I was born and raised in Marbella, Spain, and grew up in an abundantly creative family, which imbued my mind with the powers of possibility, imagination and persistence to apply myself to what I’m passionate about and play it forward. I’ve travelled extensively throughout Europe, the US & Canada, soaking up as many cultural views as possible to expand my horizons, and help people from all walks of life.

Speaking of horizons, this is the view I grew up with…. Priceless, isn’t it?


I’ve loved writing stories since I was 8 years into this lifetime. I believe that telling stories is our most powerful way of connecting with one another, inspiring our imagination towards the fulfillment of our goals, dreams and desires.

My enterprise-building began when I was 14, when I started drawing Niki Owl. Niki wanted to appear on greeting cards and handmade gifts, and I sold these to my local community and friends, eventually selling them online after learning how to build websites. Niki has since become the main character of my first books, which are geared towards inspiring the kid in YOU.

I developed my first company, which gave me a 16 year journey in SEO and web development, and offered me a precious window into the mindset of success. This, and my own leaps of faith, prompted my own personal development path and my training to help others live their dreams.

I went from helping people optimize from the outside in, to optimizing from the inside out. I believe this is where true sustainable change happens for whatever we’re creating in life and business.

My work dives into the imagination we all carry within, which often gets shut down by obligations and other people’s agendas. I help people tear down walls they thought would never disappear and take a new leap of faith on themselves. I do this relentlessly, because I believe we all deserve to live our best life, and every dream matters.

Thank you for being here,


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