I discovered there is a void that many people are experiencing.

They’ve made the money, they have the nice things, they love their family and their job… but there’s something missing.

I love helping people feel good and do good, but was fed up seeing so many adults get distracted from their dreams and question what they’re doing with their lives, so I created a way to help them get in touch with their inner kid, activate their imagination and act on what’s already in their hearts waiting to be realized.

Essentially, I help people take a new leap of faith on themselves and follow their True North.

I work with those who are willing to co-create with life, and who boldly go forth in the direction of their dreams to meet them with joy and enthusiasm.

My coaching is always customised to the person I’m working with based on their goals and desired outcomes.

Let’s have a conversation to see if we’re a fit to do this together.


Recent Praise & Impact:

“Karin is a true inspiration and has a unique gift for getting past the lies we tell ourselves that keep us from achieving our dreams. She calls you out and holds you accountable in a positive supportive way that you walk away knowing you can do it, knowing it is going to happen – your dreams are coming and you can be excited about that.”
– Charles Evans

A special mention: This is not therapy, nor is it intended to replace any such form of support. My coaching is focused on the fulfillment of human potential and excellence, starting with your personal focus.