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Part spiritual and self-help wisdom, part adventure and part adorable, “Niki Owl: Leap of Faith,” by Karin Pinter is not only a great adult read, but can easily be shared with teens and children as well. Each chapter tells a short story with a spiritual lesson or belief weaved into it, allowing it to be read and digested easily for any age.
Pinter titled each chapter after song titles, including Sheryl Crow’s “A Change Will Do You Good,” Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way,” and Billy Joel’s “River of Dreams,” and the book takes the reader on an adventure with the character Niki Owl, who migrates from his homeland of Spain to Vancouver, Canada.
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Tammy Mastroberte, Elevated Existence Magazine

From Readers:

Childhood is a state where ideas and creativity flow, where we’re not afraid to take risks or be judged, where imagination flies and we are who we want to be. Unfortunately, as we “mature” much of this is lost. Karin Pinter makes available to all those who want to reflect – and above all to find – their inner kid, a wonderful book starring Niki Owl. Also a powerful tool for coaches who want to expand their toolbox.
Pepe Portillo Valverde

I bought this colouring book for my friends, family, and clients. I felt like I was giving a gift that would keep on giving. I gave a copy to my girlfriend and each of her daughters. They are using the book to work on their dreams and goals as a family. I also gave this to my nieces and nephew. My nephew said, “I love how Niki Owl is made of little marks of ink”. My nephew started to use this drawing technique in his art. He is ten years old. Many of the people I gave it to had been to Vancouver, BC, as they flipped through the pages, they said, “I have been here, where is this?, Oh, Vancouver, BC!” This book is full of wisdom and prompts for the user to start to dream, move, create, and transform. This one is a keeper and I will always have it on hand along with a set of color pencils to give as a gift. Thank you Karin for creating a product that brings love and a guide to possibility to the reader/user.

I ordered Niki Owl: Leap of Faith for myself and a gift for a friend. This is a wonderful book about life’s lessons. It is multifaceted and can be read over and over. It is my sense that every time I read it I will receive a new message. It is inspiring and full of goodness. Each chapter stands on it’s own and provides insight. Karin is very clever linking the chapters to songs, lessons and teachings from many disciplines, as well as, weaving in real experiences from her travels from her home to far away lands. This book is a true gem, uplifting, and a reminder of how love and compassion play in our daily lives. Karin, thank you for this priceless contribution to readers of all ages.

What a wonderful read. The moral lessons present in your work reminded me of the fairy tales and folklore I read as a child. Stories like this aim to entertain and educate people through shared experiences. Niki Owl is a gem!
Megan Sheldon, Narrative Communications, Vancouver, Canada

‘Niki Owl, Leap of Faith’ may, at first glance, be deemed a young adult’s book, but people of all ages will fall in love with this daring, delightful (and very funny) owl who sets out on the adventure of his life, and learns more than he ever imagined. I can’t wait for the sequel!
Wendy Taylor

Niki Owl holds lots of little gems of wisdom for readers of all ages through his travels and interactions in Vancouver. The author’s portrayal and introduction of some of those life questions is playful, engaging, and an excellent way to introduce younger children to some topics otherwise difficult to start a discussion on. The author takes you through Niki Owl’s thought provoking interactions and experiences in an easy to read, fun way. The book encourages you to think about what your perspectives on life are in a very relaxed manner. Looking forward hear more about Niki’s travels.
Christina, London, UK

The primary journey of this book is a character in a new place, making new friends, and discovering new things about himself. That’s fertile enough ground for a reader (especially, in my opinion, a teen who has just moved to a new town or has just moved from Jr. High into High School) to get some great insights about life and identity and community. What sets this book apart, usually pretty covertly but sometimes openly, is the use of actual self-help methodologies in the character’s self-reflections and dialogues with others.
The author’s background in this area clearly shows through, and leads the reader to ask some bigger questions of themselves, and of life, in the search for connection and purpose. As the book ends, there’s definitely a “to be continued” feeling that might leave some people feeling a bit unresolved (those who like neat & tidy American endings, that is). Others will see that this too reflects life, and that more adventure is always what’s just around the corner.
Brennan Smith C.Ht., Author & Founder, Inspired Action Network

Great story written by Ms. Pinter! Niki’s travels and adventures are a great testament to courage, and honestly a nice “preview” of Vancouver. It is an encouraging and “happy” book to read.
Farah, Vancouver, Canada

It’s a very sweet, very creative, easy read, with inspiring and comforting words that leave the reader feeling a little more connected to the world.

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