Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a deep curiosity about what makes us who we are and what we are capable of.

My personal journey to understand this has led me across various countries and continents, armed with a courageous heart, pen, paper, a cartoon owl, and the desire to learn about myself and this world.

Creativity is embedded in my spirit, whether it’s writing stories, drawing my cartoon character and his friends, having been one of the first women in the SEO industry in Spain, or transforming my life and using my experiences to help others channel their personal reinvention.

The first major turning point in my life was when I created Niki Owl out of a subliminal desire to help myself bring colour to my world and give meaning to it.

Several years later, after moving halfway across the world and overcoming a few hard knocks, I started to question the work I was doing in the tech industry, and decided to recover my childhood dreams of publishing books and colouring the world with Niki Owl. I was guided to transform my own life and use this as a way to help people live from the inside out, instead of from the outside in.

In this, my virtual home, you’ll find…

Words: I write because that is how I can best reach into my heart and your heart wherever you are; to embrace its desires, dreams and transform confusion into clarity.

Creativity: the conscious creator in me speaks to the conscious creator in you. The one who remembers that playing clean keeps us in good standing with a Higher Love.

Love: Everything I say, do and create revolves around Love and the deep desire to invite you and us to experience it to the fullest, and for it be our truest guide in life. Sometimes we learn some kind lessons, sometimes we learn some really tough ones. The key is to keep digging deeper into our hearts so we can bring more of that Love to ourselves and out into the world.

At the heart of everything is my desire to discover the hidden treasures within us, as a way to help grow our human consciousness and make this a safe playground for our global family.

Thank you for being here, and if there is anything I can help you with, send me a message. Asking helps everyone.

With Love,

Bestselling author, speaker and mentor SARK gave me this special name; “Nourishing Presence”

Songs That Speak to my Heart & Soul