Yes, that’s you I’m talking to.

I’m Karin; author, artist, and the creator of Niki Owl.

I believe we’re all born with Genius, and we either nourish it or box it away. One creates healthy adults who know themselves within and can express themselves in this world. The other creates stifled beings who act out their pain in different ways.

I’m here to help people remember and use their creativity and imagination so they can shape their world as they dream it to be (personally and professionally, since it’s all connected).


Colour Your Life with Niki Owl – A Creativity Book to Help Your Dreams Take Flight & Follow Your North

Creativity isn’t just for little kids or artists though, and it doesn’t just mean painting, drawing, writing or playing an instrument.

Creativity means using the energy of creation in our everyday lives.

This book is designed to help you fine tune your personal direction, and act on your dreams and ideas.