You’ve Got What It Takes (Leadership Alert)

Decisions. Choices.

We make them every second of every day and sleeping moment.

Have coffee. Walk dog. Write email. Call person. Buy thing. Meet friend. Expand business offering. Launch dream. Red or white wine… Or apple juice?

I do like to bounce some of my ideas around with my trusted advisors. I now also recognise more easily when I’m using that as an excuse to lean on someone else to make a decision. And sometimes, their insights do offer me just the ‘aha’ moment I require (it usually comes in the form of a loving kick up the *** – thanks guys & girls).

What happens when you stall on your own decisions to satisfy your need for external approval?

Answer: not very much (you generally feed the doubt even more).

It takes a village to decide on a new set of lampposts – there may be 12 to choose from.

It takes a (larger) village to choose a leader – to tell millions of differing minds what’s best for them (whoa, easy now).

It takes YOU to choose how to lead your life – because deep inside you know what’s best for you. Right?

How many people does it take for you to decide you’ve got what it takes? (click to tweet)

If your gut says “Yes” but you’re over thinking stuff and asking ten people (or Google search) to give you their “Yes” on your own life choices… then who’s really leading your life?

Remember, their values may not always reflect yours. Lead consciously and with transparency.

When I notice that I’m stalling, I have to check in with myself. Have I been waiting on someone else to give me enough votes in favour or against, so I can finally give myself permission to embrace my own decision and run with it?

When the tally for the votes comes in… am I really making my own decision based on those results?

It comes down to sense of self.

Are you looking to find your sense of leadership in leaders… or followers?

There may be no one else in your immediate environment who is consciously engaged to step up their own game. You’ll have to figure some of it out while you become the leader.

It will require conscious leaps of faith while observing those who are leading, wherever they are.

Do what your gut tells you to do – for You.

You, standing by You. Awesome.

If anyone asks what you’re doing – show them, don’t tell them. Some of them may not understand, and that’s okay. Keep at it.

We’re here telling you what works for us, based on what we know and our results.

They’re your dreams and your desires and we can’t tell you how to shape them. We can encourage you to believe in them, and to believe in You.

That’s really what you’re looking for, isn’t it?

The details are mere excuses to cover up the real motivation behind the asking, “Am I good enough for this? Can I do it?”

Answer: Yes you are. Yes you can.

We’ve even got the fireworks ready.


Step it up. Know that you’re worth it. This may rattle their cages and push their buttons; it will help you break through yours. You’ll be amazed at your own results.

Own your decisions, because you’re the one who sleeps with them. Change your strategy as you go along, as you require. And you’ll see how much more you’ve won as a result.

Did you notice that “own” and “won” contain the same letters?

Hot dang, you’re good

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve,” Napoleon Hill

Bronze Medals, Golden Moments & One Precious Outcome

August is often a quiet month, which I usually take to do some creative behind-the-scenes stuff. This year, I decided to go all out and live a life well optimized (works for business and personal aspects, as you’ll see).

Here’s what happened, and how you can apply it yourself in 6 easy steps…

Step 1: Change of Scenery

I wanted to finish my book this summer, and I knew that sitting in LA was not going to help (with the temperatures I’ve come back to? Hell, no…).

So I planted myself in Vancouver, where the book actually takes place. Meanwhile, business carried on with renewed vision.

This is the power of managing your business online – you can be anywhere, anytime, keep business flowing, network and create new relationships wherever you are, wherever they are.

My results?

I gained new perspectives. New clients. New relationships. New stories… for me, for you, for business, for family, and a larger community of people I haven’t even met.

Let me introduce you to the ones I did meet…

Step 2: Network in Flip Flops

I networked at a picnic on the beach, organized by SVI of Hollyhock (Canada’s Lifelong Learning Centre) where I met changemaker April Dutheil promoting the BC Ideas social, health & environmental innovation contest, which ends September 12. Go check it out and spread the word, thanks.

I discussed marketing ideas for Niki Owl between website updates and writing sessions with the excellent Brady Dahmer of Brady Dahmer Design. He likes to talk to CEOs, and you’ll like talking to him too, won’t you?

I was this close to 3 Olympic® medalists from Canada’s golden women’s soccer team at BC Place Stadium, courtesy of one of my business partner‘s hookups. Talk about surrounding yourself with super-achievers…

I got to hang out with one of my favourite writers. I had set this intention in advance and with gratitude, before I arrived in Vancouver. It was as simple as, “I’m grateful for the opportunity to meet her.”

And then I read this tweet…

I… had… to… Be… there… Right?

Step 3: Recognise the Signs and Show Up

When you’re on purpose with yourself, you recognize Life tapping you on the shoulder and saying, “It’s your time. Go. Enjoy.”

So I did.

Picture ~30 entrepreneurial women gathered in a fun, nurturing environment. Openly sharing ideas, projects, and desires. Willing and happy to encourage one another. No business card pushers. No ‘attitudes’. Just sheer awesomeness.

Show up, elevate, done. Golden. Thank you.

Are you surrounding yourself with people who positively, actively support you? People who say, “I can help you with this,” and, “Keep me posted on your progress!”

More importantly: Are you open to receiving what is offered with freedom and ease?

Return flight LAX-YVR = $364
Chill Winston tab = $21
Hanging out with Danielle LaPorte, Chela Davison, Kate Northrup, Dyana Valentine, Terri Cole, Julie Robbins, Kim Shirley, Glynnis Osher, 15 year old Alex and everyone else who showed up = Priceless.

{For the record, Niki Owl also had a hoot}

Step 4: Embrace Ease

All of what you’ve read so far happened with incredible ease. And the more I allowed this ease to guide me, the more things flowed along my path.

Enter: new clients.

In taking care of me, I automatically took care of the extended ‘needs’ for business to continue prospering.

So if you’ve spent time recently bumping up against obstacles, spinning your wheels and over-thinking your next steps, here’s a simple suggestion:

STOP it already.

I’ll say it again…

STOP. And breathe.

Sometimes it only takes walking around the block to shift perspective and gain new ideas to boost your business and projects. Sometimes it takes hopping on a plane and going farther afield.

Do whatever works for you, as long as you listen to what that is… and honour it.

Your basic requirement?

You must be willing. It may seem challenging at times. The results, however, are priceless.

I certainly never pictured myself (until very recently) walking up to a renowned author and members of her power team, casually sharing life stories over cocktails. But… I was certainly willing.

If you haven’t read Danielle LaPorte’s book yet, go get it:

(I don’t get anything from this besides sheer joy that you’re reading it)

Step 5: Apply Ease to ‘Complex’ Situations

One of my clients was worried about writing content for her next business development blog post. She told me about the red velvet cake she had just made for her daughter’s birthday, which she’d never made before and was pleasantly surprised at the outcome of her endeavour.

So in order to whisk her out of ‘blogging overwhelm’, I tasked her with writing about the correlations between how she overcame her own concerns in the cake-making process, and how her clients can apply this awareness to their business development processes. I’m excited to see what new recipe for success she comes up with, and what this does for you…

Put two seemingly different parts together, and you get a whole new integrated solution to work with. (click to tweet)

There. That simple.

The term ‘Content Coach’ came up during this conversation, and I like it (content-happy + content-writing). It may well appear on my next set of business cards. I gave the only one in my pocket – and my last – to Terri Cole at the meetup. It was truly liberating.

Step 6: Enjoy The Icing on the Cake

Here it is:

Book Manuscript Mission: COMPLETED.

I can barely wait for you to read it.

Here to simplify,

Hoots & Giggles

I don’t know about you, but this has been my most productive summer to date… even with a vacation holiday, beach time, and incredible meetups in the beautiful city where my upcoming book takes place – Vancouver (more about that soon).

Here’s what’s been happening…

Niki Owl Hatched a New Website!

When you’re in full creative flow, things happen at the speed of owls flying. And believe me, they fly fast.

While I finish up Book 1 of the Niki Owl series… he took time to create a whole new website to showcase himself more effectively. Because he’s that kind of artist…

Check it out:

Niki opted for simplicity this time, and we’ve taken off the handmade greeting cards & gifts section for the time being.

It’s a big risk shedding something that has existed for so long (even from an SEO perspective, but I know how to take care of that too), and one Niki and I willingly took for the greater vision so he can propel his writing career and inspire legions of (little and big) kids around the world.

You can read his story on how he came to life, access his online store much easier, and scoop up some owlish goodies while we prepare a whole new set of treats for you to indulge in.

Like him. Tweet him. Read him.

Thank you for your constant inspiration and support.

Love & Hoots,

(& Niki!)

Convergence & Integrated Optimization

What does convergence mean to you?

For me, it’s that beautifully delicate point where you step out of the old picture and into the full association of what you aspire to in life: in business, relationships and anything else that you can conceive.

The journey within the journey between where you are now and where you’d like to be.

Some people call this:

The Meeting Point.

No Man’s Land.

The Bridge.



How does this affect us?

The Business Perspective: Are your current marketing strategies providing this transformation for your business life to reach a new level?

The Personal Perspective: Are you translating these into your personal life so that you’re covering your bases in full support of all your goals?

Reality Check: Is there something you need to release (thought forms, strategies, resources, fears, anxiety, limiting decisions…), that you know by releasing this now, you will be able to move forward faster and with more precision?

Well, the good news is, we can work through it together.

Step by step, leading your way to…

Integrated Optimization

optimize |ˈäptəˌmīz|
verb [ with obj. ]
make the best or most effective use of (a situation, opportunity, or resource)

I take a holistic approach towards growing your business in the online world through creative strategies… and personal coaching.

When discussing development of their projects, clients ask me what I would do if it were my business. It’s a common question, one that goes beyond marketing strategies and business decision-making. It comes from a deeper place of, “How will this affect my life, and the lives of those around me?

Since we know the answer is in you anyway (right?), it’s just a matter of clearing through any fog or uncertainty, so you can gain clarity and confidence.Sometimes, we need to gain that clarity before we can do any real tangible ‘work’. And sometimes we can run them parallel. It comes down to what you’re willing to do, and how you view things.

So here it is, integrated optimizations.

Consultancy for your business life.
Coaching for your personal life.

Because they both come down to one common denominator – You.

And what comes to you, starts within you… on all levels.

So how about being fully integrated now?

Optimize You, Optimize Your Business™


Let’s rock this party.

And welcome to wherever you are now,

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Convergence… The journey within the journey

On The Shared Values of Athletes & Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneurial being who is constantly expanding my own brand of world domination, and those of my clients, I’ve been watching some of the Games to keep applying my muscle of belief.

So, while hundreds of athletes continue to inspire us in London this summer, it occurred to me that there are many parallels between:

– how athletes show up in life
– how entrepreneurs show up in their businesses (including on search engines/social media)
– and most importantly, how we create astounding results for ourselves.

Here are some shared values:

Seeing it through

I’d love to know what others you can think of…

How are you applying yourself to your success?

Go for Gold…

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On the Shared Values of Athletes & Entrepreneurs