My Biggest Leap of Faith & What I’ve Learned So Far

Some anniversaries are quickly forgotten. Others are meant to be honoured because of the power they hold as reminders of how far we’ve come when we didn’t think we could do something.

This boarding pass marks the anniversary of my biggest leap of faith, which I took on this day in 2008. It’s important for me to pay tribute to it every year, because it put me fully on course with my dreams, my desires, and my purpose.


Part of the journey, like any flight, has had clouds and moments of turbulence. For the most part it has been filled with pure awe, delight, curiosity, new perspectives and more love than I could have imagined that day I set foot on the plane in Malaga, on my way to London, destination Vancouver. Two suitcases, a guitar, a handful of drum sticks, and a heart full of wonder and excitement.

A new world opened up for me, which was really a reflection of me opening up to the world.

Some of the golden nuggets I’ve collected so far:

Home is a state of being, not a place (although having one that reflects our state of being is a wonderful thing).

Courage comes from being fully invested in what makes your heart open wide. People have often told me how strong and courageous I am for leaving what I knew for something new and arriving there by myself, several times (they seem to remind me most when I have felt it the least). You can do it too.

Resilience requires release. Release of fear, of anxiety, of the things we learned growing up that no longer serve us now, and obscured our vision of ourselves. You gain so much by lightening the emotional baggage.

Faith fuels clarity and vision. We never know who will stay the course with us, or for how long. Letting go of certain people may shake us to the core at times. The key is for you to stay the course for yourself.

Trust your intuition and change your course as it feels best for you. You’re not letting anybody down by doing so. People who really care for your well being will understand, and they will help you get there. You will also encounter mind-blowing generosity from strangers and people you didn’t realise care that much about you.

Vulnerability shows us how strong we really are, especially when faced with adversity. It also shows us who we can share our biggest dreams and deepest concerns with, acting as the emotional gauge for our support network.

Create anew no matter where you are. Every place, every person is a reflection of what you’ve been inviting into your life. If it doesn’t feel right, give yourself the opportunity to understand what you’ve been inviting, change whatever needs to be changed, and do it lovingly. Remember change stems from how you think.

Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.
– Mark Twain

For all of you who I have met, whether briefly or we’re actively “travelling together”, you are cherished. No matter how seemingly small or random our connection may appear to you, it is great in my mind. You have impacted me in so many ways, and I can only hope that my presence in your life offers you some form of inspiration also.

May you believe you can do that thing you want to do, and do it. (tweet this)

May your greatest dreams come true in this lifetime, because that’s what we’re here for. (tweet this)

And may you keep taking leaps of faith,


Do you have a special anniversary or leap of faith you’d like to celebrate? Share it in the comments below…

What’s In Your Emotional Archive? {Plus 5 Steps to Clear It}

We all collect stuff – books, clothing, friends, careers, knowledge, thoughts, emotions…

They start with the values and beliefs we formed during childhood, which got categorized by matching experiences, like a well-organized library.

So, when things seem bent out of shape – you got fired or “let go”, your health took a turn for the “worse”, and things just don’t seem to be working out… it’s time to review what’s really going on within.

Look through your emotional archives, and the stories you can let go of to clear the soul clutter.

Fun Fact: some people think this kind of work will bring up tons of emotions they can’t handle. Truth is, you’ve been carrying them all your life, you just didn’t know how to let go of them. Seeing the truth behind their creation provides laser awareness for faster release and adaptation. Power to you, my friend. Time to shed the weight of the world and feel light again.

In the words of Iyanla Vanzant: “Feel. Deal. Heal.”

{Cue: Pen & Paper – keep these handy when we’re hanging out together}

1. Explore the Emotional Archives
Do you lean more into thoughts that are negative, blame-filled, guilt-ridden, or overwhelming?
Write them out and let your soul breathe. You’re being honest with yourself here, and you’re acing it.

Once you see this list on paper, ask yourself, “What are the intentions behind these thoughts?”
See them for what they really are. Are they misdirected intentions that were keeping you from showing up fully as your best self? “Best” being the ego-free, loving joyous best You.

2. Check The References in Each Volume
You may encounter the typical biggies: fear, anger, sadness, hurt, guilt… it’s safe to let them surface, even better to ask them where they really came from. They may throw excuses up to distract you, so just keep asking, gently. You’re looking for cues in your early childhood here.

Were they formed by someone else’s energy or thoughts that “became” yours, and never really felt good to you?

You may discover these weighted emotions were ‘etched in’ a long time ago. For example, that afternoon while you were minding your own peacefulness playing with your teddy bear, your parents may have been arguing about something that had nothing to do with you. Yet, the energy of that moment made such a deep, distorted impact on your soul and wrote itself into your future behaviours that served the pain experience, instead of the joy experience.

For me it was communication – for a long time I couldn’t express myself open-heartedly because my references growing up were either tense silence, or outbursts of anger. I had to learn the healthy in-between of compassionate communication. And it started by having compassionate conversations with myself. When things get challenging, I start there.

If you feel you’d like additional guidance in this phase, we can work it out together.

Now that you’ve discovered what was going on behind the scenes, you can clear the slate of those emotions.

3. Write a New Book
Write down the wonderful qualities you remember about yourself now. Include words, pictures, sounds, places that make your heart smile and your soul sing. Expand on each one as you feel guided. And remember, this is a judgement-free zone. For extended guidance on accessing what feels good, start desire mapping).

4. Read Yourself New Bedtime Stories
Put these cues somewhere you can see, hear or repeat them to yourself regularly. We all know that daily practices make for faster transformation, right?

5. Congratulate Yourself
You’re turning pages and starting a whole new chapter. Life is good, isn’t it?

Let’s all stand and deliver clarity,


Check back in here and let me know how your discovery phase is helping you…

Know What You’re Feeling & Where It’s Coming From

Being an empath means I often sense strong energies that others are unconsciously “throwing” around. If you’re sensitive like this, you may share similar experiences.

Now, it’s great when you sense love and excitement – but what about anger or upset?

Ever feel that wave of urgent, anxious energy before the phone rings or an email comes in?

Some people are unaware of the energy they’re sending out.

You can choose to manage your state as best you feel, especially if you know there is something going on behind the scenes, and perhaps even between the two of you. Truth is, you never really know where they’re coming from unless they tell you. And if they’re not aware, or willing to look, chances are they won’t.

If someone sends this type of energy your way, it’s okay to ask them to check in with themselves. They may choose to deny their own energetic vibrations and respond by saying that your energy is out of alignment.

{Cue: Strong Hint}

If the feeling arrives before there is conscious interaction between you, trust that you’re sensing someone else’s energy bumping up against your state of feeling good.

If a person continues to deposit this energy at your feet, then you have some choices to make, like stepping out of their energetic field as best you can, and tending to yours. Time and your intuition will guide the outcome of the relationship.

At the end of the day, it’s about stepping out of old patterns. Put the ego or any hurt aside, and come back to the love. That’s what we’re all really asking for anyway.

Know your feelings, and if someone senses they’re off, take a moment to check in with yourself and get back on course.

Tweet this.

Let’s stand and deliver focus,


When someone’s energy feels challenging, how do you navigate your state and involvement in the relationship?

Get Ready, Your Yes Is Waiting For You

When you’re actively committed to your highest well being and working on your Self, things change and Life moves at the speed of Astounding, allowing you to trust that the spaces in between serve to nurture and foster stronger connections.

(click for downloadable PDF)

Limiting decisions are blown away, infused with renewed faith and confident forward motion.

Old blockages removed clear space for fresh beginnings and clear visions.

The crutches and shackles of the past disappear for you to run, skip and fly… freely.

You wake up to a whole new brew of Life, because you know you’re worth this… or better.

You experience quantum leaps of happiness in all forms, with ease and grace.

Ask… and you shall receive.

See… and you will be believe.

Invite… and you will reap.

Feel… and you will complete.


Your Yes is waiting for you.

Bronze Medals, Golden Moments & One Precious Outcome

August is often a quiet month, which I usually take to do some creative behind-the-scenes stuff. This year, I decided to go all out and live a life well optimized (works for business and personal aspects, as you’ll see).

Here’s what happened, and how you can apply it yourself in 6 easy steps…

Step 1: Change of Scenery

I wanted to finish my book this summer, and I knew that sitting in LA was not going to help (with the temperatures I’ve come back to? Hell, no…).

So I planted myself in Vancouver, where the book actually takes place. Meanwhile, business carried on with renewed vision.

This is the power of managing your business online – you can be anywhere, anytime, keep business flowing, network and create new relationships wherever you are, wherever they are.

My results?

I gained new perspectives. New clients. New relationships. New stories… for me, for you, for business, for family, and a larger community of people I haven’t even met.

Let me introduce you to the ones I did meet…

Step 2: Network in Flip Flops

I networked at a picnic on the beach, organized by SVI of Hollyhock (Canada’s Lifelong Learning Centre) where I met changemaker April Dutheil promoting the BC Ideas social, health & environmental innovation contest, which ends September 12. Go check it out and spread the word, thanks.

I discussed marketing ideas for Niki Owl between website updates and writing sessions with the excellent Brady Dahmer of Brady Dahmer Design. He likes to talk to CEOs, and you’ll like talking to him too, won’t you?

I was this close to 3 Olympic® medalists from Canada’s golden women’s soccer team at BC Place Stadium, courtesy of one of my business partner‘s hookups. Talk about surrounding yourself with super-achievers…

I got to hang out with one of my favourite writers. I had set this intention in advance and with gratitude, before I arrived in Vancouver. It was as simple as, “I’m grateful for the opportunity to meet her.”

And then I read this tweet…

I… had… to… Be… there… Right?

Step 3: Recognise the Signs and Show Up

When you’re on purpose with yourself, you recognize Life tapping you on the shoulder and saying, “It’s your time. Go. Enjoy.”

So I did.

Picture ~30 entrepreneurial women gathered in a fun, nurturing environment. Openly sharing ideas, projects, and desires. Willing and happy to encourage one another. No business card pushers. No ‘attitudes’. Just sheer awesomeness.

Show up, elevate, done. Golden. Thank you.

Are you surrounding yourself with people who positively, actively support you? People who say, “I can help you with this,” and, “Keep me posted on your progress!”

More importantly: Are you open to receiving what is offered with freedom and ease?

Return flight LAX-YVR = $364
Chill Winston tab = $21
Hanging out with Danielle LaPorte, Chela Davison, Kate Northrup, Dyana Valentine, Terri Cole, Julie Robbins, Kim Shirley, Glynnis Osher, 15 year old Alex and everyone else who showed up = Priceless.

{For the record, Niki Owl also had a hoot}

Step 4: Embrace Ease

All of what you’ve read so far happened with incredible ease. And the more I allowed this ease to guide me, the more things flowed along my path.

Enter: new clients.

In taking care of me, I automatically took care of the extended ‘needs’ for business to continue prospering.

So if you’ve spent time recently bumping up against obstacles, spinning your wheels and over-thinking your next steps, here’s a simple suggestion:

STOP it already.

I’ll say it again…

STOP. And breathe.

Sometimes it only takes walking around the block to shift perspective and gain new ideas to boost your business and projects. Sometimes it takes hopping on a plane and going farther afield.

Do whatever works for you, as long as you listen to what that is… and honour it.

Your basic requirement?

You must be willing. It may seem challenging at times. The results, however, are priceless.

I certainly never pictured myself (until very recently) walking up to a renowned author and members of her power team, casually sharing life stories over cocktails. But… I was certainly willing.

If you haven’t read Danielle LaPorte’s book yet, go get it:

(I don’t get anything from this besides sheer joy that you’re reading it)

Step 5: Apply Ease to ‘Complex’ Situations

One of my clients was worried about writing content for her next business development blog post. She told me about the red velvet cake she had just made for her daughter’s birthday, which she’d never made before and was pleasantly surprised at the outcome of her endeavour.

So in order to whisk her out of ‘blogging overwhelm’, I tasked her with writing about the correlations between how she overcame her own concerns in the cake-making process, and how her clients can apply this awareness to their business development processes. I’m excited to see what new recipe for success she comes up with, and what this does for you…

Put two seemingly different parts together, and you get a whole new integrated solution to work with. (click to tweet)

There. That simple.

The term ‘Content Coach’ came up during this conversation, and I like it (content-happy + content-writing). It may well appear on my next set of business cards. I gave the only one in my pocket – and my last – to Terri Cole at the meetup. It was truly liberating.

Step 6: Enjoy The Icing on the Cake

Here it is:

Book Manuscript Mission: COMPLETED.

I can barely wait for you to read it.

Here to simplify,

Rule The World

Watching London’s closing ceremonies gave me time for some brief introspection of the last few weeks watching world class athletes perform. It has been so inspiring as I complete my forthcoming book, I want to be done with it already.

Of course, we still have a couple more weeks to look forward to with another awe-inspiring collective of athletes.

You may Believe that we are all part of one Love energy, one juicy awe inducing Consciousness, one massive community of Creators.


You may Believe that we are the product of genetic evolution from particles that came together over time and space.

However you choose to look at Life, there is no denying that as human beings we are each a part of the whole magic of Life.

And how we choose to perform in our lives is what makes us excel in our own ways.

As the world watched these remarkable human beings for two weeks, we can see once again how to take an individual goal, surpass all known limitations and come together as one global community raising itself to a whole new level of Belief in self.

Where our differences are motivators for personal excellence.

Where camaraderie unites us in awe of one another.

Humans being self-fulfilled individuals within the whole of humanity.

So instead of putting each other down out of jealousy, fear or skepticism, we actively support each other in being our best.

And when there’s something in life that you want, achieving it comes down to a very simple thought – if there’s nobody apparently better than you out there, then go for it, Phelps style. Break through your previous limitations with eyes wide open, like those of a child looking at something for the very first time.

If you encounter criticism from others, remind yourself that it’s their choice how they focus their energy.

If others choose to focus on pulling you down, continue to focus on building yourself up. Simply carry on doing what you can for you, since their path is theirs for the making.

Your excellence acts a beacon to show others how they can excel for themselves.

Somebody else will take inspiration from you and propel themselves to greater heights.

And if there is somebody better than you at something, applaud them as you take inspiration from their feats.

Our achievements come down to Attitude, Belief, and Commitment to giving it our all.

This is what makes us humane champions of life.

This is how we rule the world.

Take that,

A Few Small Repairs

I saw this on a website and couldn’t help but think of a few people I’ve known that “fit the profile”…

I find it concerning to see people with great minds and talent simply bury their greatness in some form of self-denial. And in turn, see those who allow their actions to be influenced by people who put their dreams down. And of course, I wonder about those people…

It’s not that weakness is a “bad” thing and that “weak” people should be chased off the planet (as some would believe and act on accordingly). Perceived weakness in ourselves and in others can enlighten us in ways that boldness may not, and show us what our lives may become if we stop daring to dream and act upon those dreams. I have some experience around being taunted for my sensitivity, and how this affected taking action on my own dreams.

Since I’m all about strength – and more importantly, turning perceived negatives into positives – that’s what I’ll focus on.

For some people, it’s not always easy to make choices, especially in this day and age where there are infinite options to choose from. The selection process may not always be as easy as it looks, and jumping into the fire with the faith that everything will fall into place may not always be the best way to handle a situation either (though I seem to have become very good at that). I am a firm believer that things will fall into place, although a little care and attention never hurt anyone or any plan, as long as you give yourself the benefit of the doubt while others may brush your ideas under the carpet (because some people can’t fathom letting go of their own fears).

We can be reckless and let others govern our decisions (and ultimately, our lives), if that’s what our fears dictate over our most deeply-rooted instincts and desires. But consider the following before your life freezes over and takes its toll on others, if it hasn’t already:

– If somebody is overly sensitive, do you bully them because you’re afraid of being ridiculed for showing your own sensitivity?
– If somebody offers a helping hand, do you brush it off because you thought life had taught you early on that you had to stand on your own two feet without asking anything of anyone?
– If somebody is full of life and motivation, do you push them down to keep them in your unhappiness?

Make it your mission to soften your heart and strengthen your courage. The rest takes care of itself.



Sunny Came Home

Sunny came home to her favorite room
Sunny sat down in the kitchen
She opened a book and a box of tools
Sunny came home with a mission

She says days go by I’m hypnotized
I’m walking on a wire
I close my eyes and fly out of my mind
Into the fire

Sunny came home with a list of names
She didn’t believe in transcendence
It’s time for a few small repairs she said
Sunny came home with a vengeance

She says days go by I don’t know why
I’m walking on a wire
I close my eyes and fly out of my mind
Into the fire

Get the kids and bring a sweater
Dry is good and wind is better
Count the years, you always knew it
Strike a match, go on and do it

Days go by I’m hypnotized
I’m walking on a wire
I close my eyes and fly out of my mind
Into the fire

Light the sky and hold on tight
The world is burning down
She’s out there on her own and she’s alright
Sunny came home
Sunny came home…

Written by Shawn Colvin & John Leventhal