Do You Have a Plan A?

aceHow many times have you heard someone say, “Well if Plan A doesn’t work out, I’ve got Plan B. And if that doesn’t work out, I’ve got the rest of the alphabet.” At which point I like to ask which alphabet they’re referring to (English? Cyrillic? Spanish?), and if they can say “Plan Ñ.”

More importantly, is this how you think?

I’ve never had a Plan B. My life is a constant evolution of my Plan A, with variations that match where I am personally and professionally at each stage of my life. When you can look at your life that way, you see the dots connect, and you may even see fireworks. The future also looks much clearer.

You Are a Living, Breathing Masterpiece…

Classical composers often created beautiful masterpieces with a series of variations on that theme. There could have been twenty variations, yet the core melody remained the same throughout. This is exactly how we live our lives!

You may change job or career, move city or country, change friends, change abode, yet the core of your being guides your focus and direction.

“What is Plan A anyway?”

Plan A is your personal commitment to your unique design in life and reason to be here. It guides how you apply your gifts, talents, skills and Genius to serve the world around you and feel good doing so.

Plan A is the active awareness and appreciation of who you really are.

Meanwhile, Plan B is a blinding, binding thought form that stops you from fulfilling your Plan A in all its glory. Womp womp.

“What if I don’t have a Plan A?”

I have awesome news! You DO have a Plan A even if you aren’t aware of it. It’s formed by your thoughts, beliefs, and how you channel them into what you do in this world. This is your inner guidance showing you where to go, who to meet, and how to serve. Do not get fooled by talk of Plan B!

“How do I know I’m on the right path?”

Knowing the difference is simple, and you will know which is which by how you feel:
– You can let external situations dictate where you go and what you do (this is Plan B and its delusions).
– You can have a strategy – which starts with your mindset – and move in that direction with focus and purpose (Badabing! Plan A!).

Now, I get that fear can be a kicker. But only if you let it! Behind fear there is usually a hidden message that if we look or listen closely, will show us a new level of strength, commitment and personal belief that we can use to our advantage. So the next time it shows up, ask what the real message is for you, and kiss fear adios.

“What do I do if sh** happens, or people say “No” to my Plan A?”

I respect that sometimes we require alternative actions (which are really opportunities for greater awareness and growth), as long as these are in active service to Plan A. However, if you’re using distractions, excuses and other people’s lack of belief or commitment to avoid taking a leap on your most cherished dreams, projects and visions, then you’re selling out on yourself, plain and simple. If you’re feeling doubtful then any hint of a”No” can also set you off down that rabbit hole.

A Public Service Announcement from your Mindset:

If you’re the kind of person who believes that how you think forms the reality around you (ie. you think about stressful and dramatic situations and BAM they show up for you… OR you think about how amazing your life is and BAM someone tells you what a positive impact you make in their life…), then here’s a reminder for you:

If you think more about having a Plan B, then you are inadvertently creating the circumstances and outcomes that will justify acting on Plan B instead of being fully committed to Plan A.

You’d probably enjoy better outcomes by focusing your energy, talents, gifts and Genius on Plan A, wouldn’t you?

“What about a backup plan?”

There is no “backup plan.” Your internal resourcefulness paves the way for Plan A to incorporate improvements and changes. Understanding what really motivates you gives the clarity to form and align your actions and make it happen.

Most people who dwell on Plan B usually end up living the way someone else told them to live because those people followed someone else down that path of fear and limitation or status quo, and nobody stopped to ask themselves, “Is this what I really want?” (read that sentence again please, and then one more time for good measure).

What is your plan A?

Remember, Plan A is your inner guide for personal fulfillment and purpose.

Your purpose may be to serve others as an employee, and that’s okay, because you might volunteer on the side and feel awesome doing that. Your purpose may be to create the next best thing since my mother’s brownies (which might be a stretch although I’ll still cheer you on), and use part of your income to install clean water facilities in underprivileged communities. Your purpose may be to go to those communities and help them change their mindset from underprivileged to abundant…

If you haven’t thought about it in a while, take some moments now to write out your Plan A. You may have new awareness and ideas on how to act on it:
– Start by asking yourself “Why do I do what I do?” and “Why do I want what I want?”
– Keep asking “Why” until you feel a strong answer that has no answer waiting behind it.
– Then ask if the actions you are taking are aligned with your Why.
– Then ask if the people around you are truly supporting it from an authentic place of love (and if they’re not, find new people, and keep strengthening your personal beliefs).
– Take the next best step to move in the direction of your vision.

My Plan A… Has always been to inspire joy in others and keep refining who I am so I can serve the world in greater ways {cue violins}. As a teenager it started with making greeting cards and gifts with Niki Owl. Later on, I did it by creating websites and marketing campaigns for business owners to generate awesome revenue and serve their community (which means I serve them too behind the scenes). And now, it happens through writing books, spreading niki owl’s inspirational messages around the world, and working with people like you who want to be the best version of yourself, to use your talents, gifts, skills and Genius to create a domino effect of optimised living. In a nutshell, my core theme is a happy marriage between creativity and life optimisation, and I continually honour this and explore its variations.

What is the core theme in your life that no matter what happens, you remain focused and committed to it?

If what I’ve written today helps you expand your mind and take revived action on your Plan A, then I know I’ve done my work. And if you’d like to share what that is, comment on this post below or send me an email. I would love to hear from you.

Now go Ace your Plan A.

My Biggest Leap of Faith & What I’ve Learned So Far

Some anniversaries are quickly forgotten. Others are meant to be honoured because of the power they hold as reminders of how far we’ve come when we didn’t think we could do something.

This boarding pass marks the anniversary of my biggest leap of faith, which I took on this day in 2008. It’s important for me to pay tribute to it every year, because it put me fully on course with my dreams, my desires, and my purpose.


Part of the journey, like any flight, has had clouds and moments of turbulence. For the most part it has been filled with pure awe, delight, curiosity, new perspectives and more love than I could have imagined that day I set foot on the plane in Malaga, on my way to London, destination Vancouver. Two suitcases, a guitar, a handful of drum sticks, and a heart full of wonder and excitement.

A new world opened up for me, which was really a reflection of me opening up to the world.

Some of the golden nuggets I’ve collected so far:

Home is a state of being, not a place (although having one that reflects our state of being is a wonderful thing).

Courage comes from being fully invested in what makes your heart open wide. People have often told me how strong and courageous I am for leaving what I knew for something new and arriving there by myself, several times (they seem to remind me most when I have felt it the least). You can do it too.

Resilience requires release. Release of fear, of anxiety, of the things we learned growing up that no longer serve us now, and obscured our vision of ourselves. You gain so much by lightening the emotional baggage.

Faith fuels clarity and vision. We never know who will stay the course with us, or for how long. Letting go of certain people may shake us to the core at times. The key is for you to stay the course for yourself.

Trust your intuition and change your course as it feels best for you. You’re not letting anybody down by doing so. People who really care for your well being will understand, and they will help you get there. You will also encounter mind-blowing generosity from strangers and people you didn’t realise care that much about you.

Vulnerability shows us how strong we really are, especially when faced with adversity. It also shows us who we can share our biggest dreams and deepest concerns with, acting as the emotional gauge for our support network.

Create anew no matter where you are. Every place, every person is a reflection of what you’ve been inviting into your life. If it doesn’t feel right, give yourself the opportunity to understand what you’ve been inviting, change whatever needs to be changed, and do it lovingly. Remember change stems from how you think.

Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.
– Mark Twain

For all of you who I have met, whether briefly or we’re actively “travelling together”, you are cherished. No matter how seemingly small or random our connection may appear to you, it is great in my mind. You have impacted me in so many ways, and I can only hope that my presence in your life offers you some form of inspiration also.

May you believe you can do that thing you want to do, and do it.

May your greatest dreams come true in this lifetime, because that’s what we’re here for.

And may you keep taking leaps of faith.

Know What You’re Feeling & Where It’s Coming From

Being an empath means I often sense strong energies that others are unconsciously “throwing” around. If you’re sensitive like this, you may share similar experiences.

Now, it’s great when you sense love and excitement – but what about anger or upset?

Ever feel that wave of urgent, anxious energy before the phone rings or an email comes in?

Some people are unaware of the energy they’re sending out.

You can choose to manage your state as best you feel, especially if you know there is something going on behind the scenes, and perhaps even between the two of you. Truth is, you never really know where they’re coming from unless they tell you. And if they’re not aware, or willing to look, chances are they won’t.

If someone sends this type of energy your way, it’s okay to ask them to check in with themselves. They may choose to deny their own energetic vibrations and respond by saying that your energy is out of alignment.

{Cue: Strong Hint}

If the feeling arrives before there is conscious interaction between you, trust that you’re sensing someone else’s energy bumping up against your own feelings.

If a person continues to deposit this energy at your feet, then you have some choices to make, like stepping out of their energetic field as best you can, and tending to yours. Time and your intuition will guide the outcome of the relationship.

At the end of the day, it’s about stepping out of old patterns and into new ones. Put the ego or any hurt aside, and come back to Love. That’s what we’re all really seeking anyway.

Know your feelings, and if someone senses they’re off, take a moment to check in with yourself and get back on course.

When someone’s energy feels challenging, how do you navigate your state and involvement in the relationship?


{includes a free story for you}

Just as I believe that we all can resolve to give our lives new meaning anywhere and anytime, I also believe in the collective energy that we all can benefit from on specific dates, like New Year. We gather to give ourselves the opportunity to effect obvious change in our lives, and to somehow hold one another accountable for these resolutions. They could be calls for help, simple affirmations or just seeking another check-in buddy for the sake of new perspectives.

I find it sad when certain people already give themselves a way out of New Year’s resolutions by stating, in the same sentence as the resolution itself, how they probably won’t make it and give up after 2 weeks.

Wow. Attitude check.

Last night, over dinner with friends, we didn’t talk about New Year’s Resolutions. Instead, we highlighted our best or favourite achievements of 2012. And before I could even say mine, someone I had already spoken to about it said, “Karin published her book!”

Oh ya, I did. And it feels so good!

The things is, I let go of making New Year’s resolutions a long time ago, mostly because I didn’t quite resonate with them. I seem to have a built-in mechanism that puts things into motion already in December, so that by the time January comes around things are already manifesting and working out in new and better ways. Sometimes it takes a little longer, sometimes it happens practically overnight. Either way, I’ve learned to trust the process.

Letting go of making New Year’s Resolutions did not, however, stop me from writing a story about it some time ago, which I have now refreshed a little and offer to you as a freebie to download. It is the story of Resolution’s New Year, written as a Greek tragedy of sorts, with a twist and a play on words, which is what I love to do.

Download your free copy of Resolution’s New Year

In fact, thinking of the word “resolution” this morning, I looked at one of its other definitions that some people seem to have forgotten…

When you separate the word, you get “re-solution.” A means of finding new solutions to an old issue or nagging feeling. Re-solve it, from a new angle. Maybe take a smaller step than the one so many others are taking because certain group consciousness has guided them towards making massive change that may be too steep for them to manage. Re-group your thoughts around this concept to make the most effective change for you.

I spent my weekend honing in on my core desired feelings via Danielle LaPorte’s The Desire Map. I highly recommend it if you’re not on board already. This will completely overhaul your sense of goal-setting, and bring you right back to the source of your desires, which is what allows us to make real impacting change going forward.

Resolutions, much like goals, can seem daunting at times. So this will help get you out of overwhelm and into heartfelt decision-making.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on what it means to you to make promises to yourself in the comments below. How do you keep your faith and see things through?

Wishing you the best days of your lives from here on.

Accidents Are NOT Karma Saying F*** You…

I write this as a tribute to anyone who has experienced severe wake up calls (referred to by some as ‘accidents’), and a gentle reminder that it’s okay. You’re more than okay. You’re clearing your path to new awareness and what you truly desire. Here’s my story:

I was in Vancouver enjoying a glorious April afternoon drive back from the North Shore to the West End in the passenger seat of a friend’s car. We were happily engaged in conversation coasting along Denman Street, when a car almost sideswiped us from an alley coming up to the light at Robson Street.

I couldn’t make out exactly how close he stopped by my side of the car, although the driver’s eyes were certainly within clear view.

My heart rate sped up a bit although I kept my cool (I only know one other person who would keep calm in a situation like that).

My friend’s temper rose as he hit the brakes and swore at the driver, while I took off my sunglasses, looked the man straight in the eyes, smiled, and cautioned with my hand as I mouthed, “Slow down.”

The man looked like he’d just received an intravenous injection of extra bold coffee. He seemed oblivious to the fact that he might just have hurt someone, and perhaps even himself.

My friend’s temper waned a few blocks after we drove off. I wondered what our respective wake up calls were, as I thanked providence for protecting us from physical harm.

It’s easy to think someone is at fault and point the finger. But the truth is…

Accidents are no accident.

They are wake up calls from our subconscious mind. It’s up to us to uncover what each one is for us, and then clear our patterns or limiting beliefs so we are free of ‘road blocks,’ which is what these situations usually represent.

I took this incident as an opportunity to be more alert to my surroundings, and a reminder of how well protected I am. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Now, it’s okay to release the nervous energies that may come up if something happens. Remember this is happening through you, not to you. So allow yourself to move through it.

What happened ‘to’ you does not define you. It’s an experience you went through, it’s not your identity. Turn your past into a classroom. – Robert Holden

While you take a moment to relax and gather yourself, trust that you’ve given yourself an opportunity to let go of old fears and inhibitions.

Your natural, old reactions may be to hunker down and feed the fear. You might want beat yourself up over something. Not feel good enough. Think karma’s a bitch, and you’re getting paid back for something you did. Give a ‘valid’ reason not to show up for yourself in new ways…

Stop. Change gears.

Spare yourself the adrenaline rush of dramatic situations.

Yes, we get what we think of most of the time.

Yes, thought is cause and outcome is effect (aka ‘karma’) – now you can stop feeling like you may have brought something negative onto yourself, engage new thoughts and bring something new to the table for you to enjoy.

You’re alive. You’re awake. You can find new awareness in healthier ways, can’t you?

Of course you can…

How are you choosing to release yourself now from the blocks of the past, and move forward consciously, with safety and ease?

Green light. Move along now, with ease and awareness.


When Progress Becomes Completion

So it arrived yesterday afternoon… the first soft cover copy of my book, freshly hatched from the publishers a couple days ago. Here it is…

I was told it would arrive in 2-3 weeks, and it actually took 2-3 days. Godspeed, I tell you (influenced by UPS, no doubt, which I’m loving right now).

This book concept was born over 10 years ago, and after some major personal shifts reviewing my life and marketing career that spawned during that time, I re-visited the idea during my trip to London last summer for my birthday. I treated myself to see my favourite band (Take That) perform at Wembley Stadium. That tour was called Progress, and I couldn’t help but feel a strong synergy with that word…

When you’re in a stadium surrounded by 85,291 people and a 30m robot representing the stages of human progress, you gain a whole new perspective on possibility. And conscious ‘progress’ has been the story of my life since then, as I sifted, wrote, thought, created, travelled, and decided.

Yes, decided.

You see, I had spent most of my life with two separate ideas that I hadn’t dared to integrate (mostly distracted by a marketing career in which I felt the need to provide results for others more than for myself)… my cartoon owl called Niki, and a collection of short stories that integrate life lessons with light spirituality and intelligent humour.

After arriving in LA a few years ago, I decided to make time to invest in me, through coaching and other kinds of personal development. After a series of integrations and what I call ‘deep sea diving’ consciousness explorations, I realised the higher purposes of both my ideas, brought them together, and here it is… my first book featuring Niki Owl, who tells his story of self discovery as he explores the west coast of Canada, which added ‘travel journal’ and ‘social commentary’ to the scope of the book for a more encompassing human connection.

The magic starts to happen when you decide to take action on the things that matter most to you and implement them in your daily life. You learn to build conscious traction, and watch with amazement as your manifestations come to fruition.

This is how my progress became completion…

And this is only the beginning of a whole new chapter in my life.

My request to all of you: stop waiting for Life to happen. Recognise who & what are already within reach for what they really are, and start making Life happen for yourselves… really, truly, amazingly… step by step, chapter by chapter, so the book of your life can take Real Shape now too.

I’m excited about what happens next… are you?


Get Ready, Your Yes Is Waiting For You

When you’re actively committed to your highest well being and working on your Self, things change and Life moves at the speed of Astounding, allowing you to trust that the spaces in between serve to nurture and foster stronger connections.

Limiting decisions are blown away, infused with renewed faith and confident forward motion.

Old blockages removed clear space for fresh beginnings and clear visions.

The crutches and shackles of the past disappear for you to run, skip and fly… freely.

You wake up to a whole new brew of Life, because you know you’re worth this… or better.

You experience quantum leaps of happiness in all forms, with ease and grace.

Ask… and you shall receive.

Believe… and you will see.

Invite… and you will reap.

Feel… and you will complete.


Your Yes is waiting for you.

Walk This Way

We all ask for something, and sometimes get turned down. We might ask again from a few other angles, just like a kid asking to go to the candy store. He won’t ask just once. He will do his best with varying degrees of diplomacy, determination or tantrum, to get what he’s looking for.

When someone is asking you to do something, how do you choose to react?

Another person’s motivation may rattle your mind.

You might choose to get defensive and declare, “That person is pushy.” Then you might switch off and look the other way, spinning around in the same old circles of self doubt or stubborn polar opposite responses. You might dig your heels in a little more and stay put, “Just because”.

Cop out.

Dare to look yourself in the mirror and ask what’s really happening here for you to choose to react that way. What’s motivating you to hide behind the walls, instead of taking them apart to see what lies beyond? How fresh is the air behind those walls?

Quite often, people or situations that seem pushy are merely shedding light on what we can change about ourselves to let go of limitations, and move toward what we want with trust, confidence and clarity.

Is someone simply reflecting to you the things you stopped believing you could have? Can you see this as an opportunity to be, do and have something different?

To Cross, Push Button…

We see it all the time when we’re at a traffic light. We press the button automatically, knowing that we will be able to make our way to the other side with ease when the light changes.

So how come we stop ourselves from doing this more consciously at times when it serves our overall well being and happiness?

To cross a threshold within, we may need external motivation from someone or something to ‘push’ those buttons for us to see what else we can shift for a full break through and lift off.

When the light of your mind changes…

Embrace motivation.

You may have been feeling jaded, lost, felt ‘pushed down’ by others, tripped yourself up, given up on something or someone. Do you use this as another excuse to tunnel deeper into the rabbit holes?

We’re just showing you how to be motivated, with extra doses of joy and excitement.

Can you find gratitude and inspiration in what others are showing you now?

Someone may be offering you a new way of achieving things that’s a little outside of your comfort zone (the one you didn’t dare to step out of before because somewhere along your time line you stopped believing you can stretch into amazing possibilities).

Choose to open up the flood gates of your dreams and receive them.

Turn these situations into liberating moments in which you gladly step through the next layer of limitation or indecision, and reach the next step along your path. Heel, toe, repeat.

Keep your eyes open, and keep looking at the bright lights. Keep your ears open, and keep listening to the sounds of faith.

Go on, push that button and start walking…

Rule The World

Watching London’s closing ceremonies gave me time for some brief introspection of the last few weeks watching world class athletes perform. It has been so inspiring as I complete my forthcoming book, I want to be done with it already.

Of course, we still have a couple more weeks to look forward to with another awe-inspiring collective of athletes.

You may Believe that we are all part of one Love energy, one juicy awe inducing Consciousness, one massive community of Creators.


You may Believe that we are the product of genetic evolution from particles that came together over time and space.


You may Believe in the synergy of both.

However you choose to look at Life, there is no denying that as human beings we are each a part of the whole magic of Life.

And how we choose to perform in our lives is what makes us excel in our own ways.

As the world watched these remarkable human beings for two weeks, we can see once again how to take an individual goal, surpass all known limitations and come together as one global community raising itself to a whole new level of Belief in self.

Where our differences are motivators for personal excellence.

Where camaraderie unites us in awe of one another.

Humans being self-fulfilled individuals within the whole of humanity.

So instead of putting each other down out of jealousy, fear or skepticism, we actively support each other in being our best.

And when there’s something in life that you want, achieving it comes down to a very simple thought – if there’s nobody apparently better than you out there, then go for it, Phelps style. Break through your previous limitations with eyes wide open, like those of a child looking at something for the very first time.

If you encounter criticism from others, remind yourself that it’s their choice how they focus their energy.

If others choose to focus on pulling you down, continue to focus on building yourself up. Simply carry on doing what you can for you, since their path is theirs for the making.

Your excellence acts a beacon to show others how they can excel for themselves.

Somebody else will take inspiration from you and propel themselves to greater heights.

And if there is somebody better than you at something, applaud them as you take inspiration from their feats.

Our achievements come down to Attitude, Belief, and Commitment to giving it our all.

This is what makes us humane champions of life.

This is how we rule the world.


What You Believe In {The Golden Threads}

It’s my birthday.

We threw a party yesterday (it was a hoot).

There was great home cooked food, baked treats, wonderful surprises, and heaps of fun.

I had a simple request for my guests:

Take a moment and write down what You Believe in & Value about Friendship, Love & Yourself (believing in yourself is muy importante).

And most of them did. There was room for anonymity as well. I had a few emailed to me.

Then we read them out loud.

Some people kept it simple, others elaborated, others quoted their mentors. It was eye opening, inspiring, beautiful, and everyone walked away from it with an extra glimmer in their eyes, with some saying, “What a great idea for a party!”

Some of the Beliefs & Values that we shared:

“I believe in the power of change: the rewards for risk takers and the stability of friendship and love.”

“The ones you can let your walls down with, the ones you can trust to say it how it is, the ones that you will always have your heart and home open to. No matter the distance…”

“Friends consider you family.”

“Love has many faces & varying degrees of intensity.”

“Friendship is true loyalty, mutual respect, quality fun.”

“Love is openness, communication, generosity, self-truth and an open heart.”

“Friendship is priceless, invaluable.”

“Truth, Beauty, Love.”

“Love is not a fairytale, but it can be beautiful and real.”

“Threads that are golden do not break easily.” (from a Tori Amos song)

“When the true one (Love) is found it is a miracle that you should never let go.”

I’m Confessing…

At times we hold back from being open about what we Believe in, because at some point we were put down or judged by another person, and this scared us off from sharing our beliefs with others who genuinely care and actively encourage our dreams. I know I’ve let that hold me back at times.

Life can shock and shake us up to a point in which this level of transparency seems almost pointless. It’s the most hollow feeling imaginable… yet if you follow that golden thread within, you’ll find your way through.

“‎The greatest fear in the world is of the opinions of others. And the moment you are unafraid of the crowd you are no longer a sheep, you become a lion. A great roar arises in your heart, the roar of freedom.”
– Osho

If you’re at that place where you’ve been feeling flat, or just generally feeling like something needs to change, then it’s time to plant new seeds and review your Beliefs.

Life is a huge canvas in which you can be whoever you want to be (and change it up when you choose). The key to achieving any of this is Belief – in yourself, your abilities, your dreams, the things you know are in your heart simply waiting to wake up and be given free rein. And being with people who encourage and support you in this Big Adventure of Life.

And it’s okay no matter what happens… it’s what You Believe in. And the right people will show up for you – just keep your eyes, ears, mind and heart open.

We’re all rooting for You,


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Life is a huge canvas in which you can be whoever you want to be (and change it up when you choose) @KarinPinter