I Could Really Use Some Help Here

It’s easy to think that someone whom we perceive to be successful (in whatever way we relate to success) doesn’t need or want help.

It’s very easy to assume the CEO has it all together and doesn’t need help. It’s easy to assume the woman who carries herself confidently has it all figured out and doesn’t need help. We are likely to assume the same with people we look up to and admire.

It’s common to think, “Oh, they have money or a staff, so they have the help that they need. They don’t have a need for me to help them.”

We probably assume that the people in our business community don’t need help because we’re all supposed to “look” like we have it together.

The truth is, most of us do need help, regardless of position, regardless of the car we drive, regardless of how we carry ourselves. We don’t always know how to ask.

The trouble with being the person people go to for help and advice is that we don’t always know how to ask for that help ourselves.

We all need help to some degree. And it’s not necessarily a “needy” need coming from a place of pain or lack.

Some parts of society believe that only those in dire straits deserve “help”, and that’s not true at all. Help is available in many forms and for all of us, whether we have 50 cents in a cup or we drive a luxury car, because I believe we all have dreams that deserve to live, and we all deserve to thrive.

If Sir Richard Branson hadn’t known how to ask for help when he started Student magazine, before the Virgin brand came to be, do you think he’d be where he is now? Do you think he’s stopped asking for help at his level of success? Absolutely not! He has a family and dreams to care for, and he still deserves what he asks for, just like you and me. We’re all the same in this regard, and we all deserve to have what we want. Whether we’re creating a business, a car, a house, a relationship, a global mission, or whatever inspires us; we get to have that, and together we get to help each other create it.

The sooner we ask for and offer help, the sooner we all get what we’re aiming for.
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What’s in your heart to grow in your life?

In this light, I challenge you to do this right now:

Think of the most successful person you know (personally), or whom you perceive to be successful or well off. This might be someone whom you frequently rely on for support in your life and business. Now, pick up the phone and ask what he or she could use some help with right now.

Here’s the key:

1. do not judge whatever they’re looking to create – it’s their life and their dreams, just as yours are yours.

2. do this without any expectations of what they might be able to do for you – find out what’s important to them.

3. do not let them get off the phone without an answer (you might be the first person to ever ask them this question!).

Go on, do it. I guarantee you’ll be amazed at what transpires.

I’d love to know what comes of that conversation.