Why Should I Help You?

It was 1945, and WWII had just ended. A 9 year old boy, tucked away amidst the rubble of war-torn Vienna, watched as the Russian soldiers rolled into his home town with their tanks. All of a sudden, from behind, one of those soldiers hauled him out of his hiding place.

“Go home, it’s safe now,” he was told. And off the boy went to be with his grandparents.

The soldier could have ignored my dad and carried on checking the area for enemy soldiers, but he didn’t. He stopped to help.

At its simplest, this was an act of one stranger helping another stranger. There was no other exchange or expectation of one.

It was one human being extending his commitment to help another be well.

Now, whilst the story I just shared was based on extreme circumstances (and some people are still experiencing such battles) most of us are blessed with living in a safe environment. However, there are subtle battles that we all face.

These “battles” are the internal conflicts of wanting to experience our ideal life, with the people and things that we value. And for that, we also need support, because if left untended, this can still kill people (of any age and background) and destroy relationships, business, visions, etc.

As I continue my mission to help as many people create fulfillment in their lives (whatever that looks like to them), I encounter some skepticism from those who don’t quite know what to do with this offer to help. And that’s okay.

I reach out to help because it’s my moral obligation as someone who cares deeply that people liberate themselves, and experience fulfilled lives.

The truth is, I never know what someone needs when I reach out to them, nor where the conversations we have will go. Sometimes they lead to a direct relationship where I support them in creating their ideal life, and sometimes it’s simply connecting them with another person, or another resource to help them along. Either way, I’m happy to help because of the powerful ripple effect this causes.

What matters to me is that we engage. Because without that, we do not help each other move forward in life. This is how we improve circumstances all across the world. These are the best battles to win, because over time they wipe out the extreme ones that serve nobody.

I’m here to help people create the life and respect they deserve. That includes YOU.

So, what can I help you with?