How To Create Everything You Want

+ An Invitation to Imagine

This week marks the beginning of school for most kids around the world. And for a lot of adults, it also means “going back to reality” of work.

School was where many of us dreamed up our life’s vision.

We spent hours there with other kids, surrounded by some form of creativity, and someone to guide us through it. We played with clay, made potato stamps, created macaroni art, plastered our painted handprints everywhere we could…

School is also where many kids stopped being kids and became “grown ups” with high levels of seriousness attached. Many carried the structure of school into their work life WITHOUT the playfulness they experienced at school.

WHO ever said we had to let go of that playful wonder???

There’s plenty of study, research and metrics on the level of stress and anxiety adults feel at work, and the impact this has on physical health, productivity and plain mental sanity… right down to the financial impact it has on a company (factoring in sick leave, healthcare costs, staff turnover, morale, etc.). But this post is not about money, it IS about what you can do to change this for YOU and the people you spend most of your time with.

You may or may not have kids (or be the best Aunt or Uncle), and you may have just returned to “work” after your vacation – whether that’s working at a fancy office, in a cubicle, or whatever your regular workspace is. And with all the emotions attached to productivity and performance that often get in the way of your flow, joy and inspiration.

Meanwhile, the kids are excited about school because they get to hang out with their friends and favorite teachers again. They get to learn new things, and enjoy some form of creativity. As a parent, you work hard for them to get this experience and eventually get them through college. But what about YOUR fun and creativity?

If you’ve ever spent time trawling the shops with kids tugging at your sleeve wanting to pick out new school bags, pens, pencils, notebooks – you’ll notice they always go for something bright and colorful. They’re excited about the new stuff, and it’s not so much the material aspect – it’s what they get to CREATE with it that’s the real fun.

Do you still buy yourself new pens, notebooks and office materials with the same excitement and wonder as when you were picking them out as a kid? Or did a pen just become something you sign checks and NDA’s with? An automatic response to the “demands” of work and business?

Seriously. Whilst the young ones are picking out bright colors, you may have picked out a plain notebook for yourself, and a mega box of pens so you don’t have to buy any more for the next 6 months. It was probably automatic. And dull. But the pens were a good bargain.

But that’s not the life you dreamed of as a kid, is it? You didn’t dream of bills and hamster-wheel repetitiveness and wonder why you’re doing it at all… did you?

If you’re feeling like there’s something missing in your life, then I have something that will help you.

You see, I love helping people feel good and do good, but was fed up seeing so many adults get distracted from their dreams and question what they’re doing with their lives, so I created the Niki Owl coloring book to help them get in touch with their inner kid, activate their imagination and act on what’s already in their hearts waiting to be realized.

You may not have picked up a coloring pencil in years, or you may already have other coloring books purely to relax with.

This is not just any coloring book for adults though. It’s for the kid in YOU. With this book, you get to color for fun AND purpose. It’s designed to help you move your life forward, in a fun and creative way. You get to imbue your day to day with inspiration, activating those dreams and hopes you may have put aside for who knows how long, because that’s what’s tugging at your sleeve now.

People who have already used the Niki Owl coloring book are experiencing better focus at work in high-paced environments, positive shifts in attitude, and it’s even improving their sales (who knew?!).

This has inspired me to create an online masterclass to guide you through making the best use of the coloring book for your dreams and personal goals. There are 2 dates to choose from: September 29 and September 30.

It’s $15 to attend and your registration fee includes a copy of the book that I will mail to you, plus a series of emails before and after the workshop to help you set some action steps in place as you move through the coloring book.

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If you already have the coloring book – you’re automatically registered “on the house”. Simply pick your Masterclass date and email me through the form on the registration page so I can set you up to receive the right notifications.

It’s going to be fun, and I’m looking forward to having you at the Masterclass. And please share this with anyone you feel could use an extra dose of inspiration and creativity in their lives.

To your creative spirit,