I work with high achievers around the world creating results of all kinds; from multi-million euro companies, to writing books, to finding their life partner, to believing they actually belong here. At the heart of it, I help people find and live from their True North.

I am not a coach in the traditional sense.  My work dives into the imagination we all carry within, which often gets shut down by obligations and other people’s agendas. I help people tear down walls they thought would never disappear and take a new leap of faith on themselves. I do this relentlessly, because I believe we all deserve to live our best life.

This is a unique experience based on a very special synergy between you and me. I give you the best of me, and you give me the best of you.

I work by invitation and referral. I work with those who are willing to co-create with life, and who boldly go forth in the direction of their dreams to meet them with joy and enthusiasm.

Should you choose to step onto this high performance playing field and go for gold, you must know that my coaching is customised for You, based on a unique blend of my life experiences and training.

I’m all in. Are you?

Let’s have a conversation to see if we’re a fit to do this together.


Recent Praise & Impact:

“Karin is a true inspiration and has a unique gift for getting past the lies we tell ourselves that keep us from achieving our dreams. She calls you out and holds you accountable in a positive supportive way that you walk away knowing you can do it, knowing it is going to happen – your dreams are coming and you can be excited about that.”
– Charles Evans

A special mention: This is not therapy, nor is it intended to replace any such form of support. My coaching is focused on the fulfillment of human potential and excellence, starting with your personal focus.