I Could Really Use Some Help Here

It’s easy to think that someone whom we perceive to be successful (in whatever way we relate to success) doesn’t need or want help.

It’s very easy to assume the CEO has it all together and doesn’t need help. It’s easy to assume the woman who carries herself confidently has it all figured out and doesn’t need help. We are likely to assume the same with people we look up to and admire.

It’s common to think, “Oh, they have money or a staff, so they have the help that they need. They don’t have a need for me to help them.”

We probably assume that the people in our business community don’t need help because we’re all supposed to “look” like we have it together.

The truth is, most of us do need help, regardless of position, regardless of the car we drive, regardless of how we carry ourselves. We don’t always know how to ask.

The trouble with being the person people go to for help and advice is that we don’t always know how to ask for that help ourselves.

We all need help to some degree. And it’s not necessarily a “needy” need coming from a place of pain or lack.

Some parts of society believe that only those in dire straits deserve “help”, and that’s not true at all. Help is available in many forms and for all of us, whether we have 50 cents in a cup or we drive a luxury car, because I believe we all have dreams that deserve to live, and we all deserve to thrive.

If Sir Richard Branson hadn’t known how to ask for help when he started Student magazine, before the Virgin brand came to be, do you think he’d be where he is now? Do you think he’s stopped asking for help at his level of success? Absolutely not! He has a family and dreams to care for, and he still deserves what he asks for, just like you and me. We’re all the same in this regard, and we all deserve to have what we want. Whether we’re creating a business, a car, a house, a relationship, a global mission, or whatever inspires us; we get to have that, and together we get to help each other create it.

The sooner we ask for and offer help, the sooner we all get what we’re aiming for.
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What’s in your heart to grow in your life?

In this light, I challenge you to do this right now:

Think of the most successful person you know (personally), or whom you perceive to be successful or well off. This might be someone whom you frequently rely on for support in your life and business. Now, pick up the phone and ask what he or she could use some help with right now.

Here’s the key:

1. do not judge whatever they’re looking to create – it’s their life and their dreams, just as yours are yours.

2. do this without any expectations of what they might be able to do for you – find out what’s important to them.

3. do not let them get off the phone without an answer (you might be the first person to ever ask them this question!).

Go on, do it. I guarantee you’ll be amazed at what transpires.

I’d love to know what comes of that conversation.


You’re Not Broken

It was a Sunday afternoon. Sitting across the table from me at the coffee shop was a highly successful business man who was managing several high end companies, traveling the world for client meetings and conferences. Life was good on all fronts – he had the luxury car, a comfortable house, he was on a powerful fitness path, and the money was rolling in quite nicely. All sounds pretty good, right?

He had called me that morning sounding distraught over a personal matter, so I agreed to meet with him promptly.

His heart was hurting. He was feeling torn between continuing a friendship with a woman he’d dated several years before who had come back into his life, and letting her go.

He simply wanted to be friends, having realized they were not the ideal match as a couple. He could even pinpoint how their first attempt at a relationship had taken its toll on his ability to take care of himself and keep “his house” in order; such was the level of attention it seemed to require, and which he allowed himself to focus on over his own well being. Every time he felt a sense of freedom from her though, she came at him with some reproach. She was trying every which way to have more than friendship with him, and much as he cared about her, he wanted no such thing. When you try too hard, you actually push against the thing you want to receive.

I listened to him as he candidly shared their last discussion. She felt he needed to go to therapy, so he could fix himself (meaning, so he would be what she wanted him to be for her). He wanted to be with a woman who would love him unconditionally, and let him “be” himself.

I told him, “You’re not broken.”

Have you ever felt that way?

He reached over the table and took my hand gently, but firmly, “Thank you. Thank you…”

It’s not often I see a grown man cry, let alone do so in a public place.

My words – innocent and fast as they rolled out of me – had touched him deeply. I held his hand, and we quietly moved through that tender moment together.

After we went deeper into conversation on what he wanted, he was able to realize that she was simply reflecting back to him his own belief that he could not find everlasting love with a woman who can love and appreciate him wholly and completely for who he is, not try to make him into someone else for her sake. He had twisted himself out of shape looking for that, and after recognizing how it had impacted his life in ways that didn’t serve him, was now in a place to untangle himself from the reflection this person was mirroring back to him. His main task was to stay aligned with that vision he held for himself.

I believe that none of us is broken. What may appear broken is our perception of ourselves, and it’s up to us to change our perception; sometimes, with the loving encouragement of others who see us as we truly are – as powerful creators, perfectly evolving in our excellence (even if we’re not feeling it). This is what helps us grow into the person we feel within, the one that’s knocking at the door of our heart saying, “Hello, it’s Me…”

Just because you’re not getting what you want from somebody does not mean there is something wrong with them or that they’re broken. Some people want others to change for them, so they don’t have to. That’s not how it works.

You can’t make anyone change for you, but you CAN change yourself, and that’s an inside job. But…

You have to want it, to become it.

Consciously. Deliberately. Every day.

Talented as the greatest musicians, artists, athletes and CEO’s of the world are – they all invest time and energy to hone their personal Genius, no matter how they apply it. You could be a CEO looking for your life partner to enjoy your success with, or you might have that base covered and seeking further fulfillment to your life’s purpose through the work you do…

Whatever it is, are you deliberately taking care of your Personal Genius, or are you holding yourself back under the false idea of feeling broken (whilst letting others sway your focus)?

You’re not broken. Nobody is. We’re all perfectly evolving on our journey of Personal Excellence. Your duty is to honour that within yourself, and engage with people who see you with the right eyes.

Big Love,

PS: do you think she was loving herself unconditionally or holding onto a sense of brokenness within?
ANSWER: She’s not broken either…

The Gift of Conversation

My friends in Spain used to joke that I was always on the phone talking to people. One of them even made me a t-shirt about it. In hindsight now, after utilizing tech to the max, I remember WHY I love talking so much…

We have this saying in Spanish, “Hablando se entiende la gente.”

Loosely translated it means, “By talking you understand people.”

Powerful things happen when two people talk about what’s important to them and co-create new outcomes through intentional conversation. And I don’t mean by email; I mean over the phone, sitting side by side, or Mini Me on screen. The energy and clarity that are created in such moments are truly MAGNIFICENT.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes I get wrapped up in a written dialogue when a verbal one will take less time and provide more clarity than a series of emails. That’s what happens if I let “writer Karin” take over at certain times… But knowing this about myself gives me further clarity on WHY we pick up the phone or hop on Skype to TALK to one another. It pings me to lead with and SPEAK my truth, and hear yours.

Too many people have become used to sending decision-making communications via email or text only. Some people even use silence as a mode of communication, expecting others to magically “get” their answer. Do you think that’s a healthy strategy for sustainable success? Whether it’s through emails, texts or silence, remember there is still another human being on the other side of that relationship, and too much can get lost in translation because we’re not HEARING what’s being said. Whilst pixels on a screen in the form of text can give us an idea of what’s being expressed, they cannot communicate as effectively as one-to-one verbal dialogue. And we can give silence sooooo many meanings.

Here’s a quick example of what powerful conversations really do for us:

I was recently establishing the long term contract terms for an SEO/web client. I was concerned about how this was being dealt with by email only, and made a request for a conversation to talk this through. I like open communication and direct contact with decision makers; it helps me understand them better to serve them and their vision better.

What transpired with this client was completely not expected but highly welcomed. We had a very open hearted conversation about what’s been going on in this client’s life and what’s been “conditioning” some decisions, especially around the plan I’ve presented to empower the business’s success through SEO. There is no BS here and the client is 100% committed to making this happen, even though there is a bit of a strategic juggle required at this time to do so. I so appreciate that transparency and level of commitment.

You see, I know what needs to be done, and I’m clear on my terms, but I’m also flexible. White-knuckling something doesn’t get anyone anywhere healthy and happy for the long run. So what do you do? You let go of how you think it’s supposed to be, and let something even better flow in. Simply put, you get out of your own way. It opens the channels to provide what it is you’re really looking for to reach you.

This client was so appreciative of our conversation, “Thank you for setting a standard… There are moments when we have impactful conversations that transform our lives, and this was one of those conversations.”


I can’t count how many times we thanked each other at the end of the conversation for our mutual transparency, authenticity, listening skills, BEing there, holding the vision of greatness, and clarifying next steps. This client also extended the invitation to help me with what I’m building personally. Again, totally unexpected but so very welcome and refreshing. I’m all about powerful co-creation through personal alignment and inspired action. No wonder I resonate so strongly with this client. This is synergy at its best.

This is called living authentically. When we engage in conversations that activate our empowerment and inspiration to meet our dreams and goals, WE MEET THEM FULL FORCE.

So really, I should have expected this client’s transparency and openness, because I’m leading with this in my personal communications.

…and this is what an empowered intentional conversation really does. It allows us to courageously look things in the eyes and engage with our desired outcome, instead of hide behind the smallness of “what is”. We move forward with more clarity, more personal engagement and understanding of who we really are. We open up to powerful collaborations, and we soar.

THIS is why I’m so thankful to this client and anyone else I engage with at this level – when we consciously make the time to listen to one another. To reach out, to reach back. To share what we’re really aiming for and live up to it, fully empowered.

It creates a special kind of momentum that transforms everything at lightning speed. It wipes out stories that limit our thinking on what we can achieve, and allows us to actually RECEIVE it.

This comes from what I gained 1000% personal clarity on this year, which I am carrying forward with me as of now:

Conviction. Commitment. Collaboration.

It’s important to me to have mutual respect with the people on my team, my clients, my partners and anyone I engage with who also leads with conviction, commitment and the spirit of collaboration. This is effective relationship development, and how we create greatness, together.

Are you giving the gift of conversation to the people in your life?

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Are You ACTIVELY Creating Your Future?

Bestselling author Elizabeth Gilbert posed this brilliant question on Facebook:

“How old were you when you stopped drawing?”

She then told the story of cartoonist, author and art teacher Lynda Barry and her book SYLLABUS, which is about teaching art to “non-artists.”

You may think you’re not an artist – being the lawyer, the personal trainer, the dentist, the doctor, the insurance wizard, the money genius, the architect, the real estate wonder, etc. You may think drawing and colouring is “just for little kids” but the truth is, we’re all kids at heart.

We all have dreams and aspirations that we get to materialize through the work we’re doing, no matter our chosen profession. Are you ACTIVELY creating your future?
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There is something very powerful, unique and energizing about drawing, which gives us new energy to put towards how we show up in our professional lives. It activates a part of our brain that opens up our ability to think creatively, which is crucial for any business to succeed and thrive.

That’s why I created the Niki Owl coloring book for people of all “ages” to ignite their inner creative, and apply that to whatever their line of business is.

Since NOW is as good a time as any to start, here’s a reminder that you still have the opportunity to win a free copy of the Niki Owl colouring book, because TODAY October 31 is the last day to enter the special giveaway I’ve organized in partnership with Goodreads.

Over 600 people all around the world have entered this giveaway so far! I’m thrilled, honoured and excited 🙂

If you haven’t done so yet, enter below for your chance to win one of 5 signed copies of “Niki Owl, Leap of Faith – The Colouring Book.”


Please share this post or this link with your friends and family so they can also colour their world with Niki Owl, because life is supposed to be FUN.

Oh and, Happy OWLoween,

The True Mission & Vision of Coaching

(this post is dedicated to all my coach friends and colleagues, and all coaches around the world)

A Genius in sports development for whom I have massive respect asked me what I usually do before I start working with a coaching client. She asked if we talk about their past and what’s happened to them, or what? I love this question!

I said we spend a couple hours talking about the FUTURE. What is their life vision? Their business vision? Their project’s vision? Their relationship vision? We establish where they are now and where they want to be. We agree, in the most powerful way – with a handshake and their coaching investment paid in full, up front – to embark on an amazing journey together to empower them in the realization of their vision and dreams.

During this time we create a powerful relationship in a trusted space. There will be laughter, tears, awakenings, epiphanies, boldness, gentle whispers, loud roars, tall orders, passion, and above all IMPACT as we move through the ebbs and flows of how they’re actually living what they say they want. Some things from the past will come up, but we’ll glide through them based on their strong desire for a better future. They may not always realize it at the time, but just like I do with my coach, I ABSOLUTELY become a better version of myself every day.

It stems from my 100% willingness to grow, to achieve what I set out to do in my whole life, and get to it with zest and inspiration. That is the minimum I expect from anyone I engage with, because I set a high benchmark for myself. We’re not here to prove anything to anyone, we’re here to BE and allow that awareness to imbue our daily actions in this playground of Life.

That’s what the power of commitment does. That’s what standing in integrity does. These qualities help us embrace more of what we desire by celebrating that which we have right now, and letting go of what isn’t working (including certain people).

Integrity and Commitment to our path helps us actually BE the change we wish to see in our world, because whilst many people talk about wanting change, they chicken out of actually doing the work it takes to be the change they seek. That’s the whole f***ing point!



These brilliant words by Werner Erhard summarise the value and ultimate service of this transformational work beautifully:

My notion about service is actually that kind of relationship in which you have a commitment to the other person. Now, I don’t mean to the person’s body or to the person’s personality, or to the person’s stomach, or the person’s almost anything. What I mean in fact is that for me what service is about is being committed to the other being. To the person spiritually. To who the other person is. Now the problem with that is that, to the degree that you are in fact committed to the other person, you are only as valuable as the degree to which you can deal with the other person’s stuff, their evidence, their manifestation, and that’s what service is about. Service is knowing who the other person is and being able to tolerate giving space to their garbage. What most people do is to give space to people’s quality and deal with their garbage. Actually, you should do it the other way around. Deal with who they are and give space to their garbage. Keep interacting with them as if they are God. And every time you get garbage from them, give space to the garbage and go back and interact with them as if they were God.

Some people interpret “dealing with who they are” as the less-than version of themselves because their self esteem is scattered on the floor somewhere. In this coaching realm we sometimes have to rattle and shake things out of people who think that way, because we KNOW deep inside that the best of you is IN there, waiting to come out when you decide to come out. It’s safer than you think.

We’re here to shine the brightest light on you until you ultimately BELIEVE that you Are Great, you Are Magnificent, you Are Genius, and so much more… Now start living it.


Big Love,


The REAL Rewards & Compensation of Writing

I received our first Niki Owl coloring book sales reports from the US & the UK. This covers Canada too, eh.

I AM AMAZED BY WHAT I SEE, and I have to share it with you for several reasons. 

But first, a bit of back story…

After independently publishing my first book in 2012 through another company, I decided to integrate publishing and book design into my company (nvision media group) as its own boutique independent publishing house. This means that besides the web and SEO work we do, we also collaborate with other authors and companies to curate their publications – whether these are in-house training manuals, guides, special collaborations, private creations or books for the general public.

It also means publishing under our own brand, which is how the latest Niki Owl book was put out into the world.

Yes, I write books for the sheer joy and passion of it, BUT at the end of the day, writing books is also a business. This story is an example of the perfect marriage between creating with an integrated heart and mind, so let’s take a look…


Seeing my publishing revenue report for the coloring book this morning brought up the same joy I felt receiving my first book royalty check in the mail a few years ago. It’s the feeling of excitement that I get paid for doing what I LOVE (and you know writing is one of several things I love to do)!


Then I put my business hat on… and I looked at both sets of numbers to see the business growth. I tallied up the totals from the first month of sales for each book, and calculated the percentage growth.


725% increase in sales.


725% increase.

As a publisher, I generate a higher revenue than simply being an author with another publisher. So there is obviously also a difference here in the revenue, which is also worth noting from a business perspective.

In both cases, the difference is HUGE.

To be able to say you’ve seen a 725% increase in your sales is – well – are there even words for that? It is an astounding growth that not too many people even realize because they do not pay attention to this stuff.

I’m asking you to pay attention, and to look at what you’re creating in your life. Because your results come from YOU.

Now, I want you to know that the key to all this is acting from inspiration. I did not publish the coloring book on a whim with a, “Hey let’s just try this,” approach. My decision came from listening within, “Wow this feels so good, I HAVE to do it… because I KNOW this creation comes straight from my HEART.” Not that the first book didn’t come from the heart, mind you, but my heart has expanded so much since then and this is a perfect testament to that, so much it’s even trackable!

Integrated Mind & Heart Approach = Happy Marriage with Happy Results (tweet this)

I ASKED for this book to do better than the first book because I feel better about me. It is LAW for such results to happen. I honestly didn’t know the details, I simply trusted in my Big Ask and took each logical step as I felt inspired.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if this book generated more sales than the first one?”

In fact, I was in a coffee shop the other day talking to a fellow traveller, who’s excited about this book. His parting words were, “I hope it sells a million copies.” My coach hopes it sells billions.

Well, YES PLEASE, and thank you! More than this, my hope is that it reaches as many people as possible that are inspired to take their own inspired leaps of faith through it, because that is what ignites me most.

THIS is what the real power of letting our dreams happen through us is all about.

I followed the powerful heart beat that told me, “Make this, now.”

And look what’s happening!

I hope you’re following your own heart beats in the direction of your dreams.

Whilst my books are out there inspiring people from all walks of life and “ages” to play, create and believe in what IS possible for them, these books are continuously showing ME more of what IS possible for me. Simply because I got inspired one day to put out another book, on purpose with what I stand for. I’m loving it, and life is loving me back 725% more, and it keeps getting better and better…

How cool is that?

How cool is it that we get to wake up every day and experience the FULLNESS of putting one foot forward every time in the direction of what excites us, and experience tremendous results in a flash?

I get to put this right back into all my businesses and client work, and right here with you.

THANK YOU for reading my books, my blog posts and anything that I share with you. That’s essentially what any writer ever wants – to be read and shared with the world. Mostly because we feel deep inside that something we write will ignite some part of you, and what you do beyond that is in your hands. It’s exciting for us to see how US showing up to life inspires YOU to show up to life and make your own impact in this world – today, tomorrow, a thousand years from now.

I hope my results here inspire you to greater results in your own life and business, because what you desire truly IS possible, as long as you breathe life and joy into every step you take.

Thank you again,


PS: artistic credit to this fan art from the coloring book goes to Pam Q & Nicky Tanase.

The Buck Stops Here

“The buck stops here” is a phrase that became popular via U.S. President Harry S. Truman, who kept a sign on his desk in the Oval Office with this phrase. It refers to the fact that the President has to make decisions and accept ultimate responsibility for those decisions (instead of “passing the buck” or looking for a scapegoat).

Now, let’s look at how this affects all of us…

Three of us were consulting with a client earlier this week to provide insight and focus on where she is going in her business. I was the tech subject matter expert on this meeting.

Our client’s key concern was her financial flow – it wasn’t really “happening”, and however much was, was a struggle.

Now, this client is a leading expert in her field, and is respected internationally. She’s made an impact around the world for 20+ years doing what she loves, and is highly committed to fulfilling a beautiful mission and calling. Even Presidents call on her for her work.

She should be well-off financially, right? So why the financial hiccup then?

Curious, we asked more questions.

It turned out all the links to purchase her products and services on her website were BROKEN. So there was no way someone could pay her through the website even though she has a shopping cart in place and all.

How strange, right?

Well, you might think that’s just bad technology or gremlins or something, but after talking more about how she’s been thinking, we discovered what was really causing the blockage…

In her mind, she equated “being a successful business woman” with “losing touch with her mission”. Out of this fear, she was energetically and literally blocking the flow of money coming to her by the way she was thinking about herself and business.

See, many people have this mis-guided notion that to be “successful” you’ve got to lose sight of your Why and your values, and become a heartless money-hungry robot.

Au contraire, my friends… What you DO have to lose and what you WILL lose by allowing yourself to be successful is the lack of confidence, the false beliefs, and the pain of not having what you say you want. Success is all-inclusive of our personal, professional, spiritual and financial desires – and you get to choose what that looks like for you.

We are moving (quickly) into a wholehearteded world where CEO’s and businesses are integrating their vision with their heartfelt desires, for everyone to benefit and thrive.

After our “Trinity of Optimisation” team shared some powerful examples of successful business women who are still in touch with their mission (even more so in fact!!), our client was able to form a new association between “being a successful business woman” and “staying in touch with her mission,” which opened up the energy to breathe new life into her business operations and systems.

Our client realized that the MEANING she was giving to being a successful business woman was actually undermining the fulfillment of her mission. That’s really why her website payment links didn’t work… Now with the new meaning she’s giving to being a business woman, she is able to make better-feeling decisions to follow through on her mission. How cool is that?

I celebrate her for making the decision to change her thinking, and that comes from her deep commitment to her mission.

You might call me weird, but I’ve been around long enough in the tech world and personal development field to KNOW and SEE these signs clearly.

You can choose to be as skeptical about this as you please – I’m simply pointing out some very clear and strong facts here for you to consider.

That’s why it’s so important to align Why we do what we do with the Meaning we give things, the Beliefs we have and the Energy we operate with, and notice how this translates into our reality.


The ENERGY we put out creates what we experience, in some form or another, consciously or not.

The MEANING we give things defines the BELIEFS we have about ourselves, others, and the world we live in.

Leading with the heart opens up to sharing your WHY powerfully and genuinely engaging others to co-create/work with you.

Making one “small” shift in your thinking makes a HUGE impact in your life and business, just like our web client did with her business mindset. It comes down to being open, coachable and making decisions. And you can make new ones any day, any time.

As Tony Robbins says, “Decisions create Destiny.”

What destiny are you creating for yourself right now? I’d love to know…


Image credit: William Holman Hunt [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Your Reservation is Confirmed

I’m sure you get a lot of these notifications…

Your hotel reservation is confirmed.
Your flight reservation is confirmed.
Your dinner reservation is confirmed.
Your conference reservation is confirmed.

Reservations are a known and understood way of securing our place somewhere or with someone.

It’s standard. In fact, it is necessary. Otherwise, that lovely dinner date may go south if you don’t book his or her favourite place. Or not booking that next available meeting with your real estate agent may mean you miss out buying your dream home.

Reservations keep us focused and organized so we can keep moving forward in our lives.

Is this a habit you’re actively applying in business?

One of the reasons I expanded into coaching was because I encountered so many people in business with a highly UN-focused mindset that obstructed their ability to fully function as my web/SEO clients. They needed to optimise their thinking before we could optimise their websites. I could hear in our first meetings how they held themselves back from thriving, and it made me realize that no matter how much traffic I could send their way through SEO, if they weren’t able to close their deals, then what use was all that traffic serving them?

It made perfect sense for me to integrate these two elements, which makes my overall work a breeze now since people can actually grow their businesses better, because they’re growing themselves. Win Win.

So I’m asking…

Is your reservation for YOUR THRIVING LIFE confirmed?

Do you waver on making a decision to invest in something (namely, yourself), or… do you put your money where your mouth is (just like you do with your hotels, flights, date nights, etc.) and book yourself to work with someone?

I ask because I’m curious, and I’m always seeking clarity from the people I engage with. It creates a clear understanding of where we’re headed, especially if we’re having conversations about working together. It’s Business 101. It’s professional.

For me, there has to be a MATCHED INTENTION for us to work well together.

In Simon Sinek’s words:

“Avoid those who don’t and surround ourselves with those who do.”

One of my biggest curiosities lately has been around follow-through.

You see, people follow people.

If you keep your communications with clients and prospects loose and lazy, it’s no wonder they don’t sign up or don’t buy from you. This world is so full of distractions, it’s up to YOU to focus your clients so YOU can focus on the tasks at hand.

If you keep your communications focused and frequent, then you’re helping people find focus and stay on track with what’s really important. This benefits everyone involved, and accelerates progress on all fronts. Winn.

It also keeps your own personal momentum flowing.

A pond goes stale because the water isn’t moving.
A river (and everything around it) thrives because the water is constantly moving.

I know for a fact that if I am not on my A Game, things slow down for me. When I’m ON my A Game, life happens at the speed of light. So it’s up to me to do whatever is required to stay on my A Game so I can show up fully in life and business to keep the flow going in the direction of what I aspire to. Primarily, I make sure I’m taking care of me, and communicating effectively with those around me (whatever our relationship may be).

If you expect people to be clear with you when you’re not delivering this kind of clarity to others, then do not be surprised if all you hear are crickets…





Aren’t they lovely?

Or, by the sheer power of your personal engagement, do you hear the sound of excited clients and customers making their reservations to work with you?

If you want to make significant progress in life, there are 3 simple steps to take:

1. Line up your energy with what you want,
2. Make a decision to act on it, and then…
3. Confirm YOUR reservation.

Everything else falls into place once you do that.

Stop over-thinking and get moving (tweet this),


PS: if you have a hard time making decisions, then maybe you’d like to work with a coach to clarify your vision going forward. I know how much this kind of powerful relationship benefits me, and I can’t speak highly enough of it. I’m more than happy to have that conversation with you if it sparks your curiosity, but I need to be clear on one thing – I work with people whose word is more powerful than anything, and who understand that it takes a strong willingness for personal alignment to make powerful changes in our lives. Can you confirm that’s You?

Image credits by yours truly. Photograph of reduced size plaster cast of The Thinker, by August Rodin (1880), taken at The Maryhill Museum of Art, Washington.

The Gift of You

KP's 4th Birthday

Today is my birthday.

I love my birthday. In fact, every day is worth loving because every day I get to wake up and do what I do because of the joy it brings me, and joy is infectious. It makes the world go round.

The photo you see here is from my 4th birthday. That was my favourite plush dog at the time. I was shy about people singing to me so I would cover my ears (I still get shy, but I’ll still appreciate the gesture). I developed an early love for brownies (baked by my mother of course), and I just baked myself some this morning (one set for me, and one set for my friends).

I’ve come to realize that the more we celebrate ourselves (and others), the more life showers us with love and goodness.

Four years ago today I gave myself one of the best birthday gifts ever. I went to my favorite band’s concert in Wembley Stadium, on my actual birthday. I celebrated along with Take That and 85,291 other people who were experiencing a magical night filled with amazing music. Any time I have a wobble, I go back to that memory because it lights me up so powerfully. It reminds me that we can truly have, be and do whatever we desire in life, as long as we keep focused on our dreams.

@TakeThat Progress Live Wembley Stadium 2011

This was a massive celebration for me for several reasons…

– It was the fulfillment of a dream I thought would never come true. I’d wanted to see Take That  as a teenager but they split up before I could make that happen, and by the time they got back together years later, I was about to make my way to another continent in pursuit of some of my other dreams. When the 5 got back together for their Progress Live tour in 2011, I knew I had to be there. It was truly the concert of a lifetime, and to boot, I got to see the Pet Shop Boys as well. BAM.

– It was also when the idea for my first book came to me, walking through Hyde Park in London. The following summer I was sitting in my beloved Vancouver and wrote that book in a zippy three weeks. Another huge dream fulfilled. BOOM.

Here’s the thing. Much as I love my birthday, every day is a birth day. Every day we get to wake up and discover something new about ourselves, about life, about our loved ones. And every day we get to share that with others.

It’s fun to receive material gifts, but I know when I look at the best gifts I’ve received, they come from experiences like that concert. Or a surprise birthday get-together my friends arranged for me. A heartfelt and totally unexpected compliment.

It’s not so much the material things we receive but the experiences we have. More than that, it’s the feelings... Joy. Love. Appreciation.

We are the gift that keeps on giving. Share more of You with the world(tweet this)

Every moment matters, and I want you to remember that your presence in this world really is making an impact in someone’s life right now.

You are a Gift.


Here’s sending some Love your way on our birthday,


Please, Do Not Take Me For Granted

This week I did something I’ve never done before… I bowed out of a coaching session with a client. But not without rhyme or reason.

It’s not typical of me, because I am fully committed to my clients and our time together.

This situation came down to the principle of self respect, and I think you’ll relate.

Here’s what happened, and I’m sharing it with you to help you stand more in alignment…

This particular client sent me a text message at our agreed coaching time, telling me matter-of-factly that he had another call and we would do our session remotely afterward. We typically meet in person. Not all my clients get to spend this kind of time with me, since a lot of them are in other parts of the world, and they would love to spend time in person with me.

He offered no specific time to talk later.

I replied for him to take his other call. That was it.

I made a powerful decision right then and there.

I switched off my phone and took myself out for a long walk. If he called, he would get my voice mail.

When I checked my phone an hour and a half later, I saw another text message from him asking what my availability would be later in the week as he would be out the rest of the evening till late. No apology. No reason given.

My response, later, was that we needed to talk in person.

You see, I’ve been taken for granted a fair amount. Mostly because “I’m always there” for others. No matter what. I’ll hear them out through thick and thin. I care deeply about my fellow human beings, but I need to care about me too. And respect myself, starting with what I stand for. Put simply:

I like to be clear on where I stand – it shows focus.
Which means it’s important that my clients are on point so we’re clear on what we’re creating together.

I like to be on point with my timelines – it shows integrity.
Which means the decisions you make now will  impact in your life and business today, bringing the completion of your goals closer to you. Not put them off for next week or next month (which explains why most things NEVER happen).

I like to be on point with investing in myself – it shows commitment.
Which means if someone is serious about working with me, I expect them to be on point with their investment because this is the defining marker point on the timeline of what we create together.

Follow-through is key for anything we set out to create. Are you following through on YOU?

I ask because YOU ARE important to me.

I really really truly mean it.

I’m cool with clients calling ahead of time, with fair warning that they may be late because their cat threw up and they need to clean up the mess or whatever… but there’s a level of respect that HAS to be present for any kind of relationship to work exceptionally well. Especially when we sit in this kind of powerful co-creation mode. Especially when you’re making such a powerful investment in yourself, which is what coaching really is.

I decided I won’t be taken for granted anymore.

Because that’s exactly what happened in this case.

It’s not okay to leave someone hanging like that and assume they’ll be fine with it. Doesn’t matter who you are.

You can count on me to show up fully, and you can also count on me telling you when I’m not showing up fully. It takes courage to communicate like that.


When someone pulls something like this last minute, I know they have missed the mark. They’ve given their power away to something or someone other than THEMSELVES and the precious time we agreed on TOGETHER. And I know they had all the time in the world to call AHEAD.

I work with people who really own who they are. People who communicate effectively. People who lead their vision by how they lead their communications and relationships.

Trust me, communication is something I work on personally. It’s a constant process because every person has a different style of communication. And we are constantly evolving, each one of us.

It took me a process of opening up to ask more so I could create more of what I envision for my own life.

Why am I being so open with you?

BECAUSE I CARE about my time here on this planet and what I do with it. This means opening up and sharing more of who I Am, because it helps me get where I’m going, which helps you get where you’re going.

When I ask you bold questions, it’s because I know the impact that these bold questions make in my own life to drive my dreams and goals to fruition.

When I make bold statements, it’s to help you stay awake to what’s important to you, so you can show up to life and business and realize that.

Do not be mistaken. This client is an amazing, generous man and CEO of a global company with an inspiring vision that I am honoured to help him realise. The reason we’re working together is precisely to develop his profound people skills AND communication skills in order to achieve the greatness he already has within him, which has been obscured by cob-webbed fears and false beliefs.

As much as I was pissed off with that client in that moment (there, I said it), I also know I’ve personally launched a HUGE rocket of desire to elevate the clients I work with, because it’s called me to a higher Me already.

We did talk about it after, and it was clear his ducks were out of line. So there’s obviously more work to be done there to help him get where he’s going.

You get where you’re going by showing up fully to life; to your personal commitment to self and to the people who are ALL IN to helping you fulfill your vision. (tweet this)

That’s part of what unveiling the Genius within each and every one of us is all about.

Otherwise, what are you here for?

You can count on me to help you get where you’re going, but please… do not take me for granted (and neither should you be taken for granted).