Hello Genius was born from an idea to engage people in meaningful conversations and ignite their desire to create a life they love, also known as "living your Genius life".

“Hello Genius” was born in 2014. I wanted to meet more people and develop my coaching work, but I wasn’t sure how to do it. I thought about how and where I typically spent my time, and it so happened that I love exploring good coffee shops. Other people like coffee shops too.

In my experience, some of the best conversations happen over a good cup of coffee… or tea, or hot chocolate.

The challenge was, most people were typically stuck in their laptops and phones or group conversations. Then I remembered a classic Peanuts character, Lucy, who would set herself up with a little stand and a sign to say “the doctor is in”. Her friends would come up and ask her questions. I loved that cartoon strip, and remembering this gave me an idea…

I made myself a little sign that said “Life changing conversations HERE” with an arrow pointing at the table. I would plant myself with my cup of coffee and see who would come up and strike up a conversation. I tested this in different places, although I realised either the sign was too small or most people were too shy to ask. Then at one coffee shop, the owner told me she didn’t like the idea as she thought I was trying to sell something, although all I wanted to do was have conversations and see where they led. It got me thinking further…

How else I could “brand” myself and invite people to have a conversation?

Then it came to me… what better than a t-shirt?

So I created “Hello Genius” as a welcoming phrase and printed a t-shirt that I could wear on my coffee shop excursions. It definitely caught people’s interest and opened up a lot of conversations about Genius, self worth and self perception. Bingo. Just what I needed.

Then people started to ask me, “Where can I buy a t-shirt like yours?” so I opened up the online store and added more fun stuff to wear, share and show around the home and office.

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Your Genius Life Manifesto

I also created the Genius Life Manifesto as a downloadable PDF that you can have for free, or purchase a high quality print version to serve as a daily reminder of how to live your Genius life.

A Touch of Genius Podcast

I decided to turn most of my discoveries into a podcast called A Touch of Genius, which you can find anywhere you listen to your podcasts.