Is Today Your Day?

I started playing classical guitar in 1994, about a year before Niki Owl was “born”. I played diligently every afternoon, gaining new appreciation for music and my abilities to transform those little “fly shits on paper” (as my Dad calls them) into beautiful sounds. My guitar teacher would give me concert pieces one sheet at a time, to fuel my desire to master each page before moving onto the next. Genius.

It taught me a lot about focus and consistent action.

I was recently in conversation with a CEO who used to related to his life as “seasonal.” I asked how that was working out for him in business and finances…

“Not very well,” he confessed.

Seasons “take time” to reap benefits and rewards, just like the food we harvest. And if you’re looking to make money, well…

[do you hear crickets?]

We went deeper in our conversation. In recent months, he’s experienced some powerful results he can actually touch. Yet, he was not showing up consistently in business on a daily basis, especially in his thinking. There were days he tuned in, and days he tuned out. Not surprising then his sporadic results, or the anxiety he felt at certain times.

When you show up as less than your best, you get “less than the best” results. When you show up as your best, you get the best results. It is Law.

I asked if he would consider “closing the gap” on his thoughts in order to transform seasonal routines into revitalized daily routines. He said, “Yes.”

Even though we naturally flow with the seasons (or quarters) we also flow with every day.

This means that every day, we get to choose how we think, how we feel, who or what we engage with, and how we go about our day.

Progress and results come from consistent belief and inspired action. (click to tweet)

A musician plays her guitar every day to master each piece of music. Note by note. Bar by bar. Page by page… Complete. Next. Repeat.

The musician does not think, “Oh, yesterday I couldn’t master that melody…” No, she says, “Today is a new day. And yesterday I set myself up for a new level of success for today.” Then she plays, and masters that piece of music. Every day she experiences tangible results she can appreciate, because every day she “shows up” for herself. Every day. Standing in possibility.

This is the power of Personal Commitment.

This is what sets The Masters apart from the rest.

Is today the day you choose to Master your success?


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