Owl’s Well That Ends With a Hoot

So Niki Owl and I went to school… more specifically, to Lockwood Elementary School in LA to read excerpts from “Leap of Faith” to the kids in honour of Dr Seuss Day.

It was a hoot.

Considering this was my first official reading of my book to kids (for whom I had originally written the book), I have to admit I was a little unsure of what would happen, but I swooped right in and suffice to say, owl’s well that ends with a hoot!

The kids were so focused during the book reading, and so quick to ask intelligent questions between chapters. Clean, unfiltered minds, which is what the messages in the book intend to support them with as they grow into healthy adults.

They loved hearing about how Niki teaches a scared little owl how to overcome his fear of flying, especially those who were afraid of flying themselves… and they enjoyed hearing about the nature in Vancouver. They even had an owl of their own, who was happy to meet his new friend Niki…

Niki Owl Lockwood Elementary School

I love how curious kids can be – you just never know what they’re going to ask!

One of my favourite questions during the improvised Q&A was this one from their teacher, Mr Castillo, “We talk about how we all like to draw and be creative, but maybe we’re not very good at it. What would you say to someone who thinks they’re not good at doing something?”

Well, I had two swift answers;

One is a quote from Art Williams’ speech, “Just do it” (and you keep doing it till you get good at it…).

And the other was, “Stop thinking that you can’t do something, and start telling yourself that you can.”

In the book, Niki Owl remembers his dad telling him these words, “I can, I want to, and I will.” So I encourage you to do the same, and use this to inspire action in whatever you may be looking to get better at.

After some other great questions, the kids jumped up for their autographs and I probably drew about 50 owls, both large and small and even on some kids’ hands as fake tattoos {note to self, add to merchandising…}.

Since Niki Owl is my ‘baby,’ I’m happy to see him take flight in such a refreshing way, and be received with open arms and wide-eyed gazes from so many kids eager to learn new things. I showed up with a bunch of gifts, and walked away with a full heart.

I’ll be really honest… At the root of my concerns with this book has been, “Will it support children in their personal development and inspire them to stay true to their dreams and desires?” and now I know from the sparks in their eyes and the hugs I received, that yes, yes it is a good start. So thank you.

It’s all about the love and creativity we put out into the world. It comes back to us in amazing and mysterious ways.

So put yours out there, and post your comments below to let me know how you’re doing…


PS What inspiration have you found from reading Leap of Faith?