What if This Were Your Kid’s Dream (or Yours)?

I recently met Zandré Coetzee. She’s a double World Champion and player in the U/23 South African Ladies Underwater Hockey team that’s playing 8 other countries in the World Championships in Australia this July. Zandré’s 100% committed to making her dream come true, and she’s doing her part by training consistently for it, but she needs a little help from us.

I asked Zandré what going to this World Championship means to her, and here’s what she said:

“This sport means everything to me. And to be able to play a sport where I can represent my country is an amazing feeling and an opportunity which I never thought I would have.

My ultimate goal with regards to World Championships is to win a gold in all 4 age group categories (U19, U23, Elite and Masters). In 2015 we won the U19 World Champs in Spain, and last year I was the youngest in the Elite team who won gold in Stellenbosch. This next World Championship we will be fighting for gold as an U23 team and our chances of winning are looking very very good.

Everything I have done for the last 6 months has been to prepare for this World Championship. Being in the water and being able to play along side what I consider to be my second family while wearing the Protea is what I live for. There is no better feeling in the world. And standing on the podium with Gold around your neck is indescribable!”

Can you remember a time when something like this meant everything to you?

Now, you may not be an athlete in sports, but if you’re reading this then you’re certainly an “athlete” of Life. Whether you seek a fulfilling career, a healthy family or ideal relationship, this could be YOUR DREAM OR YOUR KID’S DREAM. And all it takes is some good-hearted people to help you take the next step in achieving it.

Personally, I LOVE her vision and commitment. For that alone I want her to get to that World Championship, and because the act of her fulfilling her dream serves as a conduit and inspiration for other people to fulfill theirs. That’s how this world really works.

How we play our part is this: The act of supporting one person’s dream activates a whole set of situations in support of realising our own.

So, you can start by helping Zandré.

She has 1 week to complete her funding to attend the upcoming World Championships. She only needs about $2,700*. For some of you reading this, it’s pocket change. But what if 50 of us put in $50-100 each to help her?

Seriously, if this were your kid’s dream (or yours), would you do it?

You’ll find details on how to send her funds in the flyer below. Send her an email once you’ve done that so she knows it’s on its way. Transfers take a few days so the time to do it is RIGHT NOW.

Remember… Each new dream come true inspires nations and generations.


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