Do You Have a Plan A?

aceHow many times have you heard someone say, “Well if Plan A doesn’t work out, I’ve got Plan B. And if that doesn’t work out, I’ve got the rest of the alphabet.” At which point I like to ask which alphabet they’re referring to (English? Cyrillic? Spanish?), and if they can say “Plan Ñ.”

More importantly, is this how you think?

I’ve never had a Plan B. My life is a constant evolution of my Plan A, with variations that match where I am personally and professionally at each stage of my life. When you can look at your life that way, you see the dots connect, and you may even see fireworks. The future also looks much clearer.

You Are a Living, Breathing Masterpiece…

Classical composers often created beautiful masterpieces with a series of variations on that theme. There could have been twenty variations, yet the core melody remained the same throughout. This is exactly how we live our lives!

You may change job or career, move city or country, change friends, change abode, yet the core of your being guides your focus and direction.

“What is Plan A anyway?”

Plan A is your personal commitment to your unique design in life and reason to be here. It guides how you apply your gifts, talents, skills and Genius to serve the world around you and feel good doing so.

Plan A is the active awareness and appreciation of who you really are.

Meanwhile, Plan B is a blinding, binding thought form that stops you from fulfilling your Plan A in all its glory. Womp womp.

“What if I don’t have a Plan A?”

I have awesome news! You DO have a Plan A even if you aren’t aware of it. It’s formed by your thoughts, beliefs, and how you channel them into what you do in this world. This is your inner guidance showing you where to go, who to meet, and how to serve. Do not get fooled by talk of Plan B!

“How do I know I’m on the right path?”

Knowing the difference is simple, and you will know which is which by how you feel:
– You can let external situations dictate where you go and what you do (this is Plan B and its delusions).
– You can have a strategy – which starts with your mindset – and move in that direction with focus and purpose (Badabing! Plan A!).

Now, I get that fear can be a kicker. But only if you let it! Behind fear there is usually a hidden message that if we look or listen closely, will show us a new level of strength, commitment and personal belief that we can use to our advantage. So the next time it shows up, ask what the real message is for you, and kiss fear adios.

“What do I do if sh** happens, or people say “No” to my Plan A?”

I respect that sometimes we require alternative actions (which are really opportunities for greater awareness and growth), as long as these are in active service to Plan A. However, if you’re using distractions, excuses and other people’s lack of belief or commitment to avoid taking a leap on your most cherished dreams, projects and visions, then you’re selling out on yourself, plain and simple. If you’re feeling doubtful then any hint of a”No” can also set you off down that rabbit hole.

A Public Service Announcement from your Mindset:

If you’re the kind of person who believes that how you think forms the reality around you (ie. you think about stressful and dramatic situations and BAM they show up for you… OR you think about how amazing your life is and BAM someone tells you what a positive impact you make in their life…), then here’s a reminder for you:

If you think more about having a Plan B, then you are inadvertently creating the circumstances and outcomes that will justify acting on Plan B instead of being fully committed to Plan A.

You’d probably enjoy better outcomes by focusing your energy, talents, gifts and Genius on Plan A, wouldn’t you?

“What about a backup plan?”

There is no “backup plan.” Your internal resourcefulness paves the way for Plan A to incorporate improvements and changes. Understanding what really motivates you gives the clarity to form and align your actions and make it happen.

Most people who dwell on Plan B usually end up living the way someone else told them to live because those people followed someone else down that path of fear and limitation or status quo, and nobody stopped to ask themselves, “Is this what I really want?” (read that sentence again please, and then one more time for good measure).

What is your plan A?

Remember, Plan A is your inner guide for personal fulfillment and purpose.

Your purpose may be to serve others as an employee, and that’s okay, because you might volunteer on the side and feel awesome doing that. Your purpose may be to create the next best thing since my mother’s brownies (which might be a stretch although I’ll still cheer you on), and use part of your income to install clean water facilities in underprivileged communities. Your purpose may be to go to those communities and help them change their mindset from underprivileged to abundant…

If you haven’t thought about it in a while, take some moments now to write out your Plan A. You may have new awareness and ideas on how to act on it:
– Start by asking yourself “Why do I do what I do?” and “Why do I want what I want?”
– Keep asking “Why” until you feel a strong answer that has no answer waiting behind it.
– Then ask if the actions you are taking are aligned with your Why.
– Then ask if the people around you are truly supporting it from an authentic place of love (and if they’re not, find new people, and keep strengthening your personal beliefs).
– Take the next best step to move in the direction of your vision.

My Plan A… Has always been to inspire joy in others and keep refining who I am so I can serve the world in greater ways {cue violins}. As a teenager it started with making greeting cards and gifts with Niki Owl. Later on, I did it by creating websites and marketing campaigns for business owners to generate awesome revenue and serve their community (which means I serve them too behind the scenes). And now, it happens through writing books, spreading niki owl’s inspirational messages around the world, and working with people like you who want to be the best version of yourself, to use your talents, gifts, skills and Genius to create a domino effect of optimised living. In a nutshell, my core theme is a happy marriage between creativity and life optimisation, and I continually honour this and explore its variations.

What is the core theme in your life that no matter what happens, you remain focused and committed to it?

If what I’ve written today helps you expand your mind and take revived action on your Plan A, then I know I’ve done my work. And if you’d like to share what that is, comment on this post below or send me an email. I would love to hear from you.

Now go Ace your Plan A.

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  1. I enjoyed these thoughts Karin, particularly as they related to your discussion the other day about the direction of your current writing. Made me think of some of the current work I’m doing and,a better way to approach some of the dissonance between my efforts as a painter and a writer. Thank you.

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