What Is Your Body Telling You? Health Restoration Practices

I’m passionate about self healing, and with my own experiences of it. I often wonder how some forms of dis-ease manifested, and how people deal with them from the inside out.

Any time I have experienced a health challenge, it has served as a strong reminder for conscious self care, starting from within.

Here are some things I learned for myself, and in working with others through their healing process:

1. Ask Where This Came From
Your body is talking to you. And if you’re at a point of extreme challenge, then your body is screaming with the urgency to be heard. I gain clarity by asking to uncover the real motivators of the experience, and then act on my new awareness. You may have to ask several times, until your awareness opens up to the root cause.

Sometimes I find my thoughts were out of alignment with feeling good, or something comes up from the past that offers new insights for me to grow from…

Re-store your self love, it’s what your body is really asking for.

2. Create a Habit of Healthy Thoughts
This type of experience is a reminder that what we think, so we create, and we would do better to think more loving thoughts, because you never know how things will show up. Personally, I like good things to show up.

Unfavourable thoughts and their related “negative” emotions, or the tiny residual thoughts that may have built up slowly over time are what create challenges that appear in physical form (or external circumstances). Remember; just as the constant rubbing of sand can irritate your foot… so can it create a magnificent pearl.

This is not a cue for guilt trips, and certainly not to say you brought anything upon yourself. It’s simply a benchmark to start fresh. The beauty is, we can change our thoughts at any moment. Even now. And now. And… you get it.

3. Let Go of the Attachment to the Dis-ease
Whilst there may be a shock factor to some news you receive, this is an opportunity to shake off what’s not working. Remember this is not a sentence but an awakening.

People will say they “have cancer”. They will even add “my” to the condition. STOP. I’m not saying to live in denial of what’s going on, but you can choose a new association with health. You might take a big leap of faith or build small steps towards this – scale up as you feel best for you. Just take your next step with love.

What people “have” is the experience of mental/emotional misalignment showing up in their bodies. The body is bringing this to our attention, in extreme ways for some, so we can clear the slate and focus on health.

4. Hold the Vision of Health – Your life is Your Domain
See yourself as healthy now. Hold that vision for yourself. Own and manifest the internal healing, while others – like a surgeon, if you’re at a stage that requires one – support you with the “technical” aspects.

For me, it also helps that I give myself Reiki. Tapping is pretty awesome too.  Learn how to speed up your healing. Lean into holistic restoration and internal guidance.

5. Words Carry Super Powers – Use them Wisely
Of course you want your health restored ASAP. We all want that for you too.

But do you use words like: “fight, attack, aggressive treatment,” when you talk about how you’re going to approach your healing process? Are they words you use on a daily basis for other things? How do those words sit in your body? Notice where the energy goes…

How about healing through: “loving release, laser precision, almighty speed, gratitude and… yes, forgiveness.”

Yes, there may be challenging moments. And it’s okay to air out anger, fear, resentment, or whatever you may feel. They are part of the awareness of making new choices out of love (not fear), and help us build resilience whilst we lean into the health we manifest.

Consider these words attributed to Mother Teresa, “I will never attend an anti-war rally; if you have a peace rally, invite me. I am learning that if you focus on what you want, (peace) instead of what you don’t want, (war) you will receive it in abundance!”

For the love of your health, soften up your words, please.

6. What Other Feelings Can You Invite Along This Journey?
How would you like to feel throughout the restoration of your health? Find words that feel good, healthy, revitalising, nourishing. Give yourself permission to move through this process with as much ease, grace, and soul awareness as possible.

In his book, “A New Earth”, Eckhart Tolle refers to healing the pain-body, “…not through fighting it but through bringing the light of consciousness to it.”

7. Surround Yourself With Loving People
Be mindful of who you invite on this journey. It may not be for the faint of heart, so be sure your champions are coming from a place of confidence, purity, love, abundance and are committed to participating in the collective healing.

If you, brave soul, are experiencing a deeply challenging health concern, know that whilst we may never meet, I hold you in the highest loving light of your well being. And I hope these words encourage you to hold yourself there too.

Let’s stand and deliver health,


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How have you or someone you know overcome health challenges?

Know What You’re Feeling & Where It’s Coming From

Being an empath means I often sense strong energies that others are unconsciously “throwing” around. If you’re sensitive like this, you may share similar experiences.

Now, it’s great when you sense love and excitement – but what about anger or upset?

Ever feel that wave of urgent, anxious energy before the phone rings or an email comes in?

Some people are unaware of the energy they’re sending out.

You can choose to manage your state as best you feel, especially if you know there is something going on behind the scenes, and perhaps even between the two of you. Truth is, you never really know where they’re coming from unless they tell you. And if they’re not aware, or willing to look, chances are they won’t.

If someone sends this type of energy your way, it’s okay to ask them to check in with themselves. They may choose to deny their own energetic vibrations and respond by saying that your energy is out of alignment.

{Cue: Strong Hint}

If the feeling arrives before there is conscious interaction between you, trust that you’re sensing someone else’s energy bumping up against your state of feeling good.

If a person continues to deposit this energy at your feet, then you have some choices to make, like stepping out of their energetic field as best you can, and tending to yours. Time and your intuition will guide the outcome of the relationship.

At the end of the day, it’s about stepping out of old patterns. Put the ego or any hurt aside, and come back to the love. That’s what we’re all really asking for anyway.

Know your feelings, and if someone senses they’re off, take a moment to check in with yourself and get back on course.

Tweet this.

Let’s stand and deliver focus,


When someone’s energy feels challenging, how do you navigate your state and involvement in the relationship?

Here’s How You’ll Know It’s Her (or Him) – aka Knowing When You Know

You’ve met the person who sends waves of warmth and love through your soul.


And before you go shout it from the rooftop, you may choose to check in with yourself – briefly – while you bask in this wonderful connection you’ve been dreaming of.

The truth is, there will be no questioning, “Is this really The One?” There will be no second guessing, no wondering what others will think, no proving or justifying to anyone… This is Your Life. Your Blessed Union. And she (or he) showed up, because You showed up, my dear.

You will court one another in the way that people with pure hearted intentions and a solid sense of Self do.

You will pinch yourself. Often. And yes, it’s still real.

You will wake up with a feeling of ease, and renewed appreciation for life.

You will understand the meaning of “miracles”.

You will exchange mutual praise, appreciation, spark, support, interest and passion with the most natural flow you’d ever imagined.

You are solid, grounded, committed. You champion one another.

You will move through situations and conversations with a different kind of aptitude. Even those previously assigned “awkward” topics you may have never felt comfortable addressing with anyone. But you learned to address them within yourself and are now willing to share with the one person you know will not judge you.

You will surprise yourself with every new stretch of your soul. The growth stretch.

You will lean in to hear one another’s hearts speak, and lean back to receive the love they express freely.

You will not change anything about yourself for the other person. You both naturally evolve, individually and as a couple.

You do not complete one another. You compliment one another for being whole and complete as you are.

And these words will make perfect sense:

“I don’t need you in my life – I just really want you in it.” – Tara Bliss

You will feel excitement, ecstasy, sheer joy… AND peace, trust, comfort, confidence.

That’s how you’ll know it’s her (or him).

Can I get a “Hell Yes!”??


One of “those” people…

During a recent conversation with a friend who I don’t see that often, she confessed that she was, “Doing yoga but not really talking much about it, because I don’t want to be one of those people who talks about it all the time.”

Whilst time was short and we didn’t delve into what that really meant or what drew her to this practice, her apprehension around revealing this aspect of her personal evolution triggered my curiosity. I sensed a fear of judgment, and perhaps loss of individuality.

I think of it as “closeted spirituality.”

And I can say this – without judgment – because I’ve been there myself.

Be curious, not judgmental - Walt Whitman

My main reference growing up was “light Catholic” – we had a home full of books and my dad constantly encouraged us to open our minds. When he noticed I was getting bored of attending mass, he put a book about Buddhism in front me and said, “Here, read this. Take what you need from everything that you learn. Create your own personal blend.”

At first, I tiptoed around nurturing my spirituality. It wasn’t something most of my friends at the time had any interest in exploring for themselves.

I was in awe of other people who knew more than I did, but I was afraid to ask. I explored Reiki and new forms of meditation with some people who seemed clear-intentioned but then veered off in a concerning direction. For a time, I felt like I lived a double life as I secretly explored this spiritual avenue whilst showing up for my day job in the tech world.

I felt spiritually isolated until Life hauled me out of that dynamic.

After this, I took time out from my spiritual curiosity until I felt I was “safe” with others whose perspectives supported my evolving awareness as it felt right for me. With each one came a new mentor who helped me peel off the layers. I was able to integrate spirituality within my lifestyle, and be open about it – such a relief.

Fact: you will not lose your Self within group consciousness, provided you’re involved in a healthy community that understands and encourages your desires, which actually means you get to shine brighter.

Fact: If others label you as one of those people who is in reality taking ownership of their deepest curiosities and openly sharing this for communal benefit… then they’re not your kind of people, are they?

We’ve got to start somewhere. It could be meditation, yoga, reading different books, attending nondenominational spiritual gatherings, embracing silence, confiding in a trusted friend or learning to ask without fear of ridicule… whatever feels like a natural next step for you is fine.

By trusting your own process, you release fear of judgment.

When we put more thought and energy into what others think, we inadvertently give them the power to approve or disapprove our actions. And that’s no healthy way to live your life, is it?

Certain people may not be in tune with who you are today. You may have walked along the same path for a while until you both veered off onto your own, which lead in different directions. You can still love them from a different place in your heart, and enjoy meeting at the intersections if they come up.

Honour where you stand now.

You will not “lose” anyone: Life will simply remove people from your path who are no longer in tune or of active service to your personal growth. It may hurt for a while as you adjust. You’ll be fine, and so will they.

You will gain: awareness, other people (or a new way to relate with your existing connections), resilience and confidence.

Ultimately, you will become one of those people who is willing to speak up. You will also draw closer those who resonate with you at a deeper level, who are ready, willing and able to help you along with inspired action.

You will go from self absorbed to self aware.

And that, my friends, is powerful.

It’s safe to come out. It’s safe to be one of those people who is openly curious about their personal development and is willing to show up, share, and invite.

This brief conversation with my friend has been timely for me. I have not wanted to be one of those people who refers to themselves as a coach, although the word (spoken by others) has made its way into conversation as more people come to me for guidance, and our interactions help us evolve individually, together.

I’m getting cozy with walking it and talking it, which is exactly what you’re doing in your own way, so guess what?

You’re one of those people, and so am I, since we’re all connected.

Be proud of your awakenings, because there are too many people living in soul-slumber who need us to show them it’s safe to come out too.

Rise and Shine, my Friends.


How has releasing yourself from judgment helped you unfold and take new leaps of faith? The conscious flow happens below (that was an unintended rhyme)…

This Change In Gears May Cause Miracles

This morning was exceptional. It was raining in LA, which means most people won’t drive and if they do it’s with greater levels of insecurity. I walked into my bank and the girl behind the counter, with whom I’ve had some great conversations lately, told me that on rainy days she either expects it to be really quiet, or it’s only the very important clients who make the effort to come in. I felt kinda special about that.

On my way home, I bumped into the homeless gentleman (because he is a gentleman) who hangs out by the CVS on Santa Monica Blvd & La Cienega and with whom I have fascinating conversations about life. We didn’t talk much as I was on my way back home for some conference calls, but he wouldn’t let me go without saying, “You are a very important person.”

I pondered the spectrum here – the banker with all the bills and the guy with a few cents in his plastic cup, both reflecting on my importance. Me? Hm. Okay… and thank you…

I’m clearly putting something out there… and I think I know what it comes down to… self worth.

I write this on Day 11 of Gabrielle Bernstein’s May Cause Miracles. I had the pleasure of meeting her at her LA book launch in the coolest yoga center I’ve been to so far. She clearly exudes her own worth – a loving, generous, tuned-in and very switched on human being whose presence imbues kick-ass goodness. And her book is a pure reflection of who she is and what she lives by.

(note to self: I think that’s my longest compliment to anyone, ever)

May Cause Miracles

Day 11 is about Self Gratitude. And boy am I grateful to be here, being me. And without a doubt that has inspired  a higher degree of worthiness in me as well.

After a few years of “deep sea diving” personal development and a slightly tumultuous (yet necessary) end to 2012, I finally realised it was time for another big life change. I have been asking for a new lifestyle, new friends, new clients and new readers, and they are all magically rolling in with a smile and lots of gratitude as well.

May Cause Miracles is providing me with a platform to take actionable steps on a daily basis that support this new life, which includes reading mornings and evenings (a wonderful habit I had let go of ‘because of work’ and now wholeheartedly diving into again).

I’m toning down some aspects of my life to turn up my abilities at a whole new level. Letting go of what does not serve me, so I can serve others better.

I look at this as if I were driving a car, and since I love Formula 1 racing, we can jazz up the visual. Think of the artfulness of changing gears and adeptly turning corners that their drivers display, slowing down and speeding up just at the right times.

Sometimes, we need to downshift for the next big turn in life, so we can step on the gas and go full speed ahead. With confidence. Knowing that every effort, moment, breath, heartbeat and hours of discipline we put into what we do are worth it. Because we are worth it, and we can all expect miracles.

How has changing gears affected your life? Post a comment below or on Facebook and share your insights for others to find inspiration.

Be grateful you’re on track, my friend.


All Rise

There’s a line in Robbie Williams’ “Let Me Entertain You” that I have resonated quite strongly with this past year. It goes like this:

I’m a burning effigy of everything I used to be…”

And so I am. And so it is. And here we are.

At any given moment, Life offers us the opportunity to majestically (and at times, somewhat painfully) wipe the slate clean in order to re-create everything from the ground up.

The other day I was telling myself, “I’m going all out, because I’m all in.” Some people found it very sexy (thanks, I guess it is). Now I understand better what I was telling myself.

So we’ll lovingly slam the old book closed together now, shall we?

Take old habits,
Unlearn them,
And burn them.

Tear it all down,
Bring doubt to a stop,
And build Yourself up.

Take a look around,
Start afresh, start anew,
There’s no one here… but You.

Teetering on the edge,
In between all the noises,
You welcome new choices.

“Maybe” becomes “Definitely.”
Definitely, enough of the old stories
But please do remember past glories

New souls show up,
Surprise You with decision,
Imbue Yours with new vision.

As You free Yourself,
The fire in Your heart roars,
Willing and ready for more.

And after the rain has fallen,
You take a new pen,
To map Your Desires again.

The closer you get to the fire, the stronger the heat and the higher the phoenix rises. It is known, it is given. It is Law. Notice that how you feel now is already different.

As the embers settle to an enjoyable warmth within, let me be the first to welcome You to your new Life, as I welcome myself to mine.

All rise,

When Invocation Meets Desire

Invocation. I like this word… mostly in Spanish.

Invocación. It has a deeper resonance to it. An oomphatic statement.

It also makes me think of Joaquin Rodrigo’s “Invocación y Danza” piece for guitar.

It sounds very elfish if you ask me. Elves with cheeky agendas. With a troll that lurks and then skips through the forest (min. 4-ish). It’s not a piece I’m drawn to play, since I prefer more flowing harmony, like this.

But it certainly reflects how random life can seem at times. And mysterious.

This is the magic, or miracle of life. You may have an idea or preference, yet you never really know how it’s going to unfold for you… same as the notes on a piece of sheet music – they could literally take you anywhere along the one thing that is certain – the five lines along which they dance.

We could even give each line a name for the main aspects of our lives:

– health
– relationships
– wealth
– spirituality
– career

These are the constants along our journey of Life. The baselines from which we fine tune beliefs, values, decisions, callings…

All of them running parallel to one another, dotted with the alternating tones and frequencies we create. Diminuendos and crescendos. Counterpoints and pauses. Patterns and improvisations. Piano Piano and Fortissimo.

While all else may seem out of harmony at times, these foundations lay the tracks for our in-vocation to see what calls us next.

And ‘next’ works best with Desire.

Have you RSVP’d to your Desires yet?

Accidents Are NOT Karma Saying F*** You…

I write this as a tribute to anyone who has experienced severe wake up calls (referred to by some as ‘accidents’), and a gentle reminder that it’s okay. You’re more than okay. You’re clearing your path to new awareness and what you truly desire. Here’s my story:

I was in Vancouver enjoying a glorious April afternoon drive back from the North Shore to the West End in the passenger seat of a friend’s car. We were happily engaged in conversation coasting along Denman Street, when a car almost sideswiped us from an alley coming up to the light at Robson Street.

I couldn’t make out exactly how close he stopped by my side of the car, although the driver’s eyes were certainly within clear view.

My heart rate sped up a bit although I kept my cool (I only know one other person who would keep calm in a situation like that).

My friend’s temper rose as he hit the brakes and swore at the driver, while I took off my sunglasses, looked the man straight in the eyes, smiled, and cautioned with my hand as I mouthed, “Slow down.”

The man looked like he’d just received an intravenous injection of extra bold coffee. He seemed oblivious to the fact that he might just have hurt someone, and perhaps even himself.

My friend’s temper waned a few blocks after we drove off. I wondered what our respective wake up calls were, as I thanked the Universe for protecting us all from physical harm.

It’s easy to think someone is at fault and point the finger. But the truth is…

Accidents are no accident.

They are wake up calls from our subconscious mind. It’s up to us to uncover what each one is for us, and then clear our patterns or limiting beliefs so we are free of ‘road blocks,’ which is what these situations usually represent.

I took this incident as an opportunity to be more alert to my surroundings, and a reminder of how well protected I am. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Guardian Angels.

Now, it’s okay to freak out if something happens, and release the nervous energies that may come up. Remember this is happening through you, not to you. So allow yourself to move through it.

What happened ‘to’ you does not define you. It’s an experience you went through, it’s not your identity. Turn your past into a classroom. – Robert Holden

While you take a moment to relax and gather yourself, trust that you’ve given yourself an opportunity to let go of old fears and inhibitions.

Your natural, old reactions may be to hunker down and feed the fear. You might want beat yourself up over something. Not feel good enough. Think karma’s a bitch, and you’re getting paid back for something you did. Give a ‘valid’ reason not to show up for yourself in new ways…

Stop. Change gears.

Spare yourself the adrenaline rush of dramatic situations.

Yes, we get what we think of most of the time.

Yes, thought is cause and outcome is effect (aka ‘karma‘) – now you can stop feeling like you may have brought something negative onto yourself, engage new thoughts and bring something new to the table for you to enjoy.

You’re alive. You’re awake. You can find new awareness in healthier ways, can’t you?

Of course you can…

How are you choosing to release yourself now from the blocks of the past, and move forward consciously, with safety and ease?

Green light. Move along now, with ease and awareness.

Cupcakes, anyone?