Everything Is Imagined First, And Then It Exists

Take a look at this building…

Gorgeous, isn’t it? Transports you to a whole different place, right? Well…

Somebody imagined this building into existence.
Somebody imagined the plane that’s flying over it into existence.
Somebody imagined the sky into existence.
Somebody imagined the device I used to capture this image into existence.
Somebody imagined the technology to keep us connected into existence.

Everything is imagined first, and then it exists.

Including you, me, this moment we’re sharing, and anything you desire in life.

Pretty cool, right?

I recently asked for help to choose the cover of the upcoming new edition of the Niki Owl coloring book. The 2 choices were either Imagination or Dreams. The flurry of responses I received was awesome, so thank you.

To those who answered, I asked further, “Why Imagination?” or “Why Dreams?”.

The answers were varied and fun, here are some of them:

“Imagination is an action word.”
“Dreams are in-born and universal.”
“Imagination is action/outcome oriented, whilst Dreams are fun/fantasy.”

They’re all great answers.

I see Dreams and Imagination as symbiotic elements of inner creation and outer expression. Dreams are the things we aspire to (referred to often as “goals” these days), and Imagination is the mental vehicle we use to activate the parts of our brain that fire up and get us into action to actualise those Dreams.

We’re coming up to the most collectively imaginative time of year where people step into dream and goal-mode during the holidays. We let our guard down so we can actually BREATHE and bask in the general holiday goodness. The seasonal decor is up, the scents of warm cocoa, cinnamon and pine are pouring out of coffee shops and stores, and the energy of expectation is turning up for what’s coming next…

In the context of Dreams and Imagination, what would be the one thing that would help you start the new year strong, and continue throughout this coming year? I’d love to know! Email me or tweet your response.


PS: the photo is of a building that’s located by the Plaza San Fernando in Carmona, Spain.