Let it Rain – Our Collective Wants vs Collective Needs Regarding Rain and How to Improve Them

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay
Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

Have you ever walked into a room, sports event or concert and felt the collective energy? If your answer is yes, then you understand the idea of collective energy. If you sensed nothing and have no interest in sensing things like this, then this post may not be for you.

Now, remember, “collective” means all individuals together. That includes you.

I live in southern Spain. Most people love it here because of the sun. One of our primary industries is tourism. Tourism for the most part is built on selling sunshine, which means if it rains, most people won’t want to come visit or go outside and spend money. Which means most people who live off the tourism industry also want sunshine so they can make money and live. So the collective energy focuses on wanting sunshine more than anything else.

Whether it’s international tourism, people just wanting to take their kids to the park, most sports events and other forms of entertainment, these are all outdoor experiences. Most people don’t have a habit of dressing up well to go take a hike or walk in the park when it rains. They don’t have the patience to deal with muddy, messy kids when they get home after. They don’t all necessarily have great habits at home that encourage family interactions (that don’t require a TV, tablet or mobile phone). So being outside in the sunshine is the predominant desire.

The collective energy wants sunshine, all the time. This is the “energy of the room” we’re dealing with.

Yet, what the collective NEEDS is rain, more of the time, and gracefully; not flash floods that make things worse.

We need water for the farmlands, for our reservoirs, for the rivers, for the forests so they don’t burn to the ground, and to maintain the land itself at cooler temperatures. For all the parks and gardens that give us some clean air in the cities. We need rain, pure and simple. RAIN. NOW.

Farmers are a minority who want the rain. Nature lovers are part of this minority too, at least those who understand the needs of the land so that the land can provide for us in a healthy and wholesome way. The animals and plants need the rain. We as humans need the rain to also balance our inner ecosystem. Too much heat is unhealthy for our moods as water soothes the temper.

Too much fire in the soul burns you out and can burn out your relationships, not just with people but with life itself.

No rain means less produce, less produce means having to pay more for imported products or have none at all. So if you want to eat anything decent this summer whilst complaining about how expensive it is… stop reading here. If, however, you would like to consider how you can contribute to changing this situation for all of us, keep reading…

The collective wants are egotistical and selfish, because the world at large has become incredibly egotistical and selfish. “I want what I want now and if you don’t give it to me, you’re a bad person!” You know, typical upset 5 year old behaviours who haven’t grasped the concept of patience yet.

The challenge is to tap our energy into the collective needs and override those selfish wants, so that we can all receive the rain that we really need. Not just in Spain, but anywhere else it’s needed.

How NOT to call in the rain:

Complaining about the lack of rain puts out the energy of lack, which puts out energetic resistance, so therefore the rain cannot come through.

Commiserating in the lack of rain and “the bad situation” also keeps the rain from falling.

Figuring out how to save water also breeds lack mentality, even if the attempts are honourable and useful to a degree, because it still focuses energetically on lack.

Wishing for it to rain “tomorrow, when I’ve done what I want to do today” keeps the rain from falling for ALL of us.

Rain should be everyone’s immediate concern for everyone’s short and long term benefit.

We need to stop interfering with nature with silly planes that shower us and the land with toxicity. We need to let nature do what nature does best – show us and teach us how to be in tune with it and ourselves. We need to let go of our resistance and simply let it rain.

So, what if we all asked for rain, now? And not just once, but for a good while and ask every day?

What if we put aside our wants and respected the collective needs, because we all benefit from the rain?

Calling in the rain means changing the energy of the room we share. Each one of us doing so individually makes a stronger collective “room energy,” not waiting for someone else to do it and using it as an excuse not to do it ourselves.

How to actually call in the rain:

By appreciating the water we drink and bathe in.

By appreciating the rain.

By appreciating the things that water provides.

By appreciating the smell of fresh rain in the air.

By appreciating the smell of the flowers that have blossomed because of the water they receive.

By appreciating the smell of wet earth as it soaks in the water.

By appreciating the food we have that water has provided.

By thanking the rain in advance for falling.

By simply asking for the rain to do what it is meant to do.

By learning how to flow with life instead of pushing against it and one another.

When people get as excited about rain as they do about the sun, we will have a much better collective attitude and ability to call it in for our greater collective benefit.

Please ask for rain, wherever you are. If you have a lot of it, please “send it” where it needs to go, where it can help communities live in the gracious abundance that water provides.

A rain visualisation to do by yourself or with friends:

Imagine yourself rising high up above the land so you can see your town, country or the whole world. Imagine you’ve got a great watering hose in your hand with those fancy spray heads. Imagine you’re dowsing water gently over the land as though you’re gently watering a garden. Imagine the land giving a sigh of gratitude and relief, thanking you for quenching its thirst. Imagine the flowers blooming and growing faster. Imagine nature in all its forms thanking you. Imagine farmers, friends and family thanking you for caring. Imagine this, for you, for me, for all of us.

Thank you.

Now, let it rain…

PS: remember when a group of 7,000 people meditated together and this measurably reduced violence during that time? This stuff works.

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