Hello Genius...

Karin Pinter is an author, artist and the creator of Niki Owl. She is devoted to inspiring others to rescue the imagination of their inner kid, create a life by design, and to love boldly above all. Because without Love, nothing we create makes sense.

Use Your Personal Genius Wisely

Workshops for Kids & Adults・1:1 Coaching・Speaking Engagements

We all contain that powerful, sacred energy to create life with. Yet so many people forget this and walk through life with grey clouds over their souls, thinking life happens to them, not for them. What if you put some colour back into your life and chose to live your True North? Discover how to rescue your inner kid, connect the powerful dots of creativity within your heart and mind, and set your hidden gifts free so you can move confidently in the direction of your dreams.

Niki Owl Books

One of my first loves, besides reading, was writing stories. Then came drawing. It was only natural for me to “marry” the two and end up creating illustrated novels, and creativity books. The first of these include my cartoon character Niki Owl, Messenger of Love, Joy and Imagination.

Book Designs & Collaborations

My love for books goes beyond simply writing them. I love designing books and collaborating with other artists and writers to help bring to life their creations. Here are some of the latest examples I’ve worked on. 

The Love Cards

Love wants to speak to you, are you listening?

The Love Cards were born out of heeding a deep inner call to create something new and a way to process things I’ve gone through in the name of Love, which I believe many people can relate to somehow. They’re simple phrases containing thoughts, questions, meditations on Love, realisations… sometimes they may apply to something you’re experiencing in the moment, give you insight on something from before, or help you focus future communications.

Most of all, messages that go straight to the heart of the matter, to open you up to the greatest Love within you.