The Niki Owl Books

Where do owls get their wisdom?

And how do we gain wisdom for ourselves?

The answer is simple…

We take leaps of faith.

In the first book of the Niki Owl series, our faithful explorer takes a major leap of faith by journeying from his home forest in Spain to find adventure in Canada. Guided by his “inner owl,” Niki begins to unravel some of the mysteries of life, and takes us back to simplicity so we can approach life in new ways.

A Niki Owl Creativity Book… for the kid in YOU.

Embark on an inspirational colouring adventure with Niki Owl! Featuring quotes and illustration prompts to help you re-discover the magic and joy of creating a life you love.

With Niki as our guide, we’ll go on a journey together to remember what it’s like to play and enjoy our time on this planet, because as Niki likes to say,“Life’s a Hoot!!” The illustrations in this book originally appeared in the book, “Niki Owl, Leap of Faith” and showcase some of the lovely sights you’ll encounter in the beautiful city of Vancouver, Canada.