators leave our planet, and it’s probably the most powerful group of them to “go” in one year. Which is why it’s been so shocking to many people. Yet, we all come together in appreciation for the gifts they left behind… and THAT is the torch they’re leaving for US to pick up and carry on with. It’s incredibly powerful, because their presence speaks to so many of us. THIS IS OUR CALL TO ACTION. We’re being reminded of OUR Genius, and our inherent power to create a life worth celebrating, not just for ourselves but for the whole of humanity.

Yes, they’re big shoes to step into, but we CAN do it. Together.

Are you up for it?

Good. Then to get started, please make sure you LIVE as fully and LOVE as massively as you can, before yougo. BE somebody to love, and you’ll FIND somebody to love if you haven’t already.

Instead of falling into the mindset of doubt or complaint, dive into the mindset of creation. And if you need some help with that, reach out to the next person you know who lives and breathes creation.

Thank you for waking people up, 2016. It wasn’t all pretty, but it was much needed for them to remember their power.

And now, to our best year yet as Humanity,

This is Killing People and it HAS to Stop

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve spoken with over the years who felt they couldn’t have the life they wanted.

These people weren’t given the support or encouragement to act on their dreams. It started when they were kids, because someone they trusted with their life showed them how NOT to dream, how NOT to have a life that fills them with joy. Told them what they couldn’t have and shouldn’t do, more than what they could.

This kills dreams, which kills souls, which kills people.

It creates people who walk around like empty shells, not knowing who they are or why they’re here. They “give up” on life and wonder why everyone else can have certain things but not them. They secretly think they don’t belong here. They might go as far as creating the life they were told to, but they never really feel fulfilled because it’s not THEIR life.

Have you ever felt that way? And did you ever tell anyone?

There’s no shame in sharing this, in fact you must so you can clear the internal obstacles that are stopping you from believing that you CAN have the cake AND eat it.

Dreams are often steamrolled by people who are supposed to be our loving guardians, but not all of them are as equipped to encourage us as we’d like them to be. I’m so blessed and grateful that my parents gave me this kind of nourishment. They gave me permission to dream and act on those dreams. And it’s my mission to do the same for as many people as I can.

Take a look around you – if kids aren’t given the love, support and encouragement they need to grow into healthy, happy and fulfilled adults who feel they can have the life they dream of, then they grow up as non-believers of dreams and doubters of their true abilities. Those kids grow up to be adults who feel they’re not deserving of a beautiful life. It’s a very sad and painful existence.

It hurts my heart to see this in anyone. Especially when someone is so convinced they do not deserve a better life, because someone they looked to for guidance as a kid didn’t have the consciousness, capacity or caring to be present to their dreams.

This HAS to change. Will you help me?

Anyone can and must dream. It’s ACTING on a dream that makes the dream come to life though. Most people stop right before the action, because that’s when all the head chatter floods their minds and freezes them.

So, as members of a global family, it’s our duty as awakened, caring individuals to remind others of their greatness and their ability to create a life they deserve.

leap of faith coloring book for adultsThis is why it’s so important to me that the Niki Owl coloring book be placed in the hands of as many people as possible. It’s not just any coloring book. Its purpose is to inspire and engage the reader as they color in their own life with Niki Owl as their guide. Reminding them of their strengths, their qualities, and helping recover their love for life itself.

You could pick any other coloring book and aim for simple, mindless relaxation… 

But if you keep going back to that same old Groundhog day routine, then you’re not actively changing your mindset to HAVE a better life, and all those pretty little mandalas mean F*** ALL. I’m serious.

You want to feel better about yourself? THIS is the coloring book.
You want to remember what creativity feels like? THIS is the coloring book.
You want to recover your sense of adventure? THIS is the coloring book.
You want to help someone feel alive again? THIS is the coloring book.

Will you be the giver of Love, Joy and Imagination to someone you know is in desperate need of this kind of support?

Whether that “kid” is 8, 18, 28, 38, 48, 58, or beyond, please pick up a copy of this coloring book and make sure someone gets the chance to re-kindle their love for life.

Save a kid’s life, no matter what “age” they are. You might even save your own.

Eternally grateful,

PS: And if you need more than a handful of copies, email me.

What Happens Now?

“It’s hard to watch.”

A complete stranger said these words to me at the gym after we both watched Hillary’s concession speech. He has two young kids and he knows they don’t understand what’s going on, but I reminded him they’ll still feel whatever energy he’s feeling around this outcome, and to be mindful of his energy.

Whether you like the outcome the 2016 US elections or not, there’s something deeper going on that is giving all of us around the world an opportunity to look at for each one of us.

You probably won’t like what I’m about to say, but it has to be said.

The man had a vision…
He had a strong belief about his vision…
He kept going, against all odds…
And he succeeded.

Does the outcome of this election seem fair? Does it feel good? Probably not, for a lot of you reading this. I’ve read and heard your anger, upset, fear, concerns, shock and dismay. Trust me, I’ve had to hold myself together too…

But I have to look for the gift because that’s who I am. So here it is:

WHAT HE DID, YOU CAN DO TOO. It’s nothing “new” because we all have the ability to set an intention, go for it, and succeed.

Athletes do it all the time. Founders of multi-billion dollar companies did it from their garages. World-renowned artists appear out of nowhere like this.

But too many people have let go of their dreams, falling into mediocrity or letting other people “have power” over them. I can say this because I’ve spoken to so many people who keep themselves small, and deny their own dreams from coming true… It’s shocking, and it needs to change.


This is your opportunity to step it up in your life, focus on what it is you really want and STOP blaming anyone or anything else for what’s not working in your life. Stop making excuses, no matter how legitimate they might seem. You really are the master of your destiny, if you choose to be.

Those people saying they’d leave the country if he got elected? How many are forgetting to finish their sentence with “because I always dreamed of living in (My Dream Country) anyway.”

Seriously? That’s the justification to finally go do something they always wanted to do? Okay, well go do it then. But do it because you really want to, not out of knee-jerk reaction.

Yes, he stirred the pot for all us, around the world. But any time you shake things up, you actually get to see what’s been hidden from view.

The hidden gift of contrast is the powerful desire it stirs up to act on what we want.

And maybe, just maybe… that was his Master Plan all along. Maybe that’s his idea of making the country “great again” because too many people have forgotten their own personal greatness. Again, I say this from hearing other people play to their smallness. And we are ALL mighty beings if we let ourselves believe it.

Again, you may not want to hear this, but be really honest with yourself for a moment:

Are you really living up to your dream life? Or did you get complacent, fall into mediocrity, let someone else “have power” over your reality? Do you tell yourself “I can’t” more than “I can”?

I’m on the side of making dreams come true. It’s my life’s mission to encourage and uplift, even at the darkest moments. For some of you it feels really dark right now, and I get it. I want you to know I’m here for you.

If you feel like tunneling into fear, call me. Or call anyone you see as a mentor, guide, coach, someone who will help you focus on your personal power. I really care about everyone living their best life, and I can’t say it enough.

So, what happens now?

What happens now is this: You decide if you want to pick up that vision of your life that you’ve been slacking on or disbelieving, and actually LIVE IT. It might take some heavy lifting, but it can be done. Again, I’m here for you.

The sooner you get through the pain and ache of this outcome, the sooner you’ll pick yourself up and get to what really matters to you and DO IT, because that’s the true impact you have on your own life. Create your future, because that’s the power YOU have.

But please, whatever you do, act from inspiration, not desperation. Act with grace, not with a grudge.

I really hope you’ll make that call for yourself. Whoever you call upon, I also hope you’ll say these words with passion and inspired determination:


This is your life. Get living it.

With Love and Determination,

Why I Love the Olympics (and you do too)

I gained an early appreciation for the Olympics as a kid growing up in Spain. I took pride in our athletes, and often wondered how they got to be on the national team. There was always something amazing about the opening ceremonies and the Parade of Nations. That inspiration remains with me no matter what.

So, it’s that time of the 4 year cycle again. You may or may not be watching them. If you are, you may have had conversations with people who joke about the Olympics, “Two weeks of sports you never watch during the rest of the year.”

Yet, most of us are glued to the TV at some point, watching swimming, track and field, and other sports we admittedly don’t typically watch very often…


Here’s my theory:

Most TV and news coverage is full of mind-numbing or heart-sinking crap that distracts you from your personal dreams.

With most national channels and news outlets around the world offering full coverage of the Olympics, you get two weeks of reprieve from that distraction. You switch on the TV and can’t help but go from sport to sport, watching people accomplish something special. Anyone from anywhere, or just your favorite athletes. It’s a call beyond national pride, it’s global pride in our potential as humanity when we commit to our joy.

Watching the Olympics, we get to overwhelm our minds with something that is super packed with GOODNESS and inspires us to keep dreaming.

Here’s why I believe we love the Olympics:

They make us feel good.

They’re  a powerful reminder that good things do happen in this world, more than we’re often shown.


We like to see people win because it reminds us that WE win too.

Whilst we think we’re watching athletes compete at their sport, what they’re really doing us is showing us their joy, on a world stage, witnessed by millions.

We also love watching them excel because it triggers that feeling and desire within us.

It might look like they’re competing against one another, but really they’re competing with themselves. And really, the only competition you ever have is with yourself. Whether it’s in business, well being, creativity, love.

“Can I do this thing better than yesterday? Can I express my love more openly? Will I complete that painting today? Can I take my company to the next level and impact more lives? Can I make a consistent habit of feeling good?” The list goes on…

Your stage may not include millions of people, but it still includes people, the most important one being YOU.

Athletes help us remember to be in our joy, because that’s what they live and breathe through their sport and daily practice*. It’s a reminder to perform our personal best, every day. To do it again with more focus, more commitment… and more wonder. Because that’s what keeps them going. The possibility they can run faster, jump higher, score more goals, reach the podium, achieve a gold medal. It’s purely a symbol of achievement, and the biggest achievement is staying the course of feeling good.

We’re built to want, with this vast playground of life experiences to choose from.

Your “gold” may not be a medal, it may be some external symbol of achievement, and it’s whatever it means to you. It’s a reminder of the deeper accomplishment of committing to your own joy. So honor what you relate to as a symbol of personal achievement, as your dreams unfold. This is your life. Create your own benchmarks. Create your own podium. Most of all, have fun.

This is my encouragement for you to carry the torch for your dreams, because the world needs more inspiration.

Every day,

*do athletes feel physically good after completing a triathlon? Probably not, but they do feel ecstatic for staying the course of what they set out to do. That’s what we’re talking about here.

Let’s Be Frank

Last week, I encouraged you to reach out to someone you deem as being well off and ask if there’s something they could use some help with.

Did you do it?

What happened?

You could literally save someone’s life by doing that, and here’s why:

A coaching colleague shared a Linkedin article about a Swiss CEO who recently took his life because he couldn’t deal with certain pressures. Not uncommon in the Executive world, especially those in their 50s who have been brought up with a particular leadership mindset that isolates them from reaching out, because they’re at the top and “they should know what to do”.

This coach’s underlying message was, WE COULD HAVE HELPED THIS MAN.

No joke.

I found myself in similar shoes whilst coaching the CEO of a US company with an inspiring vision. We’ll call this client Frank.

Even though his interest in coaching stemmed from a desire to develop his business, essentially we were working on him. Week after week, we uncovered how he’d been “showing up” in life; lying to himself and others out of fear, ineffective communication based on feelings of inadequacy, low self image (and attire to match), and low energy from wallowing in self defeat.

Many people in leadership think that coaching is all about “how to build rapport” and “how to communicate effectively” and all that stuff, when REAL change is about upgrading your personal awareness and beliefs, to open up and receive that which you’re wanting to create. It’s about raising your energy, so you can create a higher ability to see things through.

The more we steered his focus on what he wanted, Frank’s self image improved (and his attire to match). He created seed money for one of his newer projects. He started talking to “bigger fish” to develop larger scale business deals. He bought a new car. His relationship with his family improved. He was taking better care of his nutrition. Things were on the up on all fronts. And remember, his primary focus had been business.

Whilst Frank was a really sharp guy, one of his biggest woes was that he felt like the ‘The Lone Ranger’ and it was obvious he had a hard time really letting people into his life and his business.

After 8 months, we finally broke through Frank’s biggest barrier.

Our session that week started with Frank telling me that he was ready to move his business forward big time.

I asked Frank what had changed.

“I decided it was time to finally give this life a go.”

He was 57.

I went deeper, and he revealed that for almost 40 years, Frank had been “lost” in a sea of uncertainty, not knowing his place in this world, often wondering if he should peace out of it completely.

“You realise you’ve been emotionally crippled all along, and this is what stunted your business,” I replied.


If he didn’t believe he was worthy of being alive, how could he create a sustainable success in his life and business???

I thanked Frank for his honesty. Most of all, for finally coming clean. This was huge, and it was also very courageous of him to share that level of honesty.

Now he could work with a renewed desire and upgrade his beliefs to get going on CREATING his life and business.

It left me wondering though, “How many people out there go through this?” Because it’s not just top level executives who wonder why they’re here on this planet. That’s why I care so much that each one of us honours our dreams, desires and the things that inspire us. Because THAT’s life. “Business” is simply a form of “how” we do it.

Many people get into a coaching relationship to fulfill a particular goal, but those goals are simply steps to personal clarity, so we can know who we really are and upgrade our quality of life. The goals we set are like the yellow bricks we find along the path to Oz.

You may not call yourself a coach, but you DO have the power to encourage and inspire someone into greatness, because we’re all in this life together.

So, now will you make that call? It may well be the first step to help someone along their Yellow Brick Road to personal fulfillment.

And if you’re not sure what to ask, here’s a suggestion: “If there’s one thing that someone can do to make an impact in your life today, what would it be?” (tweet this)

Thank you for asking,